Big Important Stuff!

Right now, go visit Our Doug’s new website — BarnStorming the U.S.

Doug has a new gyrocopter and will be barnstorming the lower 48 states in 2020, stopping at each state capital to meet with politicians, activists, community leaders and other real people. And then the trip will end in Washington. You can read about it here.

You can also sign up for the effort and donate to the cause on the web page, so head on over there.

Here’s Doug in his new gyrocopter:

9 thoughts on “Big Important Stuff!

  1. Thanks, Maha. Any questions about the project goals are welcome here. Comments on the "Donations" page will help and any coins you want to drop in the tin cup move the needle from the 'zero' mark.

  2. How COOL is this?!?!?!?!?!

    Doug, you are a genius!

    YOU DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sadly, I can't contribute anything except wishing you the very best.

    It sucks being old, poor, and in an assisted dyin…  assisted LIVING facility.


  3. Whatever you do, Doug, don't put any USPS logos on your new gyrocopter. The USPS doesn't have a good attitude about that.

  4. Doug, when you take your tour, and are passing through Utah just be careful because Jason Chaffetz might be sitting on his porch with a 12 gauge looking for a second chance to blow you out of the sky. He seemed to take your first tour rather personal.

    My compliments to whoever built your website..they did an extremely good job of it.

  5. Yes, the programmer is a guy in Chicago who is with the cause. Name and contact info at the bottom of the site if you ever need to refer someone to good work.

    Gulag – I know you're dealing with your own health issues and we're all with you. Should you have the chance to plug the site in your Internet meanderings, that's more than enough.

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