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  1. I do not get cable TV, but I get satellite radio.  So I listened to the debate and much of the post debate.  I also watched Colbert, who does an excellent Bernie Sanders imitation.  He had clips from the debate, so I did get to associate some faces with some strange voices but I must say some of the field has hair and faces more suited to radio.  I wish that was not important but unfortunately in America it is.  It is one of Biden's problems.  He is just marginal for having presidential hair.  He was only present by proxy, as others played the moderate role for him.

    On the more serious side, all present seemed to have humility.  Humor was a little hard to find, but I found Amy Klobuchar to have the most pleasant demeanor and incredible verbal skills.  Mayor Pete comes across as the most highly educated for sure, and his knowledge and use of religious teachings is quite a plus.  It has to throw fear into the sold out souls of gospel of greed folks.   Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders win the best attitude awards as always, and Bernie got closest to some humor.  His gestures, perhaps fortunately, were not apparent on the radio.  Both he and Liz cited humble beginnings and lauded an America that has vestiges of a meritocracy.  Respect for people that work was apparent from all, status given to those who "shower after work".  This is good as politics with Trump is quite the dirty job.  Trump will be throwing everything foul he and his Russian friends can find or fabricate,  

    Why not set the bar high?  Why worry about Republicans?  As pointed out even the most moderate of stances will result in cries of Socialist,  This was the best idea of the night in my opinion.  Any candidate has to expect this and be able to turn it.  If Atilla the Hun was running as a Democrat, he would be labeled a Socialist.  Here one has to applaud Marianne Williamson, who's unique perspective contrasts with Trumpism in stunning idealism.  She is the candidate who wants a country improving in the happiness quotient.  It might be that too many are too far down the rabbit hole to even see a rainbow, but she speaks to those who still can.  You go girl.

  2. I've been complaining for a while about the Medicare  for all debate. It would probably  never pass and you have to explain exactly what you mean instead of bs  3word phrases  policy.

    Sick of useless policy discussion.  Williamson was right. It'll take more than policy wonk crap to beat trump. Warren was right about aspiration,  but Ryan is also right about what sells and what doesn't. 

    I'm still not convinced a woman can win. American men would vote against God in a dress.

    Biden is too lackluster to stand against trump. No candidate seems to have what it will take.

  3. I'm pretty set against Williamson for the same reason I'm against Yang and Steyer. They have no -zero – zip – nada government experience. They have no history in government from which to assemble a team of trustworthy advisors. For a moment, Trump had the right thing going when he had Christie vetting possible people for key posts. Trump went with Kushner and Kushner literally threw away Christie's work. The results speak for themselves and criminal incitements against Trump people may continue until 2022 if DOJ follows up on just the known examples of Trump's picks criminal acts. 

    Back to the Democrats I mentioned – all of them would be totally reliant on their Chief of Staff and the person(s) recruiting candidates for key spots. The president is, to a huge degree, a figurehead for the people who stand behind him (or her).  The consequences of a political neophyte inviting others equally ignorant about government into key positions is apparent in this administration. WHY do you think the results would be better with a liberal newbie appointing other liberal newbies?  

    Biden bothers me on a lot of fronts – the one thing I like about him is that he can and would have a first-class team (I think) backing him up. 

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