Dead Men Tell No Tales

The subtitle of this post is “Who took Epstein off suicide watch?

Like all federal prisons, the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Lower Manhattan has a suicide prevention program designed for inmates who are at risk of taking their own lives.

After an apparent attempt three weeks ago, Jeffrey Epstein — the financier who was at the facility awaiting trial on charges he sexually abused dozens of girls — was a prime candidate.

Yet Mr. Epstein, 66, was not on suicide watch when he hanged himself and his body was found in his cell early on Saturday, raising questions about the steps officials took after the first incident to keep him from harming himself.

The New York Times article linked goes on to explain how these decisions usually are made but sheds no light on who made the call in Epstein’s case. “The federal Bureau of Prisons did not immediately respond to requests for information,” it says.

But, gee, who is in charge of the criminal justice system these days? And who has a history of interceding in the prison sentences of, um, certain convicts?

Nobody in the U.S.A. believes that Epstein alone was responsible for his death. The Right is certain that Hillary Who Can Bend Time and Space to Her Evil Will Clinton, She Who Is Behind All Nefarious Plots, ordered the death to protect Bill. The Left, of course, is very certain the person being protected is Trump and/or someone close to him. But there are a great many people with money and power with a keen interest in this case. Charles Pierce:

How in the hell do they let this happen? The guy was incarcerated in the Manhattan Correctional Center. He already had made one try. He had to be on suicide watch. And the suicide happens the day after a massive document dump in which a woman who said she was one of Epstein’s victims implicates an entire brigade of celebrity “clients,” up to an including some European royalty? There almost can’t be a dog more reluctant to hunt than this one.

A whole bunch of Somebodies need to get fired behind this. Beyond it, of course, a thousand conspiracy theories will now bloom across all the Intertoobz. The other people involved have to be nervous. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s alleged accomplice who has yet to be charged, has to be looking over her shoulder. Is she looking over her shoulder to see if the FBI is back there, or to see if something darker is closing in? This country is losing what’s left of its mind.

So many people have been implicated in this scandal that I don’t believe Epstein’s death will end it, but it might take the criminal justice procedings off the front pages. I’m sure we’ll learn more eventually.

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  1. I have an evil streak which I'm not ashamed of – because I don't do evil, and thinking evil isn't yet a crime. Epstein wasn't secretive about his hobby – Trump commented once on how Jeffrey was a 'great guy" and he liked women "on the young side." Epstein palled around with past presidents, future presidents and royalty. According to the victims, he wasn't shy about sharing whether the girl was willing or not. The statements above are not speculative – Trump's quote is public record as are the criminal complaints which implicate numerous figures.

    It's speculation that Epstein used his stable of fillies to build his business and there may have been extortion and/or blackmail to get at huge sums of investment capital. He wasn't born rich but he lived like Trump. That makes sense to me – Epstein was in a position to provide a product and service not available on the open market. By the accounts I've read, Epstein gave those girls away like candy. If Epstein used the young stuff as leverage, did he acquire proof? I expect he did – this is my evil side – because it's the only life insurance he had against the rich and powerful he subverted. "If I die unexpectedly, pictures will be released that will ruin you."  If I had that kind of proof, I wouldn't keep it in my home or office and I'd put a lot of thought into how to trigger the release.

    He might have killed himself – the previous devices he used to stay out of jail weren't working. He couldn't get bail and the prospects of acquittal didn't look good. Previous witness intimidation wasn't working – the thugs he'd used previously might have been intimidated by the publicity and level of police interest. The political allies who had perhaps intervened for Jeffey, couldn't put their name on it now. The case was being managed by the NY anti-corruption unit. (Not vice) Phone calls and emails were going to be traced and reviewed for influence.

    If I was Epstein, I would not have gone down alone. If Individual-1, and individuals 2, 3 and 4 also committed rape, statutory and violent, I'd not take the fall for what they also did. Not when their role is/was to protect me in exchange for what I shared with them. He'd have been angry about the betrayal by the good 'ol boys rape club.

    Was/is there evidence which implicates gawd-only-knows who? Did they off Jeffey before they found out where the proof (and this is speculation) was hidden? I'd not be shocked that there are cops willing to do the deed, but they couldn't leave marks and there will be a full toxicology exam done – if Jeffey was given a truth drug to find out where photos/video are stored, the drugs may show up. 

    The corpse may be cold but I'm not sure this is over.

  2. Jeffrey Epstein found dead in cell.  Theories, in approximately descending order of likelihood:

    He was murdered by a Trump associate.

    He was murdered by a Clinton associate.

    He was murdered by a British Royal associate.

    He was murdered at some other plutocrat's orders.

    He was murdered by a random inmate.

    He was murdered by a random guard.

    He was smuggled out and is now under witness protection.

    He smuggled himself out and is now overseas.

    He died from not having 3 orgasms a day.

    The Greys beamed him out.

    Tony Soprano got him.

    Sauron got him.

    He tripped and fell into a noose.

    He committed suicide.

    These are in approximately descending order of likelihood. Some you may swap around, like the first four; but I insist that the first four are first, and the last is last.

    I'll take the Greys before I believe the suicide story. Now, I'm not saying that it's aliens. I'm saying that it's oligarchs.

  3. When I worked as a psych nurse, we had a patient who attempted suicide by using his pajama bottoms and tied them around the bottom rail of his bed.  He wasn't on suicide watch but staff on the night shift did rounds every 15 min. so he was found before he actually died.  I assume Epstein had some sort of clothing and I learned when someone is intent on suicide they usually succeed.  On the other hand, I am not beyond believing that someone did him in.  In any case, I say good riddance.

  4. I feel that whether someone gave Epstein a sedative so something could be placed on his neck, or he was handed a rubber band to place it on his neck himself, there are too many billionaires who needed this result.  Now I bet Barr is going to spring into action so he can safely erase many paths leading to his important friends, or even his late father.

  5. I think it's ironic that the word massage in Epstein's vernacular turns out to be a code word for having sex with one of the underage girls in Epstein's stable. And that Dershowitz admitted to being the recipient of one of Epstein's famous massage sessions, but he was massaged by a matronly 50+ year old former Soviet weightlifter. I wonder what it was that made it so that they didn't cut Dershowitz in on the action? Especially after he did such a fine job in crafting Epstein's federal non prosecution agreement.

  6. They probably asked him if he was suicidal.  In fact, I know they did, I've been to jail & I know the drill.  Depending on his answer,  they kept him on a prerequisite amount of days to make sure either way.  & once they decided he was OK, they took him off the watch.  & then he was allowed to kill himself.  It's called privilege. 

    I don't know why this is so hard to understand.



    • Polly — I don’t doubt that is what is done with some nobody schmoe waiting trial for a liquor store robbery. If he does hang himself, no one but his family will be affected. Maybe not even them. However, it shouldn’t take more than average intelligence to understand why it was essential to keep Epstein alive for trial, because his case is a Big Bleeping Deal that impacts a lot of very important people. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

      • I've said it once, I'll keep saying it.  It was rich white man privilege.  He was allowed to die.  Yes, there were people who had reasons to want him dead, but there were plenty of people who didn't want him dead, too.  I am very sure that he committed suicide. 

        When a *regular* inmate commits suicide, there is always an inquest.  As there should be.  & there should be one for Epstein as well.  Not that the truth will ever emerge.  Get real already.

        This is all distraction from what we should be paying attention to.  The crisis on the border, the white supremacist blood bath in our streets, the daily terror that immigrants & even naturalized citizens are feeling.  I know people who are leaving for Canada or planning to leave for Canada; they no longer feel safe here.  This is far more important than some rich pimp.  Even if he did traffic young girls to powerful men.  Honestly, how does any of that affect the lives of everyday people in crisis?

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  8. Trump is out now with a theory blaming Clinton, of course for Epstein's death. 

    But with Barr, McConnell and Trump; the frog, the turtle and the loon, "in charge," the likelihood of them being behind the demise of Epstein is high.  What may have happened? Epstein's wealthy patrons prevailed on Trump, Barr made sure any impediments were removed, and the rest as they say is history.

  9. Swami,

    Maybe Dersh's kink is zaftig Slavic women who do "deep-muscle massages" (if you get what I mean, and K think you d 😉

  10. Suicide, my fat ass!

    Let's take a look at a one of Epstein's connections that I find interesting:

    US AG, Bill Barr(f)'s father, "Papa" Barr(f), hired Epstein to teach at The Dalton School – a school for the kids of the rich and privileged.  This, despite Epstein lacking a college degree!  Why, at a school like that, would you hire a guy without a degree or experience, to teach?

    Epstein didn't come from a rich and privileged family.  Maybe I'm uninformed, but I don't know of any particular connections to the Barr(f) family. And without some connection, why hire Epstein – a rookie without a BA or BS (not THAT kind of BS, though he was full of that too) – when the list of applicants to teach at Dalton was probably a mile long?

    Something tells me that Epstein started his "career" as a procurer (pimp) at a very early age.  Maybe while still in high school, or right after it?

    Could "Papa" Barr(f) have been an early Epstein "customer (john)"?  What else accounts for the hiring of Epstein?

    And now, "Baby" Barr(f) is the US AG.  And Epstein, safe in Europe, flies home, and is immediately arrested!  Was he lured back?

    And now, Epstein's death in prison is described as a case of suicide.

    Suicide, my fat ass!

    I suspect, (with, admittedly, no evidence) that AG Barr(f) decided to protect his father's, and tRUMP's, reputation (with the latter, as another possible candidate for helping Epstein leave this mortal coil).

    Is it irresponsible of me to speculate?

    It would be irresponsible of me not to!

    Them's this fool's $0.02 worth!

  11. Barr is legally directly responsible. Funny he wants to investigate the fbi  but not epstein  .

    I find the hillary stuff funny: 18 yrs since bill Clinton was president and his sins belong to him but they want to place all blame real or imagined onto her.

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