Trump the Loser

Trump must have heard he’s losing support of farmers.

This is Trumpspeak for um, this is not going as I planned. Word is that the Chinese have tentatively agreed to buy between $40 billion to $50 billion in U.S. agricultural goods, although exactly when isn’t clear. That’s great, but it’s not going to erase the damage done to the U.S. farm sector.

Basically, Trump is announcing that he’s put out some of his own fire. But there’s nothing in writing yet. According to the Financial Times,

In return for a series of modest concessions, most of which had been offered by President Xi Jinping’s administration in previous negotiating rounds, Donald Trump agreed to suspend another set of tariff increases originally scheduled to take effect on October 15.

The Financial Times article goes on to say that the Chinese believe they have the upper hand, especially now that Trump is only a year away from facing re-election.

Following up yesterday’s post — in addition to all the hits Trump took before noon Friday, later in the day Trump piled up more: One, a federal judge in Texas ruled that the national emergency declaration to build a border wall was unlawful.

Today, a Texas federal court ruled that President Trump’s proclamation of a national emergency along the Southern border violated federal law. The court declared that the president’s proclamation is invalid because it illegally sought to override Congress’s decision to not fund further border wall construction. The court invited the plaintiffs, El Paso County, Texas, and the Border Network for Human Right to propose terms for an injunction that would prevent the government from using funds to build border barriers that Congress specifically refused to authorize.

In addition,  two federal courts blocked implementation of a Trump administration rule that would make it more difficult for immigrants who rely on public assistance to obtain legal status.

9 thoughts on “Trump the Loser

  1. That there. TRUMP's abut as sharp as a beachball!!!!! * "


    * H/t:  Foghorn Leghorn

  2. Rump caved yet again, indicating he thinks things are going quite poorly and not looking to get better.

    The Japan deal was about 2 1/2 years late, and a steep downgrade from TPP.

    I'm pretty sure the original plan was to string out these tariffs until summer 2020, then announce something along these lines (a really bad deal, in other words). The rubes would eat it up, but not sure how voters would respond.

  3. The Financial Times article goes on to say that the Chinese believe they have the upper hand, 

    Understandably so. They see his desperation for some sort of a victory to vindicate his stupidity in implementing sanctions to the degree that he has. He's already taken the bait by broadcasting success for achieving one of the biggest and greatest deal for farmers in the history of our country. What happens when at the last minute the Chinese employ one of Trump's own negotiating tactics on him and demand a concession that is either going to make his super deal fall apart, or force him into sell out the sections of our economy and nation security interests for which his sanction were originally implemented.

    If the farmers are angry now, just wait until they start kicking their chops in anticipation of the biggest payday of their lives, only to find out that their hopes have been dashed by Trump selling the a bill of goods.

     Kinda reminds me a situation I found myself in way back when. I met this girl and we were picking up good vibrations. As the night wore on and we were drawing closer to one another when she asked me if I wanted to do an all nighter. At the time I wasn't familiar with the term all nighter so I assumed I had hit the jackpot. I came to find out early the next moring that her understanding of an all nighter wasn't the same as my understanding of an all nighter.

    Also.. There's an old Chinese proverb that says..Never negotiate from a position of desperation.

  4. Trump and the US look to be in a losing situation with China. Of course Trump's action in applying sanctions against just about every country in the world is not likely to strengthen his bargaining situation is China. Any possible allies that the US might have had  are now extremely annoyed and all too many of them are looking to dropped US currency as a reserve currency.

    I believe there is a military adage that one is not to fight a war on two fronts. Trump has managed the incredible feat fighting at 360 degree front.

  5. The situation in Syria is likely to flood Europe with refugees. For Trump, that's a feature, not a bug. The problem for Trump may be that Europe might find ways to punish Trump and the US going into the next election. This might include tariffs on US goods or a prohibition on Boeing to European airports pending certification by a reputable agency (which the FAA is not any more.) There could be travel restrictions for US tourists. In short, going into the 2020 election, Europe might give Trump a collective middle finger and express the contempt the world has for Trump. This would be a warning from the civilized world to the US voter that global leaders are fed up.


    I don't know that this WILL happen, but I'm not convinced that it won't. Trump is deliberately sowing chaos to get even for being snubbed. 

  6. What a fool our "stable genius" and self-deluded art of the deal "businessman" must be to China, who realize their good fortune having Trump as "the most powerful man in the world.  Not to mention Russia, N. Korea and now Turkey.  No wonder he went bankrupt six times. 

    As foreign policy and trade goes, the base loves him because Trump is the personification of the Ugly American writ large — loud, empty boastfulness, ignorant, dumb and hateful of all things "foreign."   Our adversaries, like China, having learned to take a jiu jitsu approach in dealing with Trump, love him for the same reasons.


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