More Evidence

Matt Shuham at TPM:

Newly leaked emails from the Pentagon add to the pile of evidence showing that President Donald Trump himself ordered a freeze on U.S. money destined to Ukraine, which officials have testified was part of an effort to pressure Ukraine to do Trump’s political bidding.

The emails, which were leaked to Just Security, show communications between the Pentagon and the White House Office Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

For example, after a key meeting between the Defense Secretary and Trump on Aug. 30, two days after the aid freeze had become public, OMB political staffer Mike Duffey emailed the Pentagon.

“Clear direction from POTUS to hold,” he said.

The brief, explosive sentence was one of several emails detailing the President’s orders.

The White House blocked the documents from the House of Representatives’ impeachment probe.

Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hang on to the articles of impeachment is looking more and more brilliant.

5 thoughts on “More Evidence

  1. This aught to increase the heat on the GOP Senators who are determined to look the other way to cover Trump's criminal behavior. Just the fact that they redacted only the incriminating evidence under a pretext protecting internal deliberations while they allowed all internal deliberations that were non incriminating to be released. It clearly shows they've got something to hide. 

     I don't know what to make of it all as far as impacting an impeachment trial, because the level of corruption that has permeated the GOP has reached critical mass. I won't abandon hope, but my expectations for the GOP's adherence to the truth, to the law, and duty to country are about nil.

  2. The media has overplayed "delay" story by Democrats.

    Clinton impeached 12/19/98 and sent to senate 1/6/99. Did not end until February. 

    Meanwhile trump is wagging the dog in iraq.  When you have family in military as I do, it is not amusing.  The US has spilled enough blood in iraq. 

  3. I guess that will teach the Iranians and the Iraqis that you don't mess with Donald J Trump.

    Who knew that getting the Iranians into a submissive posture to Trump's will could be so easy? I knew Trump said that winning a war with Iran would be easy, but I didn't expect the ease at which Trump put them in their place. Now they will behave!

  4. Wag the orange elephant?

    Everyone on the news is saying about any possible blow-back, "Well, it all depends on what tRUMP'S plan is for after this…"



    A plan?!?


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