6 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. A new war!

    Oh, goody-goody!

    And with Iran – a country several times geographically larger than Iraq, with a much greater population, and, unlike Iraq, a real army, air-force, and even a small navy!

    And a population which has yearned for years to be tied to the West, but now is pretty well united against America!

    All thanks to PresiDUNCE tRUMP, who thought a "little" distraction would take some of the heat off of his impeachment!

    This "little" distraction might metastasize into WW III.  Or at least a huge war all over the entire Middle East!  And pretty damn quickly!

    Of course, neither Cadet Bone-spurs, nor anyone in his family, nor the families of his friends, nor in his circle (jerk) of grifting cronies, will suffer even a small boo-boo.

    No, if there's any bleeding and dying to be done, that'll be left mostly to the children of the poor and middle class.


  2. Another point:

    Soon, in the Middle East, young men and women who were born AFTER 9/11 will be killed, or wounded in a myriad of ways – physically, mentally, emotionally, etc…

    I can't express how upset, sad, and angry I am.

    Excuse me, I need to cry.  Again.

    If there was a god, I'd pray He/She/It would kill tRUMP in a horribly painful way tonight. 

    Not as painful, long and extended as I'd like, but this is an emergency.

    Hell, god, kill this MFer tonight, even if it's just a heart attack.

    Or a stroke!  One that won't let him move or talk, but let him hear and watch  what people say about this evil MFer for years, and years, and years – poweless to respond, like that poor undeserving young man in "Johnny Got His Gun."

    'Donny Got His Just Deserts."

  3. I hear that the Iranians are telling Trump to take his lesson on understanding the results of macho stupidity and be happy, and if he doesn't and decides to further escalate, they are prepared to light up the entire Middle East. I 'll take them at their word. And if we can take Trump at his word…It looks like we're off to war. So sad!

  4. Here's a scenario:

    McConnell to Trump: "Don't re-retaliate, and we'll end the trial quietly. But if you do then we'll call witnesses."

    But can a turtle play Chicken?

  5. Every drop of blood is on the US Senate now. They keep the garbage in power. 

    Fourth Republican president in a row to start a war for reelection. 

  6. https://www.msnbc.com/andrea-mitchell-reports/watch/susan-rice-trump-s-despicable-lies-about-obama-show-his-extreme-weakness-and-insecurity-76279877743

    I wonder what Fred and Mary Anne Trump did or failed to do that left little Donnie so emotionally damaged and insecure? It's a shame that Mr. Rogers Neighborhood wasn't available on TV during Trump's formative years. I'm not saying that Mr. Rogers would have solved Donnie's insecurity issues, but at least it might have done something to instill a sense of worth in the boy. Trump's incessant lying is the product his intense insecurity.

     Sure, Trump is a big bag of shit, but in all fairness, he didn't become a big bag of shit all of his own doing…Ma and Pa Trump played a role in his development and they have a degree of culpability as it pertains to his upbringing.

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