Debate Tonight

Another bleeping debate. There are predictions the knives will be out for Bernie Sanders this time. Well, I will watch. Feel free to comment here if you are inspired to do so.

3 thoughts on “Debate Tonight

  1. Sorry maha, but the debate is not the main story tonight.

    Check the updates on what the House found in the haul Lev Parnas handed over to them.

    If it's real, it's amazing  and batshit insane! 

    I feel like I just stepped through the rabbit-hole.

    The plot sickens!

  2. Most pundits have proclaimed Warren the "winner" for some reason. The media promo of sparks flying between her and Sanders never materialized. Joe, whether it be his lifelong struggle with stuttering or advanced age, probably didn't help himself much. Mayor Pete strained to make a big deal of his endorsement by Rep. Anthony Brown of Maryland. Tom Steyer probably gave his best performance so far. On the whole it's doubtful many opinions were changed.


  3. I turned on the debate just in time to catch the nasty Gotcha question ("a woman can't win in 2020") for Bernie, and immediately started screaming at the TV.  And it seemed like all questions directed to Bernie were delivered with an attitude learned from the Inquisition school of "journalism".  I still hate FOX more than CNN, but the gap is narrowing. 

    I think Bernie handled it all reasonably well, but not great; he loses on points.

    I think Liz Warren is exposed as a lousy politician, unable to balance the political and the personal.  Refusing to shake Bernie's hand at the end was petty, and worse, stupid because it looks bad.  That line about how she & Amy Klobuchar have never lost an election, winning 10 times?  Warren accounts for only 2 of those, and her 2018 re-election in safely Blue MA hardly counts.  Her line about none of the men beating a Republican incumbent in 30 years was obviously weasel-worded, to (incorrectly!) exclude Bernie's win in 1990.  She's just not authentic, and not good at faking it.  I would still vote for her, but I really don't think she will win either the nomination or the Presidency.  She belongs in the Cabinet, not on the campaign trail.

    Amy Klobuchar probably "won", at least by talking the most, without stepping in too much It. This may sound sexist, but she's looking very Vice-Presidential. 

    Biden is too old, and it ain't just years.

    Buttigieg (damn, I still can't spell it right!) always sounds great & looks great, but says the wrong things because he's a Neo-Liberal puppet. 

    Steyer is good to have hanging around, because he's right about AGW/Climate Change being the biggest issue of our time.  I'll donate $1 to keep him onstage.  I'd like to see him & Bernie gang up more – Bernie could show that he doesn't hate people just because they have too much money, and Steyer can feel good about not being a Bad Person.

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