The Republican Show Trial

I am not watching the trial, mostly because I literally don’t have the stomach for it. Yesterday I had a colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy, and while I’ve been assured I don’t have colon cancer, my insides are otherwise a bleeping mess. I’m still feeling a bit wobbly. Aging ain’t for the weak.

Anyway, I understand that Republicans voted unanimously to block a request to subpoena White House documents. That seems to me to kill the fantasy that there might be a few “reasonable” Republicans who would support a fair trial.

If you have anything to say about the doings so far, please feel free to comment. I’ll write more tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “The Republican Show Trial

  1. Feel better, maha.

    Colonoscopies can be a real pain in the ass!  ?

    I agree, "aging ain't for the weak."

    And that means aging ain't for the aging – so consequently,  aging ain't for the aged!

    As for the show trial, the Dem's just now asked for a vote on their 4th Amendment to these impeachment follie… hearings: If witnesses can be called. 

    And they started with Schmuck Mulvaney.

    It's now 8pm, and my nipples harden in anticipation. 


    There's no way Mendacious Moscow Mitch will allow witnesses.  Or, at least not until it's over his dead body.

    So, pray for the Angel of Death to pay the Turtle-turd a visit tonight.  (Just kidding.  I don't wish death on anyone.  Really.  I don't.  Not even a litt…  Oh, ok, maybe a little bit.  But it's a teensy-weensy bit…)

    • I feel for you, Maha.  I did the same double test a few years ago.  It wasn't the tests themselves I hated as I was out but the prep for the colonoscopy is yucky and very messy.  I recommend anyone anticipating it invest in some adult diapers.  I vowed I will never do it again.  As for aging, my mother always said "getting old is hell, you'll find out".  She was right.  Get some rest, you'll feel better soon.
  2. The game is fascinating. Trump orchestrated a shakedown of Ukraine to put the hit on Joe Biden because a) Joe leads in the polls. b) Trump wants to run against Bernie (not Joe.) Moscow Mitch is dealing with a deadline – Feb 4. That's the date of the State Of The Union Address. Mitch wants the trial to be over by then because Trump will come unglued by and during the trial. If it's NOT concluded by Feb. 4, Trump will do a meltdown in front of both houses of Congress and the US voting electorate. Mitch knows – if the Senate doesn't acquit by Feb 3, Trump may make it irrelevant with a deranged speech that makes Trump look weak. And that's fatal for a cult leader.

    As I write this, Mitch has just asked the process of debating amendments end. Chuck told Mitch to commit an anatomically impossible act. This is a delaying tactic by the House Managers to get the Impeachment Trial  to run past Feb 4. Mitch is threatening to have 12-hour sessions to speed the trial to conclusion before Feb 4. 

    Polls indicate that voters want witnesses and testimony!  Vulnerable Republican Senators don't want to be seen by 70% of voters as participating in the Moscow Mitch cover-up of the cover-up.  On the flip side, these Senators are under huge pressure to follow Mitch's plan to dismiss the impeachment without witnesses and evidence. 

    We haven't even started the arguments and both sides are playing the clock, a tactic you seldom see before the last half of the fourth quarter. Mitch's plan is going to make Senators and Roberts kinda grumpy. 

    I think Feb. 4 is the key here. 

    • I cringe at this timing, and how it is orchestrated to permit Trump to crow "Completely Exonerated" at the state of the union. I'm depressed enough about this sham trial as it is.

  3. If you want to know how Hitler found staff for the Death Camps just look at the Senate GOP. Same personalties. on said:

    If you want to know how Hitler found staff for the death camps, just look at the Senate GOP.

    Same personalties.

  4. Here's hoping you recover quickly.

    I watched the proceedings off and on. The Democrats, unlike their usual selves, have remained on message and presented a good case. My impression is the Republicans are making a frivolous, purely political argument that doesn't compare well. It's doubtful it will help them with anyone outside the cult. An interesting question is: Will Trump realize it at some point and instruct his minion Moscow Mitch to put on the reality show trial he's wanted all along?


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