2 thoughts on “Carl Reiner, 1922-2020


    I am bereft!

    I am depressed!

    But, OH, WHAT A LIFE!!!!!

    And he was tweeting almost right up until the end.

    He was comedic/comic genius!!!!!!

    And his real genius, imo, was at letting other comic geniuses do their thaaaaang!

    He gave others the limelight he could have stolen for himself.

    Oh, Carl I'll miss the hell out of you!


    Ya brought a lotta laffs!

    Ya done good!

    But please, don't bring Mel Brooks up to join you too soon!

    Just wait!

    I mean, shouldn't one of the two people who brought us "The 2,000 Year-old man" live to be 100?!?

  2. He sounds like a fairly normal guy, especially given he was a comedian.  :).  And nice too, by all accounts.  Lived in the same house for sixty years, married in '43 and was until she died in 2008 I think.  Yet/and very funny.

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