I just wish I were in New York so I could dance in the streets somewhere. I could dance in the streets here, but I’d be by myself.

Take the rest of the weekend off and do something enjoyable. We’ll have a lot more stress to deal with before January.

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  1. Trump is heading to Waterloo, Iowa to give his concession speech, and then he's heading to Riker's Island to break ground on his Presidential library.

  2. We WILL be rid of tRump.  He can and probably will do a lot of damage before his exit.

    Savor this moment, but unless BOTH democrats win the runoff senate seats in Georgia #MoscowMitch will prevent any legislation for the next two years that is meaningful to addressing the planet's climate crisis or for addressing a needed stimulus for the working classes to move this country out of the Covid-19 economic crisis or for addressing health care after the Supreme Court rules the ACA unconstitutional next spring or summer.

    Nancy 'PayGo' Pelosi has been Speaker of the House for two terms.  Each term as Speaker of the House she has lost democratic seats in the House.  If history is any indicator Nancy will lose more than the bare 7 seat majority to be held in her 3rd term as Speaker and the rePukes will control the House for the last two years of Biden's term.

    Rejoice in the coming exit of The Orange Buffoon today.  Tomorrow, open your time and/or your wallets to help the two Democrats contesting the runoffs in Georgia.  They are the best, if not only, hope that President Uncle Joe will be able to get meaningful legislation passed.

  3. Will blunders never cease?!?


    THEY JUST DID!!!!!


    Now, on to the rebuilding, and "the fight for the soul of America."

    Man, I wish I had a nice bourbon to sip on, neat, in celebration!

  4.  I hope that Biden doesn't get so caught up in trying to heal the divisions that plague our country that he fails to make sure that Trump is adequately prosecuted for his criminality. If he hopes to break the back of Trumpism he has got to expose Trump for the criminal that he is.

    I know that Trump has boasted on his brilliance in taking advantage of the legal tax system, but it is only legal if you honestly provide information for deductions you are legitimately entitled to. Not so with Trump. He has blatantly cheated the American people with the knowledge that even if he does get caught he can get away without any admission of wrongdoing.  He has to be pinned down an brought to justice if there is any hope of repairing the faith in our system of government.

    It's not about Donald Trump as the individual, but more to the corruption that Trump represents. There are millions and millions of people in this country who are living in desperate situations where they can hardly afford the basic necessities of life, and it is just morally wrong to allow Trump to take from them just to satisfy his material excesses. Expose him for the fraud that he is!

    Another point, which is just my belief through observation is that people tend to gravitate to people they perceive as winners. Once Trump's false image of success and invincibility is shattered people will abandon him in droves. Like the old expression.. Nobody loves an albatross.

     Pray that today is just the first day in Trump getting his long overdo comeuppance.

    • I hear you about not being suckered by the attractive delusion of bipartisanship. But there are opportunities to tamp down the vitriol. For example, Covid new cases are up 54% in the last two weeks. The big growth is in red states. I want to be wrong, but rural America may be on the edge of catastrophe. Trump won't do a damn thing. (prediction)

      If Joe is ready to roll in federal assistance to red states that Biden did NOT carry, to visit the GOP governors of those states, talk and listen, and implement solutions, that will go a long way. 

      Depending on the status, Biden may have to decide on a shut-down or national mask mandate. Properly handled, public health can drive a wedge right down the middle of the conservative states. If the less populous states feel the pain, identify Trump as the source, see Biden as the source of help, and the source of a plan to address the pain, red states will stay conservative but split into sane conservatives vs trump cultist nut jobs. 

      Being clinically cynical, this is exactly what we want – a conservative party in search of a non-crazy platform. If the cultists declare war on conservatives who won't accept the Trump death pact, the GOP can only regain power by going to the center, appealing to women and minorities. This frees Democrats to be more progressive, a viable center right (rejected by the extreme right) in political competition with a truly left-leaning Democratic party.

      • Doug, I like your point I think, but I feel the need to translate it a bit to see if I understand what you are saying.  "…a conservative party in search of a non-crazy platform" I understand to mean a republican party in search of a sane platform.  Here sane I define as based on logic and reason with the scientific method compatible with logic and reason.  In Trumpism, "politically correct"(often myth or mythos) supersedes logic, reason, and science which is crazy IMO.  I would contend this craziness is the basis of conservatives such as Max Boot, George Will, David Brooks and other conservatives objection to Trumpism.  Trumpism exploits conservative idea dissemination machine, but only as it suit the cult of Trumpism.  The cult members, by in large, are largely just conditioned and reflexive to certain words, phrases, and names and of course single issue political manipulation. Trump is their platform.  The republican party, at this point, does not have a plan or platform that I can discern, as they went all in on Trumpism.  The party does have major puppeteers, with strings both foreign and domestic.  They have agendas, and will continue to control the real "platform" of the party.  

        Let me also contend that in Trumpism, politically correct is what Trump says is correct  (cult like for sure) and the republican party has to this point gone out of it's way to back him even when his statements contradict one another; defy reason, logic, or science; or conflict with moderate or even conservative political principles.  We will see if the republican party continues to allow Trump to decide what is "politically correct", but Trump's base is too narrow and it looks like the COVID is going to make it more narrow very quickly.  So yes the republican party will have to become more egalitarian to survive, and therefore move more toward sanity one would think, but herding cats is the metaphor that keeps flashing in my brain.  

      • In all probability he won't be headed to Mexico. smiley

        My money is on his trying to quash his tax fraud exposure. That's his Achilles heel. Any other legal proceedings lodged against him he'll be able to weather through protracted legal wranglings. And he'll welcome any attempts to come after him because in order to maintain his relevance he has to maintain his projection of being the victim. That's his MO. When you look at all the pardons he's issued, the main theme of their purpose is righting the wrongs against people who were treated so unfairly.

        I would suspect that any legal actions lodged against him, aside from his tax liability, the bill would be footed by the taxpayer.. So money would be no object.


  5. Moscow Mitch and the other Rethug senators probably have shady business dealings, and/or other misbehaviors, that they would rather not see investigated by a Biden Administration Department of Justice.

    They may be less obstreperous than we fear.  *evil grin*

  6. Of course, I'll be glad to see Trump gone – and even more, to not have to see/hear him constantly on news, FB, etc.  He's just gross, and it's been embarrassing to have him as "President".  But…


    Biden won the Presidency, but the GOP won the election.

    There's still a chance that Democrats will take the Senate, but I'm not counting on it.  GOP still controls the State machinery of Georgia, so I expect them to "win" (really, "take", or "steal", if it comes to that) both of the runoffs there.

    GOP has installed a strong majority of Federalist poodles on the SC.  (and controlling the Senate would prevent Democrats from expanding the Court).

    Those two "wins" will allow the GOP to prevent the Democrats from doing anything real to fix the USA.  With a Democrat in the White House, The Debt will once again become The Most Important Problem; resulting Keynesian contraction will prevent any strong recovery, and the Green New Deal is DOA.  This is the perfect way to discourage poor & progressive voters in 2022 & 2024.

    Has anybody else noticed that established Republicans are accepting Trumps defeat "graciously", down-playing his talk of lawsuits, gently urging him to accept it?  They don't like him either; they fear him because he holds "their" voting base in thrall, but he's become a liability, a risk they no longer want.  The Old Money GOP wants him out, but they know they have to be very careful to avoid his wrath, which would break their party.

    They're happy to cooperate – quietly – with a Biden win.  The GOP machinery that stole the 2000 election from Gore will not steal this one!  (at least not at the top of the ticket).  GOP pols are making conciliatory noises, pretending to Put The Country First.  They are working hard to get Trump to retire, as gracefully as he can (not his strong suit…).

    The one thing they fear most is Trump breaking from the GOP and starting a new Party.  He could do it; a strong majority of GOP voters trust him more than the Party, and would quickly abandon the GOP for a Trumpist party.

    I would love to find a way to encourage that.  It sounds dangerous, but Trump couldn't win without the GOP, and he's incapable of building an organization that would outlast him. 


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