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Following up a bit from yesterday’s post — today Paul Waldman writes that so far the covid relief bill “looks to be one of the most popular pieces of major legislation in U.S. history.”

A new CBS News poll found that 83 percent of Americans would approve “of Congress passing an additional economic relief package that would provide funds to people and businesses impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.” While 40 percent thought the package being discussed is “not enough,” 39 percent said it is “about the right amount” and only 20 percent said it is “too much.”

A Yahoo News/YouGov poll found 74 percent of Americans supporting $2,000 relief checks, and 69 percent supporting increased funding for vaccinations. Those are two of core pieces of the bill.

A Quinnipiac poll found that 68 percent of Americans support the rescue package, in response to a question that explicitly mentioned Biden (which might be expected to turn off Republicans). And 78 percent of Americans supported relief checks.

Given these poll numbers, I don’t see that the Republicans have the policial capital to whine that nobody is compromising with them.

I have been listening to the impeachment trial and checking in with it from time to time. It seems to me the Democrats are giving a devastating presentation. Not that the Republicans will change their minds. But I hope a lot of people are watching this.

See also I’ve Studied Terrorism for Over 40 Years. Let’s Talk About What Comes Next.by Martha Crenshaw at the New York Times.

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  1. I'm deeply disturbed by the "No harm, no foul" defense.  It's not disturbing that Trump's lawyers are making it. It's disturbing that most Republicans are buying it – GOP voters and GOP Senators. The whole philosophy is foreign to American Political Thought. I have, my entire life, respected the results of an election – even Trump's election in 2016. I did not approve of Trump, but I never suggested that HRC won.  I'm goobstruck by the reality for the future – I will continue to respect elections, but I'm dealing with an opposing party not bound by that standard.

    The popularity of the Covid bill is huge because it boxes Republicans in if/when they vote against it. We have a lot of pain ahead before it's under control, but we've finally headed the right direction. 

  2. I just hope the COVID bill is enough. AOC is right in arguing that the Dems have to provide at least what the R’s provided earlier. It’s not as though this costs any political capital.

    Ian Welsh’s The Conditions Now Exist For A Long Term Right Wing Insurgency In America complements the Crenshaw article (thank you).

    His argument explains how Israel has, through natural selection, crafted the perfect enemy in Hezbollah, in much the same process that’s happening now with our domestic terrorists. The idiots and lookie-loos who took selfies on Jan 6 will be sent to jail, leaving behind the harder, more determined insurrectionists. Repeat over and over, and what’s left are the hard core (and successful) fighters. This is how Israel created Hezbollah.

  3. One brief comment about the impeachment:

    Today, I think I saw the WORST attempt to exempt tRUMP from being convicted to date.

    It came from that noted KKKonstitutional SKKKholar, Senator Mike Lee (Repugnant: Utah), when he said tRUMP should "get a 'mulligan'" for the speech that incited the Capitol riot.

    A mulligan?


    What, did he shank his tee-shot into the woods?!?!?

    No, you smarmy, tubby, bigot, Sen. MiKKKe (General) Lee! 

    He attempted a feckin' coup!!!

    A mulligan!  JAAAAAAAYZOOS, these people…

    As for the Biden/Harris recovery plan, what's not to like?

    It's a quick fix that'll help to get shots of vaccine in the arms of people, which will allow us to go back about our daily business, and a major monetary lift to help America crawl out from under tRUMP's wreckage.


  4. No mercy no malice.  Hillary is correct, any vote to acquit is an act of co-conspiracy.  Our democracy survived by the skin of it's teeth.  This was an attempt at a violent overthrow of our government by a murderous mob incited by the worst president in American history.  Anyone who thinks and acts otherwise needs to be excluded from public office because they are not loyal citizens of this democracy, and a disloyal American.  Oh, that category ( as some of the mob failed to seem to know) is much worse than  being a RINO or any of the terms used by the right to indicate inferior grade bigotry or subservience to fascist leaders.  It is also worse than a sandbagger at golf, which is a person  who cheats on his handicap.  Any cheating habit in golf is dishonorable, and the worst president in American history was also golf cheat at golf by reputation, which pales in comparison to his acts of sedition. He is a national mistake.  A horrid example and a politician who deserves no political heirs.  

    The Senate has inadequate power to provide proper justice under the powers of impeachment.  They do have the power to convict and prohibit future public office.  They will only fail to do so because they are co-conspirators.  We are the ones  that must assure all good citizens and the world that his future and his co-conspirator's future is in the National Hall of Shame. 

  5. It has been 2 days since Maha posted this article and 46 hours since the first reply.


    Two days since Maha has posted an article.  Maybe her "What Comes Next" answer is the same as mine – mental exhaustion.  The first 3 years of tRump in office were horrible;  the last 13 months have been a disaster for our country.

  6. I read an interesting point recently that I think you might enjoy, so I want to share it with you.

    Basically, the point is this: 

    While tRUMP's lawyers are arguing that he has no control over what his followers do, the Republicans in the jury will vote to acquit because they know exactly how much control tRUMP has over his followers.

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