MAGA-Heads Will Never Be Happy

I don’t know that the final “official” Cyber Ninja fraudit report has been released yet — it’s due any minute now — but a draft report that got leaked is all over the news has caused much amusement. As you must have heard, the fraudit “recount” that took so very long found that Joe Biden won the state by a few more votes than the original results said he did.

Of course, this will not stop the Big Lie. The MAGA-universe has already gone into overdrive manufacturing reasons for why the Cyber Ninjas report didn’t say what it said. In brief, even though the actual numbers reported say Biden won, the report issues enough questions about irregularities that certainly seem to leave room for shenanigans that stole the election from Trump.

We might ask what they were doing all that time if they couldn’t find the answers to those questions. Fortunately Philip Bump at WaPo has gone through these questions left unanswered and explains why they don’t add up to anything. Not that facts will cause the MAGA-heads to shut up.

Greg Sargent:

If anything, the audit’s conclusion only confirms the very worst suspicions that have arisen about the true significance of Trump’s continuing insistence that the election was stolen from him, the response of many Republicans to that mythologizing, and the broader continuing threat all this poses.

That’s because it’s already clear that some Republicans will not use the audit news to affirm that confidence in our election system has been restored. Instead, they’ll use it to continue undermining that confidence, for the express purpose of justifying further anti-democratic tactics. …

… That’s because the audit also magically did purport to “find” serious problems with the vote counting. As The Post notes, it “undercut” its own conclusion about the validity of the outcome by suggesting that some ballots might have been “improperly accepted and counted.”

It probably took them so long to release the thing because they had to manufacture reasons why their own conclusions are wrong. Do read Philip Bump. The excuses add up to pretty tepid stuff, really.

11 thoughts on “MAGA-Heads Will Never Be Happy

  1. MAGAts gonna (be) maggot(s).

    I think I know what tRUMP and members of his presiDUNCEtial KKKlavern will say:

    That Hillary, Obama, and the Deep State got to the Head Ninj (sic).

    And they threatened him by telling him that if there's even a hint that tRUMP won, his children will be served as 7-course meals to the Democratic elites! 

    And he and their mother will be in the kitchen to watch all of the preparations!!!

  2. Our constitutional crisis is already here

    First, Donald Trump will be the Republican candidate for president in 2024….Barring health problems, he is running.

    Second, Trump and his Republican allies are actively preparing to ensure his victory by whatever means necessary. Trump’s charges of fraud in the 2020 election are now primarily aimed at establishing the predicate to challenge future election results that do not go his way. Some Republican candidates have already begun preparing to declare fraud in 2022, just as Larry Elder tried meekly to do in the California recall contest.

    Meanwhile, the amateurish “stop the steal” efforts of 2020 have given way to an organized nationwide campaign to ensure that Trump and his supporters will have the control over state and local election officials that they lacked in 2020.

    …Most Americans — and all but a handful of politicians — have refused to take this possibility seriously enough to try to prevent it. As has so often been the case in other countries where fascist leaders arise, their would-be opponents are paralyzed in confusion and amazement at this charismatic authoritarian. They have followed the standard model of appeasement, which always begins with underestimation….As it was, Trump came close to bringing off a coup earlier this year. All that prevented it was a handful of state officials with notable courage and integrity, and the reluctance of two attorneys general and a vice president to obey orders they deemed inappropriate.

    These were not the checks and balances the Framers had in mind when they designed the Constitution, of course, but Trump has exposed the inadequacy of those protections. The Founders did not foresee the Trump phenomenon, in part because they did not foresee national parties. They anticipated the threat of a demagogue, but not of a national cult of personality. They assumed that the new republic’s vast expanse and the historic divisions among the 13 fiercely independent states would pose insuperable barriers to national movements based on party or personality. “Petty” demagogues might sway their own states, where they were known and had influence, but not the whole nation with its diverse populations and divergent interests.

    Such checks and balances as the Framers put in place, therefore, depended on the separation of the three branches of government, each of which, they believed, would zealously guard its own power and prerogatives. The Framers did not establish safeguards against the possibility that national-party solidarity would transcend state boundaries because they did not imagine such a thing was possible. Nor did they foresee that members of Congress, and perhaps members of the judicial branch, too, would refuse to check the power of a president from their own party….

  3. How many times does neocommunist-fascist traitor Trump have to lose before his radical extremist cult stops wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on sore loser election lies? Democrats are focusing on working class infrastructure, jobs, and stimulus, while the antiivax GQP focuses on nonsense. #VoteBlue

  4. Lately I've  been thinking of this disease as OPMS – Oh poor me syndrome:  I'm not rich enough, I'm not creative enough, I can't do this right, I can't get laid, I just keep losing.

    With that conclusion, I decided to quit puzzling over what's wrong with these people.

  5. I haven't read the fraudit, nor do I plan to over the weekend, but I will gaze into my crystal ball to glean the "irregularities" uncovered in the deductive, inductive, subjunctive, conductive non-scientific methodology of the magaantimensas:

    "Cliven Bundy reported that his third cousin was having a trim in a barber shop in Tempe when a man sitting in a chair waiting for a haircut said his brother was in a cab in Maricopa when the driver blurted out that his therapist, just two days before, cried "los tacos son buenos" during a tearful breakthrough session with the cabbie."

    This led to several "questions":

    Are there cabs in Maricopa?

    If so, can cabbies afford therapists?

    Can "los tacos son buenos" be translated as the "fix is in" or "my hovercraft is full of eels?"

    Coincidence? I don't think so.

    If you scream loudly and slowly in English at a Latinx, do they automatically understand you because America?

    As you can see geometric logic  was used to prove that the strawberries were stolen.

    I'll check back to see if I was right. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Let's be honest. The framers, (including Jefferson who I admire) wrote poetry to inspire the plebes they needed to fight the war AND then those framers gamed the system to grant the right to vote ONLY to white, male, landowners. 

    At the Justice for J6 rally, a couple of MAGAs cited the Declaration of Independence to me to justify the insurrection. But the insurrectionists were overwhelmingly motivated by a fear of non-white citizens becoming the majority.

    (This is wonkish but it's a must-watch if you want to rise above a simplistic equation of MAGA = redneck racists..

    So the GOP IS a fully accurate reflection of the founders. Promise equality but only deliver the power of the vote to the select few you trust to be "responsible." The GOP is being just as honest (deceptive) as the framers – offering a representative democracy, but delivering a very different system.

    The Constitution and voting rights have morphed to grant the right to vote to the descendants of former slaves, to Hispanics, to Asians… even to Native Americans. Few are saying the truth out loud, but hey, neither did Jefferson and Madison. They want to roll back the popular vote and game the system – just as the founding fathers did.

    • Very interesting perspective; hadn't thought about it that way, but its obvious.  The Founders didn't want everyone to vote, and they worked to hide that fact of their version of "democracy" just as republicans are doing today to present under a facade of America as a "beacon of democracy" and "freedom."  The tell was in the Declaration, where they said "all men are created equal" even as they held men and women as slaves, deprived of all rights "endowed by the creator."

      This is an excellent example of why we need to push back hard on the "conservative" attempt to whitewash history to only show what they deem "the good."  Everything about the Founders was not evil, but some of it was.  They were certainly flawed men in the sense all men are, and casting them as these sainted figures that could never do wrong exposes the popularly presented image of our country, inwardly and outwardly, especially as it is put forward as a foundation for American exceptionalism, manifest destiny, etc. as hypocritical, at best.

      The problem the Founders had from the beginning and throughout the history of this country is the citizens they enslaved and shut out, and much of the world, agreed with them. They took them at their word with respect to democracy and freedom.  They heard "all men are created equal" and demanded their rights pursuant to that as well. 

      You're correct, republicans of today have more in common with the founders, and they'd see that as a good thing.  Truth and the facts of history say otherwise.

  7. As a person gets older, their words and their actions often diverge.  To some it is an irritating part of the aging process.  You have good intentions and commit to actions, but a new day arrives and that which you could easily steel yourself for you find beyond your physical and/or emotional ability to accomplish.  So one has to adjust or disappoint those who have learned to depend on you.  Another thing one finds is that adjusting gets harder and harder the older one gets.

    The ex Prez. is old and getting older.  He is a man of the limelight with fading abilities and an addiction to what he was once able to do.  Worse yet he is not introspective and has no idea on how to adjust.  His fan base deteriorates in quantity and quality as he tries to be what he once could prop up the illusion of being.  Now he finds himself in a position where he cannot even keep track of his own lies or worse yet cannot remember if a fabrication of his was a lie or a flash of insight.  So as Michael Cohen stated in an interview, he cannot remember today, the lie he told yesterday anymore.  

    So he seems to remember what is now known as the big lie, and he is trying to stick with that one at least.  His other lies are getting scrambled, and his dispositions for his lawsuits are turning into the word salads we learned to expect from Sarah Palin.  When pressed for disclosure in the form of depositions, Cohen contends, his cognitive disfunction becomes embarrassingly evident.  

    At his age no athlete has Not had to adjust to the effects of age on their ability to perform.  They at least had the advantage of being younger when time took it's toll.  Still many of them, even with youth on their side, had difficulty adjusting to the inevitable decline in their abilities.  Mahammad Ali was a case in point, as well documented in a recent PBS biography.  You can stretch the truth, but lies only stretch so far.  


    •  Now he finds himself in a position where he cannot even keep track of his own lies.

      He never did keep track of his lies. He just churned out the lies as they became convenient to support his other lies. He's not bound by the same moral conventions as the rest of us. At least his followers seem to think so.

      You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

       You can lead a Magat to reason, but you can't make him think.

    • You are applying the normal aging process to Trump, and while some of it applies, much of it does not. Trump has always lied. He has never bothered to keep track of his lies. He lies about his lies. He knows his marks don't care. There is a psychological bond between him and his followers, precisely because he is an a hole and gets away with it. He IS the Republican party. They don't even bother to come up with a platform. All that matters is getting back into power, by any means necessary.


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