Tucker Carlson Is Worse Than Tokyo Rose

If you missed Chris Hayes last night, please do watch this first segment.

In brief, a bonkers QAnon theory about bioweapons labs in Ukraine is being mutually affirmed and amplified by Russia and Tucker Carlson, along with other right-wing U.S. media. Yesterday the Russian ambassador to the UN called a Security Council meeting and presented the biolab theory as a justification for Russia’s invasion, claiming that the presence of these labs had been corroborated by the U.S. State Department. But it was not. If you want to see how this alleged corroboration was fabricated by Tucker Carlson, it’s in the Chris Hayes video. See also Steve M.

Tucker really isn’t another Tokyo Rose. He’s worse.

In other news — The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel has been attempting to mediate a cease fire between Russia and Ukraine. But this is not going well.

According to the report, the Ukrainian president and his people did not like the advice.

“Bennett told us to surrender,” said the official. “We have no intention of doing so. We know Putin’s offer is only the beginning.”

In the past two weeks, and especially since Bennett’s visit to Moscow, the prime minister’s office and the Foreign Ministry have been claiming that Israel’s mediation efforts force them to keep an even more cautious and balanced approach. This message was also passed quietly to Zelensky’s office. The official also said that Israel asked Ukraine not to request more military and defense aid because such a request could harm the mediation efforts.

Remind us not to ever ask Israel to mediate anything.

Ukrainian officials believe that Bennett’s involvement in diplomatic efforts comes from his not wanting to take a clear stance regarding the Russian invasion for fear that it will harm Israel’s ties with Russia.

Just stop. Go home, and keep your damn ties with Russia.

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  1. Just a reminder: Never ask Israel to mediate anything. 

    Sorry Jared, your services are not, nor were they ever, required.

  2. So, it looks like the prize in the Ukraine War for Putin is not Kyiv, but Washington via his allies like DeSantis and Cruz. I guess Ronnie Rayguns is the boob here.

  3. Glenn Beck got fired from Fox when advertisers left. (The ratings were there, the revenue was not.) I think this is key. Tucker is NOT going to let Fox script or censor his show – Tuck thinks top ratings give him the power. 

    Russia is committing deliberate war crimes against civilians. That's my opinion based on photographic evidence of strikes on non-military targets. Carlson is gonna be on thin ice with the vast majority of voters/consumers and will advertisers decide they don't want to be associated with a pro-Putin program? 

    This is gonna be interesting.

  4. Tucker is Putin's interim useful fool since he last one lost the white house.  Doug is correct, all depends on the rating and the advertisers.  I know different people have different tastes, some find cilantro revolting.  Are they the ones that like Tucker?

    • Cilantro tastes like soap. I'm not linking to the Britannica entry because this is basically what it says about that. Also, I share this genetic variation with Julia Child. 

      “Of course some of this dislike may come down to simple preference, but for those cilantro-haters for whom the plant tastes like soap, the issue is genetic. These people have a variation in a group of olfactory-receptor genes that allows them to strongly perceive the soapy-flavored aldehydes in cilantro leaves.

  5. In other news, my brother Ron is out of Ukraine after a 12-hour drive from Dnipro to Moldova. He'd been there for the last year. He helped a Ukrainian girlfriend, her son, and her 75-year-old mother get out. They are living the refugee lifestyle. 

    But he's out!

  6. The article that connects the dots, and is a lot to swallow: The Ten Hardest Truths about the War in Europe

    (1) America is now in a world war

    (10) Everything now happening is only the beginning

    The best writing / teaching only draws out and makes clear what most of us already know or vaguely intuit but can’t quite put into clear thoughts and realizations. As one of the commenters to this article put it, this article “deserves a Pulitzer and then some”

    @doug – I’m thrilled your brother and his extended family made it out

    • Powerful essay, thanks for sharing.

      I have been considering Trump a useful idiot in this affair, but now I see him as aspiring, and conspiring, to be the next Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonsson Quisling.

  7. Doug,

    GOOD NEWS!!!

    And after they're finally out of Ukraine, then it'll be GREAT NEWS!!!!!

    • They are out of Ukraine and in Moldava. I've been texting Ron – they are considering long-term, temporary housing but not sure where. Millions more behind them will also flee. Ron's got them in a nice hotel in the capital city. 

      Three people are out because Ron stuck it out with them and got them out. It's a drop in the bucket but such a gift for those three. IDK how, but this needs to be the global goal, that we individually 'adopt' a refugee family and move them from the epicenter of misery to host them in stable, safe housing with food and medical care available until they can go home. 

  8. Doug,

    I wish I could.

    Oh, I really do.

    But I can barely afford the assisted place I'm in now.

    Ten to twenty or so years ago, my parents and I would have.

    • GULAG – It should go without saying (but I will say it) that if/when I make a suggestion what we can do to help, it's for the people with the means and according to what they choose to part with.

      Your situation limits what you can do as far as money is concerned but you inspire with what you say – and the passion you say it with. That's what you can do and you are doing it. Do not underestimate the effect you have.

      I expect that the vast majority agrees with me – we look forward to your comments and your irreverent wit. My first thought when I read about the Ukrainian who said, "Russian Warship: Go fuck yourself!" is that the author must be a relative of yours. 

      • Agreed, Doug. Though,… I am dealing with the American healthcare system now and I am thinking that repatriating back to my homeland is the best option, even though it would be a great hardship considering there is a shooting war there now: I am sick and tired of living in the US of A and having cruddy/gimcrack services forced on me and having the GOP goons try to gaslight me and tell me that this is all freaking great, the best ever, and that I a lazy, commie, freeloader for even bringing up a simple critique. I want to live in a place that I am free free free from the ugly american GOP garbage-can people.

        I can get a job anywhere, why do I have to stay here and worry that the american system will trash me? I do not want to argue with a desk clerk over health care costs and have them be smug and satisfied when I scream, get frustrated and leave. The millennials love to make you the Karen and then stick your monetary inadequacy in your face because if it.

    • Worse than a useful idiot?  A member of the fifth estate?  The chief spokesperson of populism?  An embedded foreign agent?  I guess you can pick your favorite pigeonhole for the Tucker.  No one with a working BS meter picks journalist or reporter.  Tucker publicly admits he just makes up facts and twists the truth.  Only the Murdoch Media, with its tabloid mentality, would allow him a slot on what one of my acquaintances calls that Republican News channel.  That label deserves bipartisan rejection, as Putin the Butcher vies for a legacy close too Catherine the Great but seems to be falling more than a bit short (no pun intended).  Tucker might just say we need to keep our shirt on (pun intended) his brain is not quite vodka pickled just yet.  That controversial fact could be true, but much evidence is piling up on the other side of the scale.  The polite people are just saying he seems to be making a lot of mistakes lately.  That happens to a lot of people at his age.  Fortunately, most do not have his destructive capabilities.  


  9. The Lincoln Project is on it: Putin’s Puppet. They show what Carlson looks like / and says on Russian TV to the Russian public, in Russian. The ad homes in visually on how his name is spelled in Cyrllic, something I learned to read as a Russian Orthodox boy.

    Beau of the Fifth Column’s been calling him “Tuckeyo Rose”, a name that finally sticks to this traitorous frozen food slimeball.

  10. Thanks for the kind words, Doug.

    I'm pretty sure there are less than six degrees of separation between my family and the guy who told the Russian naval Captain to go "f" himself.

  11. Tokyo Rose was an American (citizen? resident alien? don't know) who was on a visit home to Japan when they attacked the US. She was forced to make those broadcasts, was imprisoned after the war and eventually released.  Tucker Carlson chooses to commit treason via the airwaves. 

    • Well, what I know is that the similarity is that Japanese had an Emperor to die for and just like this the GOP has an Emperor to die for so Tucker is just praying to their god-king just like Tokyo Rose.

      The difference is that the GOP are just blatant snake-oil swindlers.

      By the way, never been registered to either of the parties.

      • I guess I’d accept that voter registration frustration if primaries don't matter – or if your jurisdictions always have had 'open' “primaries”?…

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