Women Are Sea Turtles, and Other GOP News

Rachel Maddow notices that a remarkably high percentage of Trump’s endorsees are alleged spouse abusers.

Republicans want you to know that the last guy was just ACCUSED of killing his wife; he hasn’t been convicted. Yet.

Andrew was first arrested on March 26, just hours after state authorities found Nikki’s body submerged in a nearby creek, and Boone County Superior Court Judge Matthew C. Kincaid found probable cause for a murder charge against him two days later.

Authorities say they began investigating Nikki’s disappearance on March 25 when she ‘did not report for work.’

She and Andrew’s three children – one of whom is from Andrew’s previous marriage — tried repeatedly to contact her, according to the Lebanon Reporter, but her purse and phone were still at the house.

Andrew told the sheriff’s deputies – who found him with scratches on the neck – that they had gotten into a fight after she discovered that he was having an affair, and she was probably at her sister’s house, FOX 59 reports.

One of their children also told police that Nikki routinely left the house when she was upset, and Andrew had admitted to hitting Nikki in the past.

But when police found blood in the couple’s master bedroom and bathroom – and discovered that Nikki had filed for divorce from Andrew on March 17 – they called in the Indiana State Police to lead the investigation. …

… ‘During the course of the investigation, detectives were able to determine that during the course of a domestic dispute, 39-year-old Andrew N. Wilhoite, Elizabeth’s husband had allegedly struck her in the head with a blunt object, causing her to lose consciousness,’ they said in a statement following his arrest.

‘He then placed her into a vehicle and drove to a nearby creek where he dumped her body,’ they alleged.

Court documents obtained by Law and Order also show that Andrew allegedly admitted to state authorities that he killed his wife.

He said that she attacked him when she learned he was having an affair, and he struck her in the face with a gallon-sized concrete flower pot, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Then when she fell to the ground, Andrew allegedly said he threw her into a truck, took her to a bridge and threw her over the side. He then allegedly tossed the flower pot along the side of US Route 52 as he brought a load of corn into town.

Multitasking is good. Maybe he should put that in his campaign lit. Oh, and there’s also this —

Nikki had just finished receiving chemotherapy for an undisclosed type of cancer, which she posted about on her Facebook page, as she shared how her hair had fallen out.

What a prince. But we’re not done. I thought of this after seeing this headline today.


This is from Talking Points Memo. Read at TPM or watch it here:

I can’t even.

7 thoughts on “Women Are Sea Turtles, and Other GOP News

  1. That's almost too stupid for words.

    I swear, I think there's some kind of hole between our universe, and one that I'll call the Bozoverse.

    That universe is full of righteous, arrogant, self-important, self-unaware, whiny, needy, humorless, bone-ignorant and marrow-deep stupid "MORANS!!!"

    And the holes in the two universes appear to be found exclusively around White Evangelical "Christian" churches*.

    See you sea-turtles I love, soon! 😉

    *Please, please read "How Politics Poisoned the Evangelical Church," by Tim Alberta!

    It's at "The Atlantic." (You get a couple of articles free every month.  If I had the money, I'd probably subscribe to The Atlantic, the New Yorker, National Geographic, and another couple that if I found myself liking.

    Seriously:  Read it.

    It has a real good handle on the MAGA'S.

    Maybe discuss it here.

  2. For some reason, this made me think of that old Virginia Slims commercial — "cigarettes for women" where the theme was "you've come a long way, baby, to get where you got to, today!"   But if this is where women end up in 2021, either they haven't come that far at all or the road to equality and just plain decency and respect is just that damned long.

    The right is letting us all know, MAGA means taking America back and its on schedule — that train is never late, even without their Fuhrer in charge — and that America is one where anyone who isn't a white heterosexual male is to be put back into their place of inferiority.  With "CRT," support for extrajudicial police killings of black people, and now the destruction of Roe and talk of a kind of a Fugitive Slave Act for women who leave their anti-abortion state to get the procedure in a state where it is legal, not to mention "the border" for Hispanics and the general climate of fear of violence created for Asian Americans, they are letting us know nothing is off the table when it comes to creating a cruelty-based white nationalist state.  In his daft, er "draft" opinion, Alito cites 16th century mysogynist William Hale, so don't think them doing things like making gay and interracial marriage illegal again is beyond the pale.  The worse thing we can do is think "oh, they'll never do [x] but if they've talked about it, like Sen. Mike Lee on interracial marriage, that's a clue its on their minds.  And unlike democrats, these are people who's philosophy is the maintenance and use of raw power versus "reaching across the aisle."  When they have power, they use it.

    The right is intent on taking us all back to a time where the only people that mattered were white men.  They benefit from the frog in boiling water mentality, where we convince ourselves that something is just too crazy or extreme, that they'd never do it, and they benefit from the resulting, relative inaction.  Meanwhile, the water gets hotter.

    Its way past time to start taking these people and their extremism seriously.

  3. I am beginning to think we females need to react like the ukranian sailor on snake island when the russian warship showed up.

    A armed agressive opponent that acts like they own you and you are just their vassel (vessel) lol. Needs to be told to FO.

    I saw the louisiana legislature wants to put us all to death. Well gee i guess the only good female is dead female(or a female fetus). They can't hate us or kill us more can they. Some one sure is threatened by our very existence

    I know they want to throw us all in jail but even that requires evidence and prosecution of these draconian laws could be difficult to accomplish. Looks like fear domination is all they got

  4. I'm just not sure what's gonna happen when a Republican woman needs an abortion. I can't recall the source but I read an article about the relatively consistent hypocrisy of anti-abortion protesters who get an abortion when they are the lucky one with an unwanted pregnancy.

    Their situation is different and they are entitled but they want it all secret. The point being, if Roe is struck down they will clap and cheer until the "Oh, shit! I'm pregnant!" moment. The sneaky part of me thinks there's got to be a way to target that demographic for "counseling" because they will seek out an abortion. The law was never passed to apply to her. In Texas, you can anonymously help, get the personal info, help and then turn around and sue her.

    Use the funds from GOP pregnancy suits to pay for Democrats you don't turn in. (I am not a nice person.)

  5. You know what's amazing about the whole sea turtle egg argument? Those eggs were already "delivered" by the mother, they are outside her body and thus in need of protection.  I would think the natural response to such a nonsense argument would be to ask the clown making the argument if this means he's willing to provide support and protection to children once they leave their mother's body?


  6. The Republican party continues to be unable to control members whose sanity appears questionable.  The veracity of its members remains a continuing problem.  Are they now trending toward criminality and stupidity as ideals?


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