Tonight’s the Night

I keep trying not to get my hopes up. There is a lot of opinionating in media today that people will tune out the hearings or will see it as a political stunt. People are more interested in gas prices than in the January 6 insurrection. Certainly the hard-core right wing will insist it’s just a political stunt, no matter what.

If the committee is smart, they will have saved some big-deal revelation for tonight that will get enough headlines and buzz that people not terribly interested will hear about it, and at least think, WTF?

We’ve been told to expect to see taped testimony from Ivanka and Jared. It wouldn’t surprise me to see those two throw Daddy at least part way under the bus.

If you want to comment before, during, and after tonight’s presentation, feel free.

18 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night

  1. Whether or not the wingnuts pay attention or are willing to accept the truth of what happened and how it happened is of no consequence so long as Merrick Garland pays attention and acts upon it.

    What's going to transpire is that the official history of the insurrection will begin to be written tonight. The wingnuts, the GOP, the MAGA crowd, and every assortment of deviant and weakminded believer can indulge themselves in denial but, in the end, future generations are going to know what a scroundrel and thief Trump was as president….and will remain so until his dying breath.

    Just from what we already know it would be a greater crime not to indict Trump and the dancing monkeys who facilitated his criminality.

    He's a fuckin' bag of shit.

  2. For months I've been antsing in my pants for this day.

    But now that it's here, fear is overcoming the anticipation I had.

    I'm afraid the Dem's will screw this up.

    We Democrats are good at many things.  For instance, we are great at running governments. 

    But we stink at campaigning.   And we stink at messaging – whether we're campaigning, or trying to "sell" policies.

    But, the day I waited for is finally here!  YAY!!!

    I remind myself that we don't need to convince hundreds of millions of people.

    We need to open the eyes of about 5%to 10% people, of how far the old Republican Party has sunk.

    We need to prove to them that giving RepubliKKKLANS any power as they're currently comprised is equivalent to slicing the throat of our democratic body politic so deep, that the knife will also sever the spine.

    GO DEMZ!!!!!




  3. 7:45 PM (Eastern)

    I have had the MSNBC talking heads on for about 15 minutes and 14 minutes past when I was ready for them to shut up and go away.  It is about like getting ready to go to a movie and 10 people give their self-interpreted takes on the movie; out of sequence and not always accurate.

  4. First half of the first inning. They made the point that Trump was told by multiple sources that he would lose the election, that he had lost the election, and there was NO evidence to support fraud claims. To the degree Barr resigned rather than participate.

    Trump knew he was spreading lies.

    • Yes, I think they established what they had to establish tonight, which is that the Big Lie is indeed a Big Lie; that the violence was really, really violent; and that Trump did absolutely nothing to protect the Capital.

    • They articulated thoughts and emotions that have been kicking around in my head. Namely, that Trump's attempt at a coup went a little deeper than just the refusal of a peaceful transfer of power. He tried to steal my birthright as an American. My voice and participation in our democracy.

      To some that might sound a little over the top as being too engrossed in my own emotional state. Could be, but there is a reason for the sense of violation that I experience. I am a Vietnam veteran. I realize that that experience doesn't elevate me above any other American in status or stature, but in my own mind it does intensify my feelings and beliefs that I've paid a price for our freedoms and democracy. The thought that some daft dodging bag of shit who never experienced hardship or selflessness can just cheat me out of a sacred bond to my country, by way of my vote, just cooks me.

       It's kinda like Ronald Reagan saying, "I paid for this microphone" except I'm saying, I paid for this democracy.

      Trump is a thief and he needs to be severely punished! Garland, do the right thing.

  5. Imo:  Nicely done.

    Man, those videos were tough to watch.

    I thought I was pretty up on everything, but I learned a lot tonight.

    Needless to say, nothing I learned puts  tRUMP in any better light.  Quite the contrary, in fact.

    To call tRUMP "seditious scum" is an insult to scum – which is, after all, just scum.

    What are you, if you're lower than scum? 

    You're Donald John tRUMP, that's what!


  6. I was wondering how Trump worshippers would react. 

    Mollie Hemingway compares the hearing with Stalin’s show trials. 

    Can’t say I saw that one coming. In one city in the USSR, troikas sentenced 100 to death on September 22,1938; then another hundred plus the next day, then over 400 a few days later. 

    Got plenty of likes on Twitter, though. 

  7.  I kinda liked Liz Cheney's admonition to her fellow repuglican lawmakers who are covering for Trump. Something to the effect of…. Donald Trump will pass from the scene but your dishonor will remain.

    I've already seen Rep. Banks working overtime on Fox news trying to shed the stink of his criminal involvement in the coup by reciting a long list of diversionary questions targeting Nancy Pelosi for security failures at the capitol during the insurrection.

  8. Big comment, not yet documented with names, is that members of Congress requested pardons from Trump after J6. That's a damning confession of criminal intent by the people in congress Trump mentioned to Barr when he said to Barr, (paraphrasing), "Give me the claim of substantial evidence of fraud in the election and let me and my friends in Congress do the rest." 

    They KNEW they were breaking the law and it would not matter as long as the insurrection succeeded. They wanted cover when it failed.

    • If they ever get to trying Trump's congressional co-conspirator the only one who stands a chance of beating the rap will be Louie Gohmert. That's because I'm sure a pre-trial court appointed psychiatrist will determine that he lacks the capacity to aid in his own defense. And he doesn't possess the mental competence to understand the nature of his crime.

       I'm not sure if his statement about not being able to lie to Congress or the FBI was a ploy to lay a foundation for an insanity defense, or if he is genuinely that detached from reality. I tend to suspect it is the latter.

      • This is now the GOP mainstream, Q-nuts, no going back. The worst thing is that they think that "free speech" means that they get to annoy you at every turn and obsess on making every little fault some gargantuan plot by Soros, Pelosi and the CLINTONS… and then making absolutely sure that you are distracted by their nonsense. A total waste of time.

        Q-nuts dont realize that Orange Julius is is just a passing fashion, topical, and in a short time a lot of folks will remember the insane waste of time when choosing who to do business with. Wanna buy a nazi pillow from a ghost-dancing old white guy or get lawyers advice from someone who, with hateful vitriol in their eyes, called your granny, an octogenarian retired teacher and Democrat, a deviant, Marxist, parasite? No, I will remember who stood for what.

        And, yes, the GOP ALL have problems with the truth so going forward you know not to trust registered GOP voters at all. Everything is negotiable, reality is negotiable. Flim-flam first, everyone is a mark!

  9. Afriend (no TV) said after reading a lot of the proceedings that he hoped that sumbuddy produced a boxed DVD set.  Me, too.

  10. The January 6 Committee made an excellent presentation.  They showed that the Proud Boys were there to cause trouble because they started at 10:30 am and Trump's speech didn't start until noon.

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