Today’s Primaries and January 6 Hearings Fallout

There are primaries in four states today: Maine, Nevada, North Dakota and South Carolina. See Steven Benen’s analysis of which contests may be significant.

Plus there is a special election in Texas — is there always an election in Texas? — to replace a congressman who resigned earlier this year, and finish out a term. This is Mostly between Democrat Dan Sanchez and Republican Mayra Flores, although there are other Democrats on the ballot, for the privilege of being a Congress critter for a few months. The congressional district they will represent will disappear in the next term, and Flores has already won a primary to run in the general election for the redrawn district. But in November the Democrat running against her will be Vicente Gonzalez Jr., who is currently representing another district that will disappear. And this is very confusing.

On to January 6 hearings —

The January 6 hearing originally scheduled for Wednesday morning will be postponed, and the next hearing will be Thursday morning. The committee members said there was no big deal reason for the schedule change; they just need more time to prepare.

I have been trying to find out of Bill Stepian’s baby has been born. No news. I hope for her sake that Mrs. Stepian hasn’t been in labor all this time, although that’s possible. It’s a first baby; they often are very slow. Some news updates are starting to cite the “alleged” baby.

Trump released a 12-page rebuttal to the hearings so far. According to Brett Samuels at The Hill, the rebuttal consists of Trump’s repeating the same allegations that the hearings have already shot down. He offers no new evidence.

Rudy Giuliani seems to have survived being rolled over by several buses yesterday and is whining to everyone who will listen that he was not intoxicated on election night. He also issued a statement to the Gateway Pundit — to which I do not link — which follows. I have replaced the original links with, um, different links.

“The Jan 6th committee is not trying to seek the truth. Otherwise they would look at what the various states found about election irregularities and illegalities in their states . Watch my latest podcast at to see Antifa’s involvement. As a law abiding citizen my questions are why did Speaker Pelosi refuse National Guard offered by President Trump? Why were some Capitol Officers seen opening doors and inviting people in? What role did the FBI and Antifa play? Did some violent protestors get paid? Why did the committee infer Capitol Officers were killed that day when no officer was killed? Why are they ignoring the murder of unarmed veteran Ashli Babbit? Who is the peaceful protester outside the Capitol who allegedly was beaten by officers? What is going on with the investigation into the pipe bombs left at RNC and DNC?” — Rudy Giuliani statement to Gateway Pundit. 

The alleged peaceful protester allegedly beaten by officers must be a new claim; I can’t find any previous references to it. And it’s widely known that the pipe bomb investigation is at a standstill, which is unfortunate, but standstills happen sometimes.

There’s a guy who has published a book titled COMPLETE LIST OF ANTIFA MEMBERS IN CAPITOL BUILDING RIOT. The preview reveals that it’s just the word “nobody” repeated over and over. (I would have just published blank pages; people could have used it as a dairy.)

Gateway Pundit also claimed that the first hearing last Thursday was a ratings bust (hardly) and that even Rachel Maddow didn’t buy Trump’s involvement in the attack on the Capitol (because the Proud Boys skipped Trump’s speech and went right to the Capitol; yeah, that’s a bit strained). I’ve been cruising around some other right-wing sites; they’re mostly just downplaying the hearings or picking up some small point out of content that they can twist around and refute.

One point Rachel made last night that I thought was interesting is that Trump seems to have put more energy in setting up the Big Lie than in actually winning the election. He kept demonizing mail-in ballots, for example, and advisors kept warning him he may be suppressing his own vote, especially among older people. But he didn’t care. The implication is that he seems to have thought it would be easier to win a second term by cheating than by actually winning the election. Again, this is Trump’s pattern, throughout his business “career.” He doesn’t do anything honestly if he can get what he wants by lies, fraud, or cheating. It’s second nature to him now.

The right-wing sites are very, very carefully not mentioning the charge that after the November 2000 election Trump aggressively solicited donations for the “Official Election Defense Fund,” raising about $250 million from supporters. Yet the “Official Election Defense Fund” doesn’t exist. The donations have been channeled in many directions. Kimberly Guilfoyle received $60,000 for making a two-minute speech at the January 6 rally. One suspects most of that money managed or will manage to find its way into pockets belonging to Trump family members, perhaps after a bit of laundering.

See also: Greg Sargent, WaPo, The ugly truth about the right-wing grift machine has been revealed; and Michael Kranish, WaPo, New details emerge of Oval Office confrontation three days before Jan. 6.

9 thoughts on “Today’s Primaries and January 6 Hearings Fallout

  1. We were all outraged that Hillary Clinton was paid about $250,000.00 for an hour long speech to Wall Street bankers. That breaks down to about approximately  $4,700.00 per minute. Kimberly Guilfoyle was paid $60,000.00 for a 2 minute speech which breaks down to $30,000.00 per minute. Who got the better deal?

    Hint: Speaking to rubes/patriots is a more lucrative gig.

    • I agree with your conclusion.  It takes a lot more preparation and effort to kiss Wall Street Bankers' asses for an hour than it does to repeat the same hate filled rants you have been using for months for two minutes.

  2. Uh-oh!

    Watch out!!!

    The grifted just found out they've been grifted, themselves.

    And by their hero:  The greatest con-man of all time: Donald John "The Grand Grifter" tRUMP!!!!

    What are they going to do about it?

    My bet?

    Nothin'.  Just double-down on the "teh stoopid" 's where I'm puttin' my money.

    These people are shameless, so really, what other option have they but shamelessness?  Admit guilt, and feel ashamed?  It's not in them.

    • The tRumpTard true believers will not be moved by evidence or fact.

      tRumpTard:  A person who, when confronted by two statements from The Donald that are directly contradictory and impossible for both to be true, believes both.

  3. Michelle Cottle penned a quotable piece in the NYT today about "normal republicans". which she dubs as team chicken.

    For those facing a pay wall, here is a taste.

    The most notable and most galling member of Team Chicken — its M.V.P. — is Bill Barr, who became Mr. Trump’s attorney general in early 2019. Mr. Barr made more of an effort to push back against the big lie than most, going so far as to tell the president that the election-fraud claims not only were “crazy stuff” and “bullshit” but also were doing “a great, great disservice to the country,” as he testified. 

    She continues:

    Mr. Barr stressed to the committee how frustrating he found his former boss’s powers of denial and delusion. The second you finished debunking one ridiculous claim, he recalled, Mr. Trump would simply move on to the next. “There was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were,” he said, noting that he became “somewhat demoralized” by Mr. Trump’s behavior, thinking that “if he really believes this stuff,” then “he has become detached from reality.”

    But saying this one might expect a call for busses or bulldozers but no.  Here is what gets Michelle's nomination to team chicken:

    And yet, despite everything he witnessed — Mr. Trump’s disregard for the truth, his antidemocratic machinations, his emotional instability and his possibly failing grasp on reality — Mr. Barr has publicly said that he would again vote for the former president if he secures the Republican nomination in 2024.

    And herein lies the rot at the heart of Team Chicken. These normies found Mr. Trump’s lying and plotting disturbing enough to want to avoid standing too close, lest they get spattered. But they don’t care enough to take a strong, sustained stand in defense of democracy — to make clear that the former president’s ongoing efforts to defraud the American people and his assault on our electoral system are unacceptable. Not unacceptable in a mealy-mouthed, “Oh, well, I’d prefer that someone else lead the party, but I’ll support him if it comes down to it” way but genuinely unacceptable, as in, “I have seen this man up close, and he should be disqualified from holding high office again. Ever.”


    Good Point IMO.

    • I don't think Barr is on "Team Chicken" as much as he's on team "damn why couldn't you have been a little smarter."  Barr knew the game was lost after Nov. 6th, and it was pointless to go on.  But he says he'll vote for Trump again even after all that because he wants what Trump wants, a right wing authoritarian state run by a "unitarian" president outside of the law and answerable to no one except wealth.  And with their brownshirts in the streets burning books and terrorizing non whites, and in control of key administrative roles in state election offices, control of the supreme court and institutions of justice, they'll have a situation Hitler could only have dreamed of. 

      As far as Barr and those like him are concerned, that's what they want.  

  4. Slightly off topic but Ginny Thomas was in a cult and was deprogrammed and it looks like she relapsed… it looks like the Supreme Court was in on the scams because of it. The relapse angle is quite interesting.

  5. I laughed out loud when the committee posted the email from Eastman saying: I have decided to have my name included on the pardons list. I didn't catch who the email was addressed to, but I'm going to go back a check. I guess he saw the error of his ways!


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