A Certain Person With a Big Mouth Should Probably Stop Talking Now

Here’s the much talked about New York Times video of how the Proud Boys instigated the January 6 insurrection.

Every one of them needs to spend serious time in a federal penitentiary.

The Independent (UK) says that after Thursday night’s hearing, Trump claimed on Truth Social that he never asked Pence to overturn the election. They have a video of Trump addressing the Faith and Freedom conference in which he said it was a “phony narrative” that he asked Pence to overturn the election; he merely wanted Pence to use his position to send some votes back to the states (so maybe the states would overturn the election). That this was a power Pence did not have was a mere technicality.

And then Trump attacked Pence again for “failing to act.”

See also 8 Top Former Prosecutors, Senior DOJ Officials on Key New Evidence in Effort to Pressure Pence. Nerdy but informative.

The next hearing will be Tuesday, June 21, beginning at 1 pm Eastern time.