A Certain Person With a Big Mouth Should Probably Stop Talking Now

Here’s the much talked about New York Times video of how the Proud Boys instigated the January 6 insurrection.

Every one of them needs to spend serious time in a federal penitentiary.

The Independent (UK) says that after Thursday night’s hearing, Trump claimed on Truth Social that he never asked Pence to overturn the election. They have a video of Trump addressing the Faith and Freedom conference in which he said it was a “phony narrative” that he asked Pence to overturn the election; he merely wanted Pence to use his position to send some votes back to the states (so maybe the states would overturn the election). That this was a power Pence did not have was a mere technicality.

And then Trump attacked Pence again for “failing to act.”

See also 8 Top Former Prosecutors, Senior DOJ Officials on Key New Evidence in Effort to Pressure Pence. Nerdy but informative.

The next hearing will be Tuesday, June 21, beginning at 1 pm Eastern time.

7 thoughts on “A Certain Person With a Big Mouth Should Probably Stop Talking Now

  1. He can't stop talking because his talking is a form of running from the truth. There is no rest for the wicked. Accountability his hot on his heels! And hopefully soon to overtake him!!!

  2. The Proud Boys were invited by Trump – generally – in a call to arms. I have not yet, emphasizing 'yet', seen the link between Trump personally and the Proud Boys. 

    I'm not sure you can link Trump to the specific planning of armed violence BUT they can probably prove that Trump celebrated it. Is that enough?

    • You're right to emphasize the "yet". That link will appear once some of the indicted Proud Boys absorb the seriousness of the situation they've created for themselves. They'll have a strong incentive to roll over and give up whatever they can to avoid the full weight of what they're going to be facing.

       Who in their right mind are willing to take a roll of the dice that could turn up 20 years when you have an offer to come clean and only do a fraction of that time?  Maybe Paul Manafort was willing to take it on the chin, but he had a strong incentive to do so. The Proud Boys — not so much. Some of them are going to cave.

      • I'm not too up on presidential pardons. Whether they have to explicitly state the crime for which the pardon is given. So I'm wondering if Stone is covered by the pardon Trump gave him on the way out the door or whether he might still face some legal exposure for his involvement in the insurrection?

         It might seem a little presumptuous to think that Stone had any involvement at all with January 6th, but I'll take a step out in faith by asking that question.

  3. I am worried about the increasing radicalization of the R candidates running for office. The ads are more extreme and people like Kinzinger and Cheney threatened incessantly. 

    Reminds me of the french Revolution where radicals take over and kill off everyone else.  Where is the Republican party in the progression and what will it take to come out on the other side?

    I am beginning to be very worried. The brown shirts are having their day.


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