Today’s Fourth J6 Hearing

The hearing begins at 1 pm EST. It’s supposed to focus on the pressure put on states to flip the election to Trump. We should expect to hear also about the fake electors, I understand.

See also Greg Sargent, Trump’s open confession will loom large at today’s Jan. 6 hearing.  (No firewall.)

There are headlines today saying that Trump and his ever shrinking circle are setting up John Eastman to take the fall for any criminal acts committed by them regarding January 6. See What’s That Grease Stain Under the Bus? by Scott Lemieux at Lawyers, Guns & Money.

Update: I spent most of the afternoon fighting with my PC, which kept me from writing much, but it’s working now.

So how about that Rusty Bowers? I understand the guy is something of an SOB, but he was a great witness. And there seems to be widespread agreement that Trump is now directly tied to the fake electors scheme. We learned that Ron Johnson tried to hand fake elector information to Mike Pence on January 6. Oopsie, Ron Johnson!

Rolling Stone is reporting that Trump and his team have been “blindsided” by some documentary footage the January 6 committee has acquired.

The Jan. 6 committee has subpoenaed documentary filmmaker Alex Holder in regard to footage and interviews Holder and his team shot while following former President Donald Trump and his inner circle throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. Holder’s company, AJH Films, confirmed to Rolling Stone on Tuesday that he has been subpoenaed, will sit for an interview with the panel on Thursday, and has “fully complied with all of the committee’s requests.”

Trump’s team was blindsided by the development, which was initially reported by Politico.

In some of the highest ranks of the Trumpworld diaspora — including among several who testified before the Jan. 6 committee — news of the documentarian cooperating with the congressional panel (and also potentially having reams of behind-the-scenes footage of Trump’s crusade to nullify the 2020 election) came as a bizarre surprise. “What the fuck is this?” a former top Trump 2020 official messaged Rolling Stone on Tuesday after seeing the Politico item. …

…Holder released a statement later on Tuesday noting that he had “unparalleled access” to Trump and others over the final six weeks of his presidency and that he has “never-before-seen footage” of the Capitol attack. “When we began this project in September 2020, we could have never predicted that our work would one day be subpoenaed by Congress,” he wrote, adding that he had “no agenda coming into this” and only “wanted to better understand who the Trumps were and what motivated them to hold onto power so desperately.”

A source familiar with the production of Holder’s documentary, titled Unprecedented, told Rolling Stone that the film was conceptualized and coordinated directly with the Trump family, and that senior campaign staff was not involved in approving participants or in decisions regarding what subject matter would be included in the film. The source, who is knowledgeable about the project and its scope, detailed that Holder had extensive access to Trump campaign activities, including filming behind the scenes at campaign events and traveling with documentary subjects.

The committee announced today they are adding one more hearing.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Fourth J6 Hearing

  1. Oof, Trigger warning, Bowers has the exemplar accent of the wingnutters in that part of the local universe… very precise affectations… so he is also a wily one. I suspect he is a friend of Mittens.

  2. ???????????????????????????????????????????

    RNC coordinated fake electors at Trump's 'direct request': Ronna McDaniel


  3. Wow!!

    Talk about 'hoist by your family tree's petard!"

    Of all their many flaws, perhaps none is bigger in the tRUMP Crime Family than this:  They think that the world is waiting to hear their pearls of "thought," and thirst desperately to see them.  So so much so, that if you set out a camera and a mic anywhere near them, best not get in between them and the camera and/or mic!  You'll be in a body cast for months – and that's only if you survive!

    So now, tRUMP-Flunkies who testified about one thing, just found out that there's likely some video and audio that'll show another story?


    Sucks to be you.

    I guess being a seditionist ain't all bob-bons and roses, huh?


  4. I watched this – I'm pretty sure it's giving Trump heartburn. Sticking to a winning formula, the J6 committee is relying on witnesses who wanted Trump to win but wouldn't commit a crime on his behalf after Trump lost. 

    The committee is documenting the "flying monkeys", the Trump fanatics who eagerly responded to Trump and his ilk who put out the contact info (including personal phone numbers and home addresses) in a bid to physically intimidate these people. (I smell Bannon.) 

    No, the hearings will have no effect on Q-kooks. But it's statistically making a dent among independent voters. 

  5. They should have spaced the hearing out. There is just, at least for me, too much information of Trump's criminal activity to digest. It's going to take days for me to sort through and understand the full scope of just the fake electors plot alone. It's kind of embarassing, normally I don't have a problem understanding the workings of criminal actively and schemes, but Trump's extensive criminal election fraud activity has completely overwhelmed me. Sometimes when I dig down in exploring the intricacies of Trump's criminal schemes I get the feeling that I'm in a bottomless pit.


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