The Fundraiser to Keep Mahablog Online

I am holding the annual Keep Mahablog Online fundraiser early this year. I had some unexpected medical bills — Medicare doesn’t cover everything — from the TIA/mini-stroke I had in March, and I find myself running on empty at the moment. So now’s the time.

As I wrote last year, it costs $900 a year to keep Mahablog online, which is way too much but that’s now it is. So any amount you can donate will help make it possible for me and the blog to keep going.

Donate to GoFundMe here.

Donate via PayPal here. PayPal temporarily out of order.

6 thoughts on “The Fundraiser to Keep Mahablog Online

  1. I just tried to donate via Paypal, and after logging in, they required me to enter a mobile phone number.  I don't use a mobile phone, so I called PayPal help and was told that they now require having a mobile phone number on file, so I can't access my account.

    Seems to me that if they require me to have a mobile phone, they should buy one for me and pay the bills.

    • Yeah, Paypal makes me crazy sometimes. I didn’t know they were requiring mobile phone numbers, though. I don’t think GoFundMe does that.

      • GoFundMe wanted to send a text message or a voice call for a verification code.  I don't have a cell phone nor do I text but I do have a land line to get the code.

        Not sure what it is saying about your audience that 2 responses so far don't have cell phones.  Geriatrics?

        • Jerry who?  Speak a little louder into my ear horn.

          My hatred of call phones goes back about 35 years when I was a senior forensic chemist with the Dallas DEA Lab.  Agents were required to have a chemist along when they raided a meth or other lab, for their safety.  Secure the area; then the chemist goes in to safely shut down any reactions in progress (everyone hoped).  For several years there were only about 5 of us out of 16 who were lab certified, so one week out of five I had to carry a beeper, to be ready to go anywhere in a seven-state area on a lab raid.  Of course, when planning a raid, calling the chemist was usually an afterthought, so it was normal to wake up at 2 AM and have to go somewhere, whenever the beeper went off.

          I retired at the end of 1995, and I refuse to be on-call for anyone, by carrying a cell phone.

          Bah, humbug. I’m 81 and I don’t give a sh*t anymore.

  2. Oh, by the way, my bank is extremely suspicious of GoFundMe, and will refuse to have anything to do with it. Fortunately, Paypal works.


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