4 thoughts on “Ken Starr, 1946-2022

  1. When the news of Starr's death hit Hell, Satan was said to have uttered, "Oh Jesus!  No!  Not THAT asshole!!!!!"

  2. When news of Starr's death hit Hell, Satan was heard to have groaned, "Oh Jesus!  No!  Not THAT asshole!!!!!"

  3. Eugene Robin penned a parting review of Starr in the Washington Post.  It deserves a couple of quotes:

    Was Starr nothing more than a partisan, political hack who thought that impeaching a Democratic president was fine but that a Republican president should be untouchable? This is how many people, especially progressives, will remember him. But Starr’s essence and legacy are more complicated — and more tragic for the lack of wisdom and growth they reveal.

    His finish was quite excellent.  All the send-off a despicable hypocrite would warrant.

    Starr retreated to academia after the Clinton impeachment. But in May 2016, he was removed from his post as president of Baylor University after an investigation found that the school had been lax in pursuing allegations of sexual assault that implicated, among others, some varsity football players. Starr said at the time that he was “profoundly sorry” to the “victims who were not treated with the care, concern and support they deserve.”

    I wish he had expressed similar profound sorrow for his damn-the-torpedoes crusade against Clinton and his destruction of Lewinsky’s life or his see-no-evil blindness about Trump. Or both. And if this is indeed the “Age of Impeachment,” no one did more to make it so than Kenneth Starr.


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