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Sorry I’ve been busy. Here are some stories you might not have heard about elsewhere. I plan on writing something tomorrow.

Republicans really do have higher covid death rates than Democrats.

New York AG Letitia James smacks down Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

See how much territory Ukraine has taken back from Russia.

Lindsey Graham said the Capitol insurrectionists should have been shot in the head. Seriously.


5 thoughts on “Stuff to Read

  1. "Scheh neh merla Ukraina!"

    I wonder at what point after his invasion of Ukraine, did Vlad ("'The Jailor:' – Of Dissenting Voices'") realize that all of the money that he given to his hand-picked Oligarchs for modernizing and improving his military, ended up not on Russia's military, but in their already bulging pockets? 

    And that what he got for all of the billions and billions of rubles spent, was a "Potemkin Military?"  "All show, but no-go!"

    WHOOPSIE!!!  Not a lot of money spent on working military toys for Vlad!

    But plenty of cash spent by Vlad's Oligarch pals, on yachts, cars, and dacha's all around the world!

    If I'm one of those Oligarchs, I'm focused on never being near a window again.  EVER!!!!

    • You’d enjoy watching this, Let’s Talk about Putin Purging Planners in the Fifth Service

      Putin’s own Fifth Service, his creation, was set up years ago to keep the republics in line. Turns out: rather than setting up resistance groups in the Ukraine, they pocketed the cash for themselves. This is why the invasion went so badly, for example, Russia’s elite paratroopers expected to land into the arms of friendlies, when instead they were shot out of the sky. The head of the Fifth Service was sent to the worst prison in Russia, once Putin discovered he was lied to.

      The corruption in Russia is by no means limited to the oligarchs.

  2. Pictures of the bridge from Crimea to Russia in flames are glorious. The memes are priceless (Marilyn Monroe singing 'Happy Birthday, Mister President." Vlad turned 70 yesterday.) These are head games that Ukraine is playing for the benefit of a Russian audience who is losing their appetite for this "special operation."

    Miss Lindsey wanted me dead, too. 

    Tuesday is when DOJ responds to the USSC request by Team Trump to intervene. I have no inside information but the "clock" on delay does not start running until after the midterms. They are prohibited by their own rules from charging Trump before an election. I still don't see that any lawyer with greater than a double-digit IQ is involved in the MAL defense. The A/G in NY is asking for a late 2023 trial date for the Trump Family Grifters. There's some judge-shopping going on but it looks like they can keep it with a judge who so far isn't playing games. 

    A GOP senator from Kansas is reportedly going to resign to head up the University of Florida. This guy, Ben Sasse, is one of the few GOP Senators who voted to impeach Trump and he's gonna work for DeSantis. Probably a coincidence.

    I think Rudy is set to be found in contempt of court in NY for stiffing his third ex about a quarter-million in alimony Rudy was a no-show at a hearing where he was supposed to provide proof that the claim of $250 K was exaggerated but he was a  no-show.  He had until yesterday to pay up. Is an arrest warrant forthcoming?

    • Again, do the MAGA-mind flip. Rudy is having his hillbilly elegy right now so ignoring the law is flippity-flopped into a virtue. TFG has the deadbeat dad vote locked up.

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