Garland Names Special Prosecutor

I just have time for a short note that Merrick Garland has named a special counsel to “oversee the criminal investigation into former president Donald Trump’s possible mishandling of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago club and residence, as well as key aspects of the Jan. 6 investigation.” This ought to discourage the Right from complaining the DoJ investigation is “political,” but of course it won’t. The prosecutor is Jack Smith, “a longtime federal prosecutor who has in recent years been working at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.” There’s a little more about him here.

Trump has already declared he “won’t partake” in the special counsel investigation,  calling it “the worst politicization of justice in our country.” Dude, you won’t have a choice. “I hope the Republicans have the courage to fight this,” he continued. Sorry; Republicans will be too busy investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop, Anthony Fauci’s alleged ties to the Wuhan laboratory, and everything else they can think of to “own the libs” and damage the Biden Administration.

See also A federal judge compared the January 6 mentality to ‘Nazi Germany’ at the sentencing of a Capitol rioter.

14 thoughts on “Garland Names Special Prosecutor

  1. It will be interesting to see if a significant number of the republican cowards use this as an opportunity to move away from tRump even if not completely overcoming their cowardise.

    Here in the Mississippi of the Midwest. there is a chance that one of the two republican senators will distance himself from tRump.  The other one rode tRump into the senate seat and sees tRumpism as his path to the state governorship in 2024.

  2. I've been critical of much of the criticism of Garland from the left, saying he was going too slow, but I have to admit I was expecting an indictment this month, not a hand off to a special counsel? I don't see how this doesn't delay any eventual prosecution significantly.

    • There is little likelihood Trump will be charged before year's end. Certainly not before the congressional committee wraps up its work.

  3. Garland is a by-the-book guy. This is a potential prosecution of a former POTUS who will be running, probably against the current POTUS. Naming a Special Prosecutor won't dampen the screams from Trump, but Garland had to do it. Just a guess but I'd bet that Biden hasn't ever talked to Garland about Trump – deliberately. Contrast that with a former Chier of Staff for Trump who reported Trump frequently demanded the DOJ go after Clinton and other enemies.

    There's still no delay – not until the GA elections are complete. Like I said, Garland's a by-the-book guy and he won't affect the outcome of the midterms. If I was a prosecutor, I wouldn't to go after Trump for J6 until after the GA prosecutor moves forward. There's potentially a flip (Mayor Bug-eyes) if he's charged. That testimony would close the deal, assuming Rudy testifies that Trump directed the fake-electors scheme. 

    My guess is that Trump is putting max pressure on his flying monkeys in the House to have the House use its power of the purse to force DOJ to back down from any investigation. Which would be Obstruction. But some of them will go there. Most will be smart enough not to marry Trump when it looks like Trump is going to jail.

  4. I hope this inquisitor guy starts with the secret documents kept in a rumpus room at Merde-for-Brains, with more found later in tRUMP's office.

    FSM knows, that Jan 6th stuff consists of thousands upon thousands of documents.

    The secret documents shouldn't take long.

    But that Jan 6th stuff might take 2+ years of investigations, which would schedule the release right before, or right after, the 2024 election.

    And this Smith guy will be King Putz if he decides to release the findings together in 2024, or later!

    And nobody – but tRUMP – wants to see THAT!!! 

    • They won't wait that long. Because if a Republican wins the presidency, he will just pardon Trump. In fact, every Republican who runs for president will make that part of his platform.

      If the documents case goes first, which is the way I'd bet, I'd look for charges shortly after the start of 2023.


  5. OT – The Trial Phase of the oath Keepers trial is done today with the prosecution's summation. I think the judge has to give instructions to the jury (Monday?) and it goes to deliberations.  IMO, this is going to be pivotal to future events. If the jury convicts on the sedition charges then the judge COULD throw the book at them in sentencing (January?) 

    If it goes the other way, Trumpsters get a green flag on rioting for Trump when the Trump trials begin next year. The NY civil trial will be first (maybe.) Trump could afford to lose this one, though the prosecution wants $250 Mil in fines. But it's not criminal. Trump will want the violent consequences of the trial to put an end to future prosecutions. 

    If everyone in the Oath Keepers trial gets ten years or more, Trump may find it hard to find people willing to mix it up in NYC.

  6. I saw a photo of Smith over at the Wapo – looks young, in maybe his 40s, "just the facts ma'am", encouraging signs. One of the problems with Robert Mueller was his age – when he finally testified, it became obvious why he was so reluctant to do so – he could barely present himself.

    Reminds me so much of Agent Smith from The Matrix.

  7. Teri Kanefield’s The Georgia Criminal Case against Trump and his Pals is a detailed timeline, explained through Teri’s expert legal eyes, worthwhile reading.

    The big news this week was that Merrick Garland appointed veteran prosecutor Jack Smith as Special Prosecutor overseeing the January 6 probe and the investigation into the Mar-a-Lago documents.

    Garland skeptics celebrated because they understood this was a clear sign that this investigation is leading toward major indictments. If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve known for well over a year that these investigations are heading toward a major indictment. It was another sign that the investigations are ongoing and that Garland is playing by every rule in the book. Garland haters found reason to hate, but at this point, I suggest tuning them out.

    It’s been a while since I’ve looked closely at Fani Willis’s investigation into Trump’s attempts to overturn the election in Georgia. It’s clear that she’s also heading toward indictments, so let’s how about a deep dive??

  8. Great links from moonbat.  It is my understanding that the Georgia case is significant as it cannot be negated by presidential pardon.  It is also a tight case as per link. 

    Maureen Dowd penned quite the response of Trump's Mar-a-Lago address.  She took aim at Trump's ego, a Chris Christie sized target of this "faux Macho Man". 

    Trump flaunts his faux Macho Macho Man rhetoric. For decades, Republicans have lectured Americans to quit embracing victimhood and stand on their own two feet, and here’s their leader announcing his presidency on a platform of Woe is me! Quit picking on me! Elect me because I’m a fall guy!

    His plea to the court of public opinion one of victimhood.  Oh, spare us this inversion of reality.  His wake is littered with his victims.  Rick Gage of Mt. Dora was so moved as to pen this memorable comment to the Cobra column.

    “For decades Republicans have lectured Americans to quit embracing victimhood”. This is just the latest example of what the GOP has lost in its embrace of Trumpism. I remember having to hear about “Family Values” during the Clinton presidency until my ears bled. I have a Trump supporting, Mormon, Brother-in-law who is very proud of the fact that he has never seen an “R” rated movie but who can’t see that his vote for Trump exposes him as a Pharisee, one of the bad guys in his favorite book. The right screams about election security only to shrug off Trump’s attempt to drum up 12,000 non-existent votes in Georgia, on tape no less. They lather themselves up for four deaths in Benghazi but see nothing wrong with a million deaths due to a botched response to Covid. Government spending on the poor is wasteful but war and walls have unlimited budgets. They demand a return to law and order while celebrating the death of four officers in the Capitol. They think wearing a mask should be a personal choice but pregnancy should be a group project involving “local political leaders”. Their heads exploded over the impossibility of Sharia Law but are comfortable with the theocracy imagined by our Supreme Court. I could go on forever but the result will be the same. Hypocrisy is the only board left in the Republican platform and it is the weakest of all building materials.

    Nothing left to say but Amen.

  9. Concerning the appointment of a special prosecutor….. I would guess that the best way to sum it up for me is to quote Donald Trump Jr.'s paramour by saying, The best is yet to come!


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