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Trump Organization Found Guilty!

Trump Organization Convicted in New York Criminal Tax Fraud Trial:

Former president Donald Trump’s namesake company was convicted Tuesday of tax crimes committed by two of its longtime executives after a Manhattan trial that gave jurors a peek at some of the inner workings of the Trump Organization’s finances.

The real estate, hospitality and golf resort operation headquartered at Trump Tower on Fifth Ave. faces the possibility of a $1.6 million fine. New York Supreme Court jurors began their deliberations mid-day on Monday.

The company was charged with scheme to defraud, conspiracy, criminal tax fraud and falsifying business records.

In other news, Special Counsel Subpoenas At Least 5 Key Counties For Trump Comms Around 2020 Election.

Special Counsel Jack Smith obtained grand jury subpoenas last month for communications between Trump, his campaign, and top campaign staffers and local officials in Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

TPM has reviewed a subpoena issued to the Milwaukee County Clerk, dated Nov. 22.

The subpoenas went to at least five counties in swing states where the Trump campaign sought to reverse the election results in 2020.

They are Dane County, Wisconsin, Maricopa County, Arizona, and Wayne County, Michigan, the Washington Post reported. TPM confirmed Tuesday that another subpoena was sent to officials in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, and received a copy of the subpoena issued to Milwaukee County.

9 thoughts on “Trump Organization Found Guilty!

  1. All that guilt, and the tRUMP KKKlan is only fined $1.6 million (NOT BILLION(S)?!?


    That's car-seat chump-change even for a NON-billlionaire chump like Donald John tRUMP!

    Yeah, I know that decision will set loose a lot of class action lawsuits, but still… WHY NOT $1.6 BILLION??!?!?!?!?!!


    • Stand by! This was "just" about tax fraud by and for the benefit of Trump executives and their families. The biggie is next year in NY for the corporate practice of phony valuation of properties to beefit Trump in loans and insurance or when they went the other way, to drive down taxes. That's gonna be $250 million (that NY is asking for in penalties)  and the Trump crime family, including the adult kids, will be banished from NY. (As far as doing business)

      There is on the horizon, not guaranteed, a criminal charge related to Trump's payoff of Stormy Danials. Cohen was sentenced for that and Trump was an unnamed co-conspirator. Each of these cases builds on the previous ones. IMO, (not being a lawyer) doing this out of sequence coould be a major screw-up.

  2. I don't understand why Weisselberg would take the fall for his boss.

    Over at the Wapo, Warnock is ahead by one percentage point with 75% of the votes counted.

    I am thoroughly enjoying hearing Jack Smith's bulldog growl…

    Relieved that according to Doug, this judgment is just the appetizer.

  3. The GA election was just called!

    No, NOT for Walker – Darth tRUMP's choice.

    But FOR Reverend Senator Warnock – "DA People's Choice (which was the way the folks in old Brooklyn pronounced 'The People's Choice")!!!!!

    AND, no more having to split every Senate committee, 50-50!


  4. Oh, and Doug, I think you're right.

    It's just not in my Ukrainian/Russian-American nature to be optimistic.  But neither am I too pessimistic.  Ok, maybe not too, TOO, pessimistic.  But definitely more "pess" than "opt."

    Sad, but true.

    To me, the  glass is not half empty.

    Nor is it half full.

    The glass is missing part of my vodka!


    Oh, you say it's water, not vodka?

    Then what the hell do I care?!?

    "Never mind…"

  5. I am not a lawyer, so don't judge. Or if you feel it, judge, I think I can take it.

    Since the 17 guilty verdicts were against the "Trump Organization" in civil court, could this lead to the NYDA into filing charges in criminal court under RICO?

    The "Trump Organization" is the property of the "Trump Family" and it is easy to extend the title of the “Trump Crime Family" and only a hermit living in a cave, or a magahat listening intently to the elf living in its head, could be convinced that the "Trump Family" knew nothing about the illegal activities of the Trump Organization, and had no input or control over those activities.

    It would be cool if it was the case. 

    And yes, I have been accused of watching too many courtroom dramas, from "LA Law" to "law and Order" to "So help me Todd".






  6. I really hope they go after the fake electors in all the states where they signed and sent in fake certifications. Those people, all of them, need to be under the jail. I am sure some are' respectable' republicans , all the more need to prosecute them and make them understand they ae not more equal than all the rest of us.

    Keep hoping the case heard today is not upheld. Again state legislatures are full of sanctimonious republican scumbags who use words like freedom( for themselves and not for rest of us).

    After the Alito comments on monday, where he acted like and 8 year old boy sitting next to the smart jewish girl in class where he felt free to say inappropriate things assuming she was too polite to object: The whole thing is typical ignorant and smart aleck behavior that is soo third grade. ( and he interrupted the 'black girl' also smarter than he) This is what is ruling our country.  And we are stuck with these clowns….


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