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What Republicans Really Want: An Inquisition

The Womb Nazis didn’t get the memo and are not backing down.

The largest antiabortion organization in Texas has created a team of advocates assigned to investigate citizens who might be distributing abortion pills illegally.

Students for Life of America, a leading national antiabortion group, is making plans to systematically test the water Erin Brockovich-style in several large U.S. cities, searching for contaminants they say result from medication abortion.

And Republican lawmakers in Texas are preparing to introduce legislation that would require internet providers to block abortion pill websites in the same way they can censor child pornography.

Apparently they aren’t seeing the reduction in the rates of abortion they had anticipated, mostly because abortion rights advocates are funneling abortion pills into states with bans. So the Nazis want to crack down even more. And nobody has been charged with violating abortion bans yet, the article says. This frustrates the Nazis to no end. They want bodies tied to stakes.

“Everyone who is trafficking these pills should be in jail for trafficking,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, who has started to speak with Republican governors about the prevalence of illegal abortion pill networks. “It hasn’t happened, but that doesn’t mean it won’t.”

Sweetums, banning abortion doesn’t reduce the rate of abortion, anywhere in the world. It just doesn’t. I doubt you could find an example from anywhere showing that any abortion ban actually reduced the rate of abortion.. Instead, bans drive abortion underground. The pills are a lot safer than a coat hanger, but I guess you won’t be happy until women’s dead bodies are piling up.

The next few months could pit the “true believers” — those who genuinely care about limiting the number of abortions — against those who back antiabortion policies to score political points, said Jonathan Mitchell, the antiabortion lawyer behind the novel Texas abortion ban that took effect in 2021.

There are a growing number of Republicans who don’t want to talk about abortion these days. Funny how that works.

Utopia as imagined by the anti-abortion movement.

Meanwhile, also in Texas, AG Ken “I Love a Big Lie” Paxton has been trying to use state resources to compile data on Texans who have transitioned. I doubt he is planning to just send all the trans folks a fruit basket.

But the winner of the Tomás de Torquemada Award for scariest person in America has to go to Ron DeSantis, who is beginning a number of Inquisitions on Science. And note that some polls are saying DeSantis is the true front-runner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination; Trump has fallen to Number Two.

And this is what the front-runner is doing.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Tuesday that he is forming a new state committee to counter policy recommendations from federal health agencies — a decision that medical professionals said will further politicize medicine in the Sunshine State.

At a news conference in South Florida, DeSantis also said he is requesting a statewide grand jury investigation into alleged “crimes and wrongdoing” related to the coronavirus vaccine. He provided few details on what specifically he wants a panel to probe, but in a press release, his office noted side effects like myocarditis, a type of heart inflammation, that have been observed in rare cases.

This is just so wrong on several levels. But I fear the House Republicans are going to make crucifying Anthony Fauci a priority next year, so this is just the start of a whole lot of injustice.

13 thoughts on “What Republicans Really Want: An Inquisition

  1. “How we love to love things for other people; how we love to have other people love things through our eyes.”
    –John Irving, quote from The Cider House Rules

  2. But DeSatin won't say what vaccinations he himself has had.

    Just keep pointing him out.

    Since he fires anyone elected or not who disagrees with him, his science board will be suckups and sycophants.

  3. DeSantis is engaged in purges in the education system. School boards are supposed to purge high schools of teachers who don't toe the line on suppressing historical and medical truth. A federal judge struck down the Florida University gag order, but they will try to enforce it anyway. DeSantis changed the rules to bring in ex-Senator Sasse to be his educational overlord and high executioner. 

    In Tampa, DeSantis removed the elected DA after he said he wouldn't participate in going after abortion providers or trans patients or doctors. It's in the courts now. 

    He's far more competent and dangerous than Trump but lacks personality. He's bland and plastic. Trump is obnoxious and bombastic. DeSantis is just effectively vile. There's a big unknown in the victimhood value of being charged with felonies. I have no confidence that Trump will go down in the polls when Smith drops the hammer. Also, Trump has a national machine in place in all the red states – that will be an advantage as Trump works the primary system. I'm looking forward to a cage match between those two.

    • "He's bland and plastic. Trump is obnoxious and bombastic"

      Those two things are true but I have always thought Trump is as dumb as a fence post. He really is just a third rate used car salesman who can barely read the teleprompter speeches that Stephen Miller writes for him. Trumps power really lies in the fact that the GQP rubes that vote for him are just as dumb as he is. They wouldn't have it any other way!

  4. If it was up to our KKKonservatives and uber-KKKristians, they would set up a Nazi like state, with with a WWII-style German judicial system, and a Russian-style string (archipelago*) of gulags in Alaska (for nonconformers/rebels on lesser charges).

    For the more serious offenders (according to them, of course!), there'd be torture using methods from the Spanish Inquisition, and many, many public executions (all on prime time TV, naturally).  All of the executions will be painful – to one degree or another.  With the mildest offenders getting (mercifully*) quicker and  less painful deaths than the most serious offenders.

    The worst offenders will either be burned at the stake (cooked VERY well-done, like the way tRUMP loves his steak), guillotined, suffer "The Death By a Thousand Cuts,” or some other horrible method of elimination.

    And as for the women who try to get, or have had, an abortion, use your imaginations. 

    I fear it might be something like sexually abusing the women until they're pregnant, and then have them executed (very painfully, of course) immediately after delivery.

    I hope I'm being overly imaginative about all of this.

    But people on religious missions know no bounds. 

    After all, everything is allowed when you're doing God's work here on Earth 



    * Solzhenitsyn reference.

    * Unintentionally merciful.  America's uber-KKKristians  love to talk about mercy.  But for all their talk of it, few of them ever practice any.

  5. It’s time for DoJ to step in and remove De Satan. Rat-face recently KIDNAPPED a large group of asylum seekers and sent them to Martha’s Vineyard. Kidnapping is a crime; charge him. For all you skeptics — elected officials DO go to jail:

    As for them going after Fauci — he’ll be retired; he’ll have his lawyers void the subpoenas they serve.

  6. The NYT named Tucker Carlson and Roger Stone as the "useful idiots" that Russian news favors to exploit for its propaganda machine in a lead story today.  Russia is in need of some serious reality bending in its bid to control Ukraine, which is finding stiff resistance from the Ukrainian people.  I think the understatement of the year would be that the Ukrainian people do not want Russian control.  The only competition for that would be the statement that American women do not want governmental control of their reproductive system. This inspired DDH of Virginia to pen this as a part of his comment.  

    Elite Conservatives are determined to destroy democracy. Quite the craven lot as it's not as if they are in want of anything except authoritarian power.

    Not just authoritarian power but control by aversive measures.  The spoiled child syndrome for sure.

  7. “Everyone who is trafficking these pills should be in jail for trafficking,”

    Interesting that they almost never (exception Trump) call for the person who receives the abortion (takes the pills) to be jailed? I mean if they really believe abortion is murder why only jail the accessory to the crime? As awful as this is there is a huge silver lining, the fetus people will take the GQP down with them, I think we saw the beginnings of this in the 2022 midterms, keep it up!

    • Interesting that they almost never (exception Trump) call for the person who receives the abortion (takes the pills) to be jailed?

      That's a political strategy. The Womb Nazis did figure out some time ago that punishing women for getting abortions is unpopular. So their official position is that women are too stupid to make rational choices about abortion and must be "protected" by government from aborting. But the people pushing these poor addled stupid women into getting abortions must be punished. Seriously, that's what they've been saying for at least a couple of decades. However, deep down, I have no doubt they are fully prepared to punish women harshly for getting abortions if they ever get the power to do so. 

  8. Re Paxton and "I doubt he is planning to just send all the trans folks a fruit basket."

    Great pun.

  9. The Alliance Defending Freedom 5013c the group that brought every lawsuit from hobby lobby , dobbs and most recently the lori smith website designer vs elenis i think. The colorado completely hypothetical case that wants to allow "christians" to discriminate against transexual people, all cases this term seem to involve grievances of the white christian faction.

    The ADF official position is for 

    Trans people to be sterilized.

    Lord only knows what Paxton is up to.

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