Some Christmas Cheer, plus Tucker Carlson

The House passed the omnibus spending bill, which includes the Electoral Count Act reform and billions of dollars for Ukraine. And President Biden signed it yesterday, too. So that’s a done deal.

In other good news, it appears the Fulton County Grand Jury is winding up its work. It may not be long before Fani Willis issues indictments.

I’m not sure if I linked to this yet or not — Tucker Carlson’s rage at Zelensky caps a year of getting things wrong. I always knew Tucker was an asshole, but he’s gone off the asshole scale entirely into something even darker. He’s even attacking Lindsey Graham. What’s up with that? Is Vladimir Putin more important to Tucker than the Republican Party?

I am assuming the newsmakers will settle down for a few hours and not do anything alarming, at least until Monday. Until then, I hope everyone has some Christmas cheer and that your power stays on!

11 thoughts on “Some Christmas Cheer, plus Tucker Carlson

  1. If I  heard that *ucker Carlson was arrested by the FBI for "enhancing" his FUX "news" salary by getting big bucks from Russia for being Putin's most popular and productive* "Useful Idiot," I wouldn't be even a little bit surprised.

    Would you?

    *AKA:  "Putin's Bitch." 

    And if I also found out that *ucker goes to Moscow for his vacations to be Vlad's "Boy Toy," I'd think to myself, "I should have seen that one coming!"

    Merry BAH-HUMBUG Eve, everyone!!!  🙂

    And tomorrow, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy BAH-HUMBUG Day!!!

    Oh, and to cover my butt, I want to wish every person on this Earth a very Happy Holiday season!!!


  2. Happy Christmas, everyone!  My comments seldom make it past the twit filter; but, in case I am wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

  3. Merry Christmas, Maha and all!

    Re Tucker: I'm in agreement that he acts like he's in Putin's direct employ. I see it but I don't get it. In the first place, Tucker is worth a half billion, give or take a few million. The position Tucker has taken against Ukraine is unpopular – it's not that Tuck is going along with the 'in' crowd. He's in the 33% minority and that includes some liberals. Convincing the majority that letting Putin conquer much od Europe is a hard sell. Not to be ignored is that Trump stands with Putin. Tucker is a fan of Orban and heavy-handed authoritarianism. Then it starts to make some rather obscene sense.

    On the subject of "not making sense", McCarthy fought the Omnibus tooth and nail all week, demanding the lame-duck session not deprive the House of the power to shut down government in early 2023. The extortion of government is delayed until almost 2024. Trump is actively supporting McCarthy – that means he's promised to TFG what TFG most wants. IMO, Trump wants the DOJ off his back – now. 

    I suspect MTG and Gaetz want to defund the DOJ, FBI, and IRS unless Trump is granted total immunity. By the time the House has a clean shot at making that demand, Trump will be charged (I think) for the MAL documents at the least. Fulton County is, as Maha reported, nearing an announcement. (I think they have Rudy by the cohones.) If Rudy flips in GA, then the DOJ has Trump for J6. 

    Somebody has a calendar for this but there may not be anything on the agenda in Congress that's so essential and valuable that McCarthy can 'trade' it for federal immunity in the time frame that would convince Rudy not to flip in early 2023. 

    The debt ceiling is the crucial item that will come up, maybe before June. The problem for the anarchists is that it's not going to happen until after Trump is charged federally (MAL docs). The demand can't be to cease investigation – they will be demanding DOJ decline to take Trump to trial AFTER they've made much of the proof public in charging documents. If Trump is charged (DoJ) before Rudy reaches the "deadline" for making a decision to flip or go to jail for Trump (GA), the equation changes. Trump will also be going to jail and won't be in a position to get Rudy out of jail in GA.

    (Trump can't pardon Rudy for a state crime but the governor could. Trump, if he was POTUS in 2025, would have considerable leverage against individual states. At least, that's the promise Trump would make to buy Rudy's silence. Rudy – it's my guess – will have to bet based on the strength or weakness – of Trump's hand. If Trump gets charged, his hand looks like a pair of threes with junk.) 

    What I see with the House is McCarthy will become speaker based on conflicting and contradictory promises to everyone, including Trump. My read of McCarthy's desparation ths week to prevent a budget deal is because McCarthy needs leverage – a crisis that will force the Senate and Biden to cave. McCarthy has nothing Biden and the Senate need until June? – and a fight over the debt ceiling will enrage the corporate masters against McCarthy and the anarchists when fundraising for 2024 is critical. 

    If I was of a suspicious nature, I'd suspect that Pelosi/Schumer conspired with McConnell to create a timetable that leaves McCarthy with nothing of value at the moment Trump is demanding immunity from Congress. 

    You'll notice I'm alone on the limb here. All the pro-pundits think this is about the ideological crusade the far right is on – reducing Social Security and building the wall. It's about Trump and building a fascist state that will thwart elections and the popular will of voters. 

  4. When I read that George Santos got 56000 from Oligarch Vekselberg, it really does make you wonder. All this Putin love sounds real odd and makes you wonder who is being paid to gum up the gears in the US. Tucker what makes you think you can talk to us like that?

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Don't waste a moment of time on Tucker Carlson and his "I'm confused" schtick, it's designed to draw you in. He's on the wrong side of history and seeks to confuse as many as he can.

    Think instead of what you want to create in 2023. And pray for the war to end.

  6. Shouldn't Tucker be charged with War Crimes? I mean he is Putin's American propaganda minister. Day after day he denigrates Zelensky all the while making excuses for Putin. His show is pumped out on Russian State TV to obscure reality from Russian citizens. Thousands of innocent civilians many of them children have been slaughtered by Putin, he is a war criminal and everyone who enables him is as well. Hitler's enablers got what they had coming in the Nuremberg trials. Tucker and his bosses at Fox News need to suffer the same fate. It really is amazing that he is able to spew his nonsense day after day, and most of his associates in the media say nothing. Where the hell is Kieth Oberman?

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