The Last of Trump’s Taxes Are Released

Trump’s tax returns for the last six years have been set free. Here are top numbers. The numbers show more losses than gains. Also,

In the two years before he became president, Mr. Trump suffered heavy business losses, the records showed. In his first three years as president, he had an adjusted gross income of $15.8 million.

Mr. Trump’s tax bills, after deductions, were based on his income when it was above zero, as well as the alternative minimum tax in four of the six years. The A.M.T. limits deductions that would have otherwise helped to erase his tax burden. He reduced his resulting tax bills with a mix of tax credits that included incentives and givebacks to business owners.

I’m sure a great many news outlets and other organizations have numbers people going through these returns with a fine-tooth comb, and we’ll be hearing from them over the next several days.