The Last of Trump’s Taxes Are Released

Trump’s tax returns for the last six years have been set free. Here are top numbers. The numbers show more losses than gains. Also,

In the two years before he became president, Mr. Trump suffered heavy business losses, the records showed. In his first three years as president, he had an adjusted gross income of $15.8 million.

Mr. Trump’s tax bills, after deductions, were based on his income when it was above zero, as well as the alternative minimum tax in four of the six years. The A.M.T. limits deductions that would have otherwise helped to erase his tax burden. He reduced his resulting tax bills with a mix of tax credits that included incentives and givebacks to business owners.

I’m sure a great many news outlets and other organizations have numbers people going through these returns with a fine-tooth comb, and we’ll be hearing from them over the next several days.

8 thoughts on “The Last of Trump’s Taxes Are Released

  1. Depreciation. Trump thinks it means "not appreciating" as in "I depreciate the fact that the All American Supreme Court headed by the Chief Supreme Diana Ross would not stop the insurrection into my smartazatioin When not paying people to do my taxes when I won't pay them if they dont allow my children Mary, Daryl and Daryl to receive millions of  dollars to be entered in the Bank of Covfefe in my name (snort) nancy Pelosi STABLE GENIUS HORSIES JUNPRAW JIGGLE SNIFFLE NIX (SCHNOOORRT) VLAD HELP ME I WEAR GOOD CLOTHES AND MELANIA MARRIED ME FOR MY LOOKS LOOK OVER THERE A LIBERAL COMMIE DON'T PAYOLA LINCOLN BINCON BO BINCOIN CRYPTOCURRENCY ME SMART…(wait for applause).

  2. If you spent any time in NYC over the past four decades, none of his character issues are news.

    He has no character.

    ZERO!  ZILCH!  0!!!  Nichts!!!!

  3. Thanks for Lazarusing my comments, maha!

    Another thought rattled about in my empty skull just now:

    Even if he's nailed on serious tax fraud, I think tRUMP's unlikely to end up spending a significant amount of time in a Max prison, let alone a Super Max.

    So he likely won't end up like Al Capone, spending years in Alcatraz.

    First, Alcatraz is now closed.  At least as far as being a prison.  It's now a tourist attraction.

    It'd be cool of they reopened it for The Birdbrain of Alcatraz.  But they won't.  "SAD!"

    So if he does any prison time, Daddy Trump's Little Trust Fund KKKid will end up in a "country club" prison.  

    Country club prisons aren't like REAL prisons.  They're much closer to college dorm rooms than cells in Sing Sing.

    But I'm sure tRUMP will complain about it!

    I can hear him now:  "This prison is so unfair!  It's only got a 3-hole golf course, and not 18.  AND NO GOLF CARTS!!!


  4. IRS will have to open up the details of some of the tax returns. For example, substantial "charitable donations" and I bet no receipts. So in an audit, a lot of stuff will be disallowed. Fraud? I'm not confident there will be IRS criminal violations – that's not how the modern IRS operates. And the audits won't happen in public but the almost certain review by Congress means the IRS will smack Trump pretty hard.

    The immediate damage will be to the illusion that Trump is a business genius.

    Trump supposedly reposted an article on Truth that the GOP has to support Trump or be split in two. 

    The GOP is chompin' at the bit to go after Biden, do investigations, … legislation – not so much. The head of the RNC says the most important thing for the new House is Hunter Biden's laptop. Seriously. Understand – with no plans to legislate but a paln to try to extort concessions from the Senate and WH through shutdowns, the only hope of winning is if the GOP can pretend they are the good guys. 

    This is going to be a battle for the narrative in the news cycle. Problem: Trump and his problems are going to overshadow Hunter Biden's laptop by a factor of 300. GA is going to make an announcement soon, they say. I think they got Rudy cold. And I think they're going after Trump by flipping Rudy. NY state is proceeding with the 250 Million dollar suit against Trump for business fraud – That trial starts this summer. I think DOJ will drop the hammer on Trump for the MAL documents. I'm praying that's soon.  I think the DOJ may drop the hammer on Eastman to get him to flip on Trump for J6. Multiple civil trials against Trump for J6. Trump plans to play the martyr to launch his campaign – "They're all out to get me!" 

    Pardon me if I'm not convinced that Hunter Biden's laptop is going to dominate the news cycle for months. Fox will assist with doing damage to Joe Biden but they have already thrown Trump under the bus. So DeSantis enters the race in…. June but he'll be doing more time on Fox in the first half of the year than Sean Hannity. As a guest, not a candidate. 

    All teh while the House is gonna be staging stuff for the cultists and the media, fighting for the daily news cycle.  Sometime in the summer or fall, the debt ceiling will have to be raised. Wall Street will not want the US to default. Let's see what the House demands in exchange for not crashing the economy. I predict the Trumpsters will demand immunity for Trump as one of the top three hostage demands. 

    We're in for a wild ride. History will record the Tax Returns as (perhaps) the moment Trump's fortunes changed and the wheels started to come off Trumpism. A turning point.

  5. When Trump ran in 2016, his (BS) excuse for not releasing prior taxes was that the IRS was auditing him *then*… what became of that Audit?  I don't recall ever hearing that it was either canceled *or* completed.  I expect Trump would have had it quashed administratively, but firing any IRS people who tried to keep it going, but I don't recall reading anything about it either way.

    Is this release from Congress the (only) result of that audit?  If so, why does it only go back 6 years?

    What I'm really getting at is a feeling that Trump never could have run for President in the first place if the IRS hadn't stopped auditing Zillionaires a few decades ago. 

    Perhaps worse, I find it pitiful that NY is now suing Trump in *Civil* Court.  If the DOJ Southern District of NY had been doing its job across the last few decades, Trump would have been in jail for fraud, not fronting a TV show.

    In both cases – IRS & DOJ – the Zillionaires have captured and/or corrupted important governmental systems, making sure that the "rule of law" doesn't apply to them.  (note: the Jeffrey Epstein case(s) are evidence for this also).

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