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Same Old School Shooting News

Today the former head of the company that publishes the National Enquirer, David Pecker, met with the Manhattan grand jury. So no indictment today, I assume.

Today a 28-year-old woman shot and killed three students and three staff members at a private Christian school in Nashville. The children were all 9-year-olds. The shooter was killed also. Early reports say she used to be a student at the school.

At WaPo, Philip Bump writes Why guns are America’s number one killer of children.

Three children who woke up in their beds on Monday morning, who had some breakfast and maybe fussed with their parents over what they’d have for lunch or what they would do after school — three kids whose futures their parents had envisioned with hope or dread hundreds of times — were shot and killed at the Covenant School in Nashville.

In 2020, for the first time, more children in the United States died from firearms than any other cause. This is in part because the number of children dying in car accidents has decreased, thanks to decades of focus on keeping children safe and on new regulations aimed at ensuring that vehicular crashes are less dangerous. It is also in part because more children are being shot to death each year, like those three on Monday in Tennessee.

There’s no excuse for this, of course. Most of these deaths were homicides, followed by suicides, followed by accidents. We’re murdering our children.

BTW, this guy represents the private Christian school’s district in the Tennessee legislature.

7 thoughts on “Same Old School Shooting News

  1. Another school shooting?


    Wake me up when there's something new in the news.

    Maybe if the young children of RepubliKKKLAN congress-weasels were to get shot and killed at school, they might take some action.

    But that's too horrible a fate to wish even on those spineless, treasonous troglodytes.

    But how else to get their attention?

    I don't know.

    Anyone have any ideas?


  2. There's an episode from an old Star Trek TV show (Kirk & Spok) where they are confused by a planet at war. Both sides have been in conflict for decades (?) centuries(?) I don't recall the duration, but there's no recent evidence of destruction though each side reports millions of lives lost.

    Turns out there's only simulated attacks by computer(s) but by mutual agreement, the deaths are real. Civilians who are deemed casualties voluntarily report to death chambers – to prevent the horror of war descending on each country. How very civilized.

     If you set aside the school component, gun deaths overtook car accidents as a cause of child fatalities in 2022. That makes guns the leading cause of death in children. We're sending thousands to death chambers every year and it's voluntary – we chose it. 

    Why are we this crazy? Fear. The right stokes fear to manipulate their base. Fear is a strong emotion. (Major understatement.) You can't undo fear with reason. 

  3. Per police spokesperson, "Audrey Hale is a biological woman who, on a social media profile, used male pronouns".  Look for the right to make it about the evils of trans rather than guns, deflection and changing the subject will be their top priority as always.

  4. OT: If sources are right, Trumpsters think that charging Trump for crimes will work to Trump's benefit in the election. Setting aside how ridiculous that is, the cultists may not feel a pressing need to go to war for Trump if they are convinced that criminal charges will get Trump elected.

    My opinion is that most voters who are not in one of the two camps (cultists or never-trumpers) will look at the evidence in the trials. Yes, we're 19 months out from the election and I think NYC, GA and the federal obstruction case will be in court before November 2024.

    The civil trials and the facts that emerge will also be damaging to Trump in the election. There's a bunch of them that Trump has not been able to stop – the rape trial, the DC police, NY civil trial for fraud (250 mil), and Dominion. Criminal trials aganst Trump lawyers may be devastating.

  5. When Trump first tweeted that he was going to be arrested on Tuesday, my gut said don't believe it.  He's a documented, prolific liar.  And the DA's office didn't make any such announcement or behind the scenes indication.  Given that, how does any journalistic organization worth their salt run with "reporting" that Trump will be indicted/arrested on Tuesday, without any independent corroboration, least of all by attempting to verify that with the Manhattan DA's office?  And if it as known that the grand jury hadn't finished its work, as they are still hearing witnesses, and there was no indication that they could be by that Tuesday, 3/21 then there was no corroboration for "reporting" that Trump could be indicted that day.  So what blows my mind is, once again, the media "reported" this story with no corroboration whatsoever, other than Trump's word, which ain't worth the breath used to utter it.  Trump played them for suckers, once again. And used them to con millions in contributions.  Trump should be paying them for the service, because its not the first time its been rendered.

    And the reason this happened is because they didn't want to miss out on the clicks and views — ad dollars, from those coming to view a sensational story not even based in fact.  The "mainstream" media is no better than the tabloids.

    • Given that, how does any journalistic organization worth their salt run with "reporting" that Trump will be indicted/arrested on Tuesday, without any independent corroboration, least of all by attempting to verify that with the Manhattan DA's office? 

      I understand that if there's an indictment, the DA's office will notify Trump's lawyers first, before making it public. So it was not unreasonable to think that Trump knew something the public didn't. Also, if you go back and read news stories, I doubt ANY of them said that Trump would be arrested, just that Trump said he would be arrested. Which he did. And if you go back and read the news reports (example), they all say something like "The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment." Which means they did attempt to get a verification. And the moral is, news reporting is harder than it looks. 

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