14 thoughts on “Trump Indicted, Finally

        • You know, this is going to be *your* fault.

          No, seriously.

          Some right wing goon will invent some gross, crude, sex act and insist that it's called "dancing with the banana" in jail, see? And then, they'll accuse Maha of desiring that, all because she put that in a headline, because *you* egged her on!

          What are you trying to do, make French Maha Toast?
          (French toast, because you egged her on, you see… um, I'm pausing for laughter, just like the note card says….)

  1. Oh frabjous day!



    I chortle in my joy!!!!

    The Jabber-tRUMP has been indicted!!!!!

    F’IN’ FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the real party is down at Disney World, with some particularly bright, and happy fireworks at the night's Main Street parade.

    Today's been a two-fer. And the NY indictment is just the appetizer, compared to what's coming, Georgia and Jack Smith.

  3. Nobody has whispered secrets in my ear but the hush-money case may not be the only one under consideration. If I recall correctly, Bragg said the case re bank and tax fraud from phony appraisals of Trump NY properties is still open!

    Why not charge it? I don't know anything but if I was guessing, I'd say that Bragg may be waiting to see how the civil trial this year for ALL the same evidence goes. Trump has to completely expose his defense strategy in the civil case. Any weaknesses in the criminal case will be exposed in the civil case. If the civil case falls apart, Bragg does not embarrass himself in the criminal case. 

    In theory, the prosecutor is not affected by external BS like death threats. If the tax fraud case looks strong after Trump and his mob have been abusive of the judicial process for months in NY, Bragg might take Trump down with serious felony charges on tax and bank fraud.

    If anyone has reporting that I'm wrong about the NY tax case being open, I'd like to hear it. But it makes sense to me that Bragg is letting what's-her-name with the civil case do all the heavy lifting for him.

  4. I was beginning to think that Trump had managed to intimidate Bragg into not proceeding with an indictment. I'm so glad to see that Trump's efforts to shout down an indictment failed. It seems like between David Pecker, Allen Weisselberg, and Michael Cohen that Alvin Bragg was able to secure testimony that Trump had commited a campaign violation crime ( felony).

     What's even sweeter is the fact that DeSantis has vowed to protect Trump from extradition. Maybe we're going to see the first Presidential campaign conducted exclusively from Mar a Lago in where it will work to the detriment of the two top Repug candidates. It's getting crazier by the minute.

    • I saw that Ron offered to buck extradition. IMO, it's cute politics. Not only does DeSantis pretend he's protecting Trump, he's inviting Trump to defy NY. Eventually, Trump would be extradited to a pissed-off NY judge who is gonna set bail AND set travel restrictions. Because the arraignment is supposed to guarantee that the defendant will appear in court as ordered. I think that's the right word – guarantee. If Trump declares no one in NY can boss him around, the judge is gonna prove otherwise. And Ron is almost begging Trump to be an asshole so the judge will clobber Trump.

  5. Looks like Alvin Bragg is the one who took the first step to truly make America great again.  


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