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I have limited time this morning, but consider this an open thread to discuss whatever. For example —

The indictments yesterday are either based on a dubious legal theory or quite strong, depending on whom you ask. The MSNBC crew last night said that the indictments list underlying crimes that could be tied to the false entries in business records with intent to defraud but didn’t bring charges on the underlying fraud, although Bragg still could. Andrew Weissmann speculated that some of the charges might be dismissed before trial, but not all of them.

Republicans are whining about the Wisconsin Supreme Court election. Good article, no paywall. Discuss.

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  1. Why so long on Trumps next court date, December? December 3 is 8 months away. And that’s not the trial!

  2. Here's a wonderful comment from a writer at the Atlantic.

    Trump, of course, isn’t waiting to pass judgment. Despite Judge Merchan’s request at the arraignment that he refrain from “statements that are likely to incite violence or civil unrest,” the former president complained bitterly at a Mar-a-Lago rally that evening about the forces arrayed against him: Bragg, he said, is a “criminal”; Judge Merchan is “Trump-hating”; Fani Willis is “racist” and Jack Smith is a “lunatic.” All the investigations, all the many scandals, combine into a fractal of self-centered grievance.

    • Teri Kanefield put it well: Until now, Trump has always dealt with civil suits (citizen vs citizen) where this kind of bullying can work, but criminal law is a different game, where these kinds of threats will get him into trouble. I'm watching the coil of rope unwind with each outburst, the rope that Trump will use to hang himself.

  3. I'm ecstatic about the State Supreme Court win in Wisconsin, which some called the most important election of 2023. It goes far beyond rolling back the right-wing agenda for Cheeseheads. From Heather Cox Richardson

    …This court will likely take up cases relating to the state’s abortion ban, its extreme gerrymandering, and its voting rules for the 2024 presidential election. Far-right activist Ali Alexander, who was deeply involved in the attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election, tweeted: “We just lost the Wisconsin Supreme Court. I do not see a path to 270 in 2024.”

    Ali is talking about winning the 2024 presidential election.

  4. As great as the news out of Wisconsin is, disaster has struck in North Carolina:

    North Carolina Democrat switches parties giving Republicans veto-proof supermajority in state House

    State Rep. Tricia Cotham, who won election as a Democrat in her blue district last fall by nearly 20 points, said at a news conference with state Republican leaders that “the modern-day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me.”

    This is utter BS.  The democratic party hasn't changed at all between November 2022 and today:   

    “Rep. Tricia Cotham campaigned as a Democrat and supporter of abortion rights, health care, public education, gun safety, and civil rights,” Reives said in a statement. “Now, just a few months later, Rep. Cotham is changing parties. That is not the person that was presented to the voters of House District 112 … and who they championed in a general election in a 60% Democratic district.”

    She knew what the party stood for when she ran, and that hasn't changed.  Here's the worst part:

    Cotham’s switch gives Republicans 72 seats in the state House – helping them achieve a supermajority and the ability to override any veto from Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper. Republicans already held a supermajority in the North Carolina Senate.

    This is a new tactic we'll probably need to be aware of, as increased awareness ("woke"?) and emerging democratic majorities increasingly impact at the ballot box, the prevalence of Trojan Horse republicans, who'll run as democrats but then suddenly switch once elected.  

    This is as insidious as it gets.  Just goes to show, when it comes to the GOP and the forces of fascism, you can't afford to not be woke.

  5. The great Charles Pierce sometimes refers to conservatives in a post by concluding it with, "…these really are the mole people."

    So now, these mole people are using real moles to get in office as Dems and then switching parties.

    This democracy v. fascism is a battle to the death.

    We have to win.

    • I really wonder if she was a Trojan Horse – did she know all along she was going to go Republican while posing as a Democrat – OR if she "found herself" like Sinema, and "came out" during her time in office. From her behavior, Sinema apparently discovered who she really was while on the job, there seemed to be no pre-meditation.

      Her stated reasons for flipping seem plausible if shallow. At the very least the way she flipped was not classy at all. She should've remained with the Democratic caucus at least until critical issues were settled, and then jump ship, if that's what she wants. Leaving over stupid emojis is pretty lame. What a weakling.

    • "This democracy v. fascism is a battle to the death."  Absolutely agree, literally – to the death.  It has taken us a while to come around to realize the severe pervasiveness of this, the Right is all about domination and control by outright openly stealing and bullying, whatever illegal immoral dirty trick it takes.  There is no longer any subtlety about them, the whole inexplicable "This is not a democracy!" refrain seems to be popping up more often.  I can't help but believe there are many more Kyle Rittenhouse types out there.  They will feel entirely justified killing anybody they view as Left, and perhaps end up as lucky as Rittenhouse.

  6. I grew up in a place and a time where people took pride in who they were. You had an identity. You had history. You had integrity.  You won or you lost on that basis. Now the way to win an election is to lie about who you are, what you believe, and what you think. When they get up in the morning do they recognize themselves in the mirror? 

    I am really afraid for our future. The elections are won by folks with no moral compass, no integrity, and no identity. Any people identifying as, and supporting, the Republicans these days are pond scum.

  7. An observation by Steve Benen at Madowblog this morning may give a clue how Trump thinks he can evade the legal storm that's brewing. I'm not looking exclusively at NY and neither is Trump. Last night, when Trump spoke he advocated defunding the DOJ and the FBI. Got that? Neither agency is remotely connected with the charges in NY. Trump also (verbally) accosted Willis (GA case) and Smith (federal cases). Trump is lumping all these cases for his audience as if it's all one conspiracy to get poor Donald. 

    You might (if you are sane and normal) write this off as PR by Trump – compost for the MAGA crowd to revel in. I don't think so. (Yeah, that implies I'm neither sane or normal.) McCarthy has not backed off on defending Trump after yesterday. Despite being on thin ice legally, I think McCarthy will try to drag Alvin Brag in front of Gym Jordan for a show. But wait folks – there's more. We're looking at a budget showdown even if we dodge a bullet on the debt ceiling. I think (opinion) that the Trump toadies will demand that the DOJ cease and desist from investigating Trump or, "You're fired." The House will zero out the entire budget for DOJ and FBI. 

    The Senate won't buy it remotely so we will get a shutdown, which the GOP is spoiling for and has been. But this shutdown will be – mostly – about perverting justice for a single individual. Could it work? I doubt it. Even under ideal circumstances, the plan does not address the NY and (I'm presuming) GA prosecutions. 

    Looking ahead this month – the Dominion suit against Fox happens THIS month. It looks like all your favorite talking heads may be called to testify. So may the Murdochs. The case will be a stake in the heart of Trump's claim that he won the election. Yes, the J6 committee did a good job proving that Trump lost and he knew he lost. It's gonna be a different thing entirely for Sean Hannity and Tuck the @uck to say they knew it in the months after the election that Trump LOST will be huge.

    Georgia – you can file charges any time now.

    • I've been thinking about the "punishment" a judge might levy against Fox. My fantasy is: a half-hour show, where Hannity, Carlson et al. talk to their audience and come clean: explain how they lied to them, repeatedly. This show would be broadcast, in prime time for at least 14 days straight.

      This would start to chip away at the brainwashing these predators have been inflicting on this country for the last 30 some years.


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