Justin Jones Reinstated

This afternoon the Nashville Metro Council voted to reappoint Tennessee Democratic Rep. Justin Jones to the state House.  It was a 36–0 vote. I understand he has already been sworn in and seated. Let’s hope Justin Pearson gets the same support in Memphis.

There are reports from credible sources today that Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, who led the effort to get the Tennessee Three expelled from the legislature, does not live in his own district. He has a condo in his district, but his primary home appears to be elsewhere. This puts him in violation of the state Constitution.

10 thoughts on “Justin Jones Reinstated

  1. Just look at that assclown's name:

    Cameron Sexton.

    A guy with that kind of snooty name is guaranteed to he an asshole.

    Another "tell," is a name like that with Roman numerals. Actually, that can signal this particular asshole is the asshole's asshole!!!

    Like Cameron Sexton III.

    But this Cameron guy seems like he’s a real asshole’s asshole!

    I bet he's hiding a Roman numeral.

  2. Scary Tennessee.  I was wondering how many jobs in Tennessee are in the gun manufacturing industry.  Turns out the top 100 employers don't really include many.  But I ran across one manufacturer whose website is truly frightening.  Google T Rex Arms and go to the "About Page".  Then scroll down to the "Force" section. Read it. Maybe twice.

    It must be a rather strange God that would endow humans with a divine right to kill other human beings with guns, yet that same God delivered a fundamental commandment to all men that they may not kill.

    I don't know of any actual evidence that the founding fathers included the Second Amendment for the purpose of making sure that insurrectionists could not be prosecuted for assassinating government officials or employees, or for attempting the same. 

    • I've read that gun manufacturers moved their operations to gun-friendly places like Tennessee.

      The way the Supreme Court perverted the 2nd Amendment requirement for a "well-regulated militia" is the root travesty. 

  3. TN is 76% white, 16% black. They were solidly D until the Democratic party was no longer solidly racist. I think the GOP in TN can (and will) overreach with overt racism and get away with it. EXCEPT, the rest of the country will be watching. Voters who were occasional voters will be out there in other states voting against racism and the party that embraces bigotry. 

    I saw a cartoon today – a couple of kids in a wagon that was tied to a rather large horse in front of the wagon, One of the kids had a forked slingshot and was taking aim at the horse's rear end. I think that overt racism is gonna break lose in a number of ways over the next couple of years but the results won't be what the ruling whaite class wants or expects. 

    I'm not predicting an awakening in TN. I think the retribution against the two black reps, and their cities will spill over to other states and tip the results of other elections. I'm not sure where/how legal action will be framed but DeSantis may be on the receiving end of massive litigation if he messes with the Mouse and the business of Disney. (Unless there's a legitimate reason for action that damages Disney.) TN may also overtly cut funds to the cities that return the legislators who refused to accept their properly submissive place. 

    Republicans have doubled down on fascism and racism even as they lose elections they might have won. The power of the GOP has eroded in 2018 2020 and (relative to expectations) 2022. Trumpian candidates have a poor record in the Senatorial and Governor's races. Trump's numbers have gone down with independent voters since the charges were filed. I predict the erosion will get worse as more criminal charges are filed.

    Trump is getting more shrill. His followers don't hear the panic. Republicans in Congress are powerless until the mob rejects Trump. Or Trump withdraws. Neither will happen before the GOP primaries, which Trump will win or the general which Trump will lose. Democrats (I predict) will do well and then there will be a reckoning – Trump will be restricted after the documents trial and continue to face criminal trials. Georgia may prevail – but if they prosecute, they will make the federal J6 case. Other defendants in GA will flip on Trump to save their hides. 

    The GOP is reacting to the wheels coming off with ever more erratic moves to assert dominance. They are throwing kerosene on the fire that's consuming the GOP. Things will get worse for a while on the way to getting better.


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