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I’ve seen no new revelations about the Tucker Carlson firing since yesterday. The only mildly interesting tidbit is that Tucker and Don Lemon both hired the same lawyer yesterday. And Russian state media offered Tucker a job.

In Other News: The E. Jean Carroll lawsuit trial starts today.

In More Other News: Fulton County DA Fani Willis expects to announce whether to bring criminal indictments of election interference some time between July 11 and September 1.

Willis revealed the timetable in a letter to local law enforcement in which she asked them to be ready for “heightened security and preparedness” because she predicted her announcement may provoke a significant public reaction.

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  1. The Tucker and Lemon Show: Just like Hannity and Colmes except we’re both lawyered up. 

    I seem to recall Rachel Maddow having dated Roger Ailes for a time, platonically of course, mostly for purposes of talking shop.  Something seems to happen to these people once they've tasted "the Kwan”.  It's a shame we can't have a Most Trusted Man In America anymore, such as Walter was.

    • "I seem to recall Rachel Maddow having dated Roger Ailes for a time, platonically of course"

      Of course, well they are all buddies, they act like they are outraged occasionally but they are all in the same buisness, divide, outrage, sell overpriced prescriptions. I actually find msnbc to be the most infuriating, their hosts usually take the correct side of most issues but they are careful not impune the competition to hastily, and happy to run Stump ads in heavy rotation. They give FOX a little shit but nothing even close to what they have coming. The prime time hosts to a man / women on each of the three cables are completely full of themselves, the ego's grow with every passing contract. I can sit through a bit of Lawerence though he's really in love himself (did you know he worked in the Senate?). Nicole Wallace does the best show but I can't stop remembering that she worked to get Roberts on the supreme court and worked for shrub when the let the assault weapons ban lapse. Now her show seems devoted to reversing both of those positions? She talks a good game but I'm not sure I trust her. I'm not sure what got Tuckems fired but it wasn't supporting Putin's war, supporting the kidnapping of Ukrainian children, supporting the senseless murder of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, outwardly endorsing white supremacy both here and abroad. Me think old Rupert (the biggest egomaniac of them all) got wind of some not to kind feedback from Tucker in the emails (mostly redacted) that came out during the Dominion lawsuit. This country would be alot better off if all three of those channels went dark!

      Neko Case Youtube

      • The reason Tucker got shitcanned could be the old fashioned thrill of just fucking somebody over. You gotta admit it would be the ultimate thrill and payback that Rupert could deliver. Here Tucker is thinking he's got the world by the balls and that no other TV personality comes close his greatness. He's immersed himself in a delusion of invincibility.

        Then Rupert comes along and administers a good dose of humility. Knowing that Tucker has no way to recover from the wrath of Rupert. Tucker can try as he might, but he'll never be able to rebuild what he had when he was in Rupert's stable.

         What's life if you can't enjoy pulling the rug out from under somebody on occasion? It gives them an opportunity to build character.

  2. I do not think Carlson will take a gig for less money than he was getting at Fox. To do so would be an admission he was getting overpaid. Unlike Glenn Beck, Carlson does not need the money – Carlson’s pride is on the line. He's negotiating for the biggest severance pay he can get. Couple this with Alex Jones stupendous defeat(s) in court and there's the beginning of a trend line. The nexThat's t point in that line may be Trump's payout to Carrol for defamation (and rape.) 

    The delay in GA is disappointing but predictable given that the court may pull the plug on a lawyer who failed to tell her clients of an offer of immunity in exchange for testimony from the pawns who signed the fake document in GA that said Trump won. They put their names to a fraudulent election document, as close to a slam-dunk offense as I can think of. The lawyer was (IMO) working for Trump and protecting Trump by maintaining a stone wall of lies and silence. If the judge agrees, all ten will be granted time to find new lawyers and bring them up to speed. Presumably, the offer of immunity for testimony will be repeated. If any of them resent how badly they were used by the previous lawyer, there will be damning testimony well worth the wait.

    Willis seems to be saying that it's coming – for certain. Soon after she brings charges, the NY civil trial starts for business fraud – $250 million on the table there for Trump. If Trump looses there, some legal pundits predict Bragg will file the criminal counterpart to that civil trial. 

    Biden is running. (surprise, surprise). IMO, Biden needs to build his vision around using his last four years to promote and publicize young progressive leaders at different levels of government. Biden needs to announce that the inevitable end of his generation holding power is almost here and his last contribution as POTUS will be to bring them to the forefront. Young voters have been turning out but they are *over* us boomers in a big way. I don't blame them. It's past time to pass the baton. We will have their support if we commit to granting them power. (Pelosi could play a role in that messaging.)

  3. I cannot help but think Tucker's demise shows high level power plays in the republican party.  I think Doug was in the ballpark with his, too much of a star comment, to the post on his firing.  Tucker certainly had the ratings, in a game where ratings are a huge factor.  Ratings mean viewers and viewers mean advertising dollars in general.  This fails to be true when the audience is not the one that advertisers want to reach.  Tucker does play to that portion of the market who are the those who can be fooled all of the time.  By now that market is oversaturated with overpriced bad pillows one could guess.  Tucker is not a journalist, but he does play like one at times.  Even at the margins of journalism it might be best to report the story not to be the story.  He sure messed up there.  

    At some management level, probably with big political players and certainly with advertisers in mind, Tucker was deemed unacceptable.  Could it be that there is a base that is too base even for propaganda masquerading as news?  Or is it now too expensive to cater to the vile whims of the basest of the base?  I think both were at play.  

    • "Tucker certainly had the ratings, in a game where ratings are a huge factor"

      You could put a potted plant in that time slot and get "the ratings". As long as it spewed the 60 minutes hate the mouth breathers demand. Do you think the moros who watch FOX at 7pm have something else going on?

  4. MotherTucker is a cretin, an asshole, and definitely a "5-tool" bigot.

    But he's not stupid enough to accept a gig on Russky TV.

    Here in the USA. you can get fired from your TV gig for a variety of reasons.

    But after getting the bad news, you prepare yourself for the job interviews you hope will soon be coming your way.

    Now, in Russia, on the plus side, you don't get fired.

    You just take a long fall from a high window.

    C'mon, Tuck, take the RT gig!!!

      • I was not familiar with that either and took a chance, apparently "5 tool" refers to the skillset a baseball talent scout looks for in a player; throwing, hitting, running, fielding, and,,, I forgot, maybe crotch-adjusting, spitting (?).  A player exhibiting mastery of all 5 "tools" would obviously be quite valuable.  So I think Cundgulag is saying Tucky has an allstar-level skillset in the game of bigotry, and I totally agree.

  5. Socrates, a frequent commentor to the NYT, penned quite the comment today to a Ross Douthat piece today on Tucker Carlson.  Enjoy:

    The Republican Party remains as Hofstadter described it in his 1964 essay "The Paranoid Style in American Politics", except that conspiracy theories are not the fringe of GOP politics that they were sixty years ago. Now, belief in conspiracy theories and Grand Old Paranoia are mainstream Republican family values: QAnon, the Big Election Lie, rejection of masks and vaccines, 2nd Amendment Derangement Syndrome, climate change denialism, etc.

    Today's Republican voter base is not a coalition. It's a simply a carnival of religious zealots, gun extremists, anti-tax, anti-government xenophobes and white nationalists that are useful to a small group of right-wing billionaires who easily bamboozle them into voting to maintain the most inhumane upward income redistribution system in the rich world via wage suppression, voter suppression, tax code rigging and campaign finance corruption on a herculean scale.

    Tucker Carlson – like Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and the rest of the GOP spite industrial complex – knows that selling giant buckets of fear, loathing, conspiracy, flag-waving, paranoia, and group hysteria is highly profitable and can you make rich if you're willing to sell your soul to cut the nation in half with nonstop cultural civil war.

    Tucker and the rest of the GOP Circus were happy to incoherently scream "Obamacare !" for ten years without once proposing an alternative…and then they stopped shouting and accepted it when no one was looking.

    Nice GOPeople.

  6. Many of the bobble-heads are repeating the GQP line that Biden needs to negotiate on the debt ceiling. If Schumer had some balls he would ram through a bill in the senate that asks for spending increases equal but opposite to the cuts the GQP wants. Then Biden can take both bills and say ok let's negotiate! Why not meet in the middle?

    • I like what you are saying but "money" bills have to originate in the House. What Biden has is the budget he released which gets to (I think) the same place in terms of debt reduction entirely through tax increases on the rich and corporations. 

      Biden must reject negotiating under threat of destroying the economy. To give on that changes rule by the majority into rule by the most ruthless minority. I think Biden should be willing to meet with the stipulation that talks will be public and televised until both sides agree that negotiations behind closed doors would be more productive. The meeting (not debt ceiling negotiations) should be held at the WH, Biden's turf. What I'm thinking is that Biden got the best of the Republicans in the SOTU. He could do it again in public in a way that McCarthy's demands are exposed for what they are and Biden's willingness to negotiate to an agreement someplace in the middle (cuts in spending and new taxes – both) is perceived as sane and reasonable. 


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