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    • I don't claim to fully understand this song either, but I know that Neil started songwriting in NYC (maybe he's from there), and ended up in LA. The riff "did you ever read of a frog who dreamed of being a king and then became one" – is autobiographical – Diamond was dirt broke when he started out, then became a household name.

      I had to laugh at the opening line: "LA's fine, sun shines most of the time, and the feeling is laid back / Palm trees grow and the rents are low" – maybe 60 years ago, but not any more. I just signed a lease for an apartment in Las Vegas – a common destination for many Californians looking to lower their cost basis – my new rent is about third of what it was in the OC. My own particular financial nose-dive is finally ending.

      It was great to see a young Neil Diamond in his prime. Many of the girls in my high school class were in love with this guy.

      • "Many of the girls in my high school class were in love with this guy"

        Had a nice head of hair! Great singer, wrote this song which is a classic, pretty good guitar player as well. He got caught in the Shag Carpet!


  1. If the noise is correct, Jack is offering immunity to some key players. One was inside at the War Room at the Willard. The other is the director of the operation to assemble the fake electors' certification and delivery. He's up there with Rudy and Eastman. If true, everyone in the scheme will sleep badly. 

    Granted, I'm biased but I see the conspiracy unraveling. Expect the cries for pardons for everyone to get louder.

    My own feeling is that no one should get a pardon who does not come clean with details of everything they know about the plot(s) to overturn the election. There needs to be a full admission that they know then or realize now that Biden was the winner of the 2020 election. The evidence and testimony needs to be in the public record for historians to piece together to restore confidence in elections. As part of the deal doe any pardon or seriously reduced sentence, the participants need to stay out of national and state politics forever. 

    There will STILL be a brain-dead segment of the electorate who will view Trump as a martyr but for future generations, the name "Trump" should be associated with greed and lies.

  2. I read that Hannity twisted himself in a knot trying to say that the tape doesn't say what they heard in Trump's voice. Trump lied and said he was only holding newspaper clippings, ignoring that there were multiple witnesses in the room some of who gave up the tape. 

    A major problem with different defense theories is that they can't put Trump on the stand to say everything was declassified automatically. There's nothing in writing that said anything was declassified. There will be a dozen cabinet-level WH insiders who can testify they NEVER heard anything about an automatic declassification order. So far, none of Trump's lawyers has tried to spin that defense. Ultimately, classification isn't a break-point with the espionage act – the possession of national defense information is. 

    Trump has tried to make the point that the documents were guarded by the US Secret Service at MAL. Problem: they were never told that MAL was a repository of hundreds of classified and top-secret documents in various locations in the building. I'm concerned that Cannon will give Trump a pass even if convicted. For the conviction to have any weight, the facts and the disgrace need to come out BEFORE the election. For prison time, there's J6 – the noose is tightening. The rats are trying not to go down with the ship. IMO, the facts of the J6 conspiracy are more damning than MAL docs case. Proving Trump decided to proceed with an illegal scheme will require testimony from multiple key players. Trump will not have left a written trail.

    It won't be easy or fast but Trump will be nailed in multiple jurisdictions for multiple disassociated crimes. (So if Cannon delivers a miscarriage of justice with her sentencing, it won't spare Trump.) NY will demonstrate Trump's infidelity and duplicity with multiple women. MAL will demonstrate Trump's stupid egotistical hoarding of national defense documents to the peril of the country. J6 is the biggie – in GA it will be demonstrated in the election interference there with hints of the national scope of the fraud. Federal J6 will net people who were in on the crime of J6 in different capacities not caught in GA. NY may yet prosecute for the financial fraud of distorting the values of properties for fraudulent gain. If that includes tax fraud, NY may prosecute for lost revenue – so can IRS. There's rumor of wire fraud in the fund-raising done after Trump's defeat. He asked for money to dispute the election but used the money for entirely different purposes. 

    The House is trying to counter with "Hunter Biden." You tell me which story has legs – Trump in front of a jury in multiple trials at the state and federal level or the rumor that Hunter got a lesser sentence than he deserved for IRS violations? One story will drown out the other.

    • The facts are one thing, but the emotional messages in the tape are quite another. Trump and his cronies are recorded laughing over their possession and mishandling of what amounts to military secrets. They're acting like the most self centered, stupid, and insolent kids imaginable. The Andrew Weissman link I posted above discusses this.

  3. I'm not sure if you cited the same Weissman interview that I saw but it's been discussed that the defense will challenge the admissibility of the tape from Bedminster in the trial in FL. After all, the top-secret document was never found in FL or NJ.  

    Seems to me that a decision by Cannon that the tape is not admissible. in the FL trial opens the door to charges in NJ. If Cannon tries to delay the trial in FL, things might move briskly. Or if Cannon gives Trump a suspended sentence after a conviction, the judge in NJ might remedy the sentencing. 

  4. The things that bothered me the most about that recording were the light-hearted laughter and care-free attitudes from tRUMP and his moronic minions.

    These are national secrets. 

    People – both American and Iranian – may have died gathering the information for the attack plan.  And if any attack ever came, the cost could be hundreds-of-thousands, or millions, of lives.  Anyone who finds anything humorous about that is a "sick puppy", to use a favorite phrase of tRUMP's.

    tRUMP and his MAGAts are the worst examples of humanity.

    Of course, every nation/culture has "people" like them.

    They look like humans, but have no souls, They are a mix of stupidity, ignorance, evil, and bigotry, with unwarranted feelings of superiority, all wrapped up in skin and hair.

    I would say they are more wolf than human.  But that would be an insult to wolves.

    I don't want to call them sub-human, because doing that may lower me.

    But how else can they be described?  Inhuman?  Unhuman?

    • I try to work with them as much as possible as reality impaired. Some think cultists might be a good pigeonhole.  At present I am more concerned how they happened to exist.  I do find they respond a bit like the Moonies if you remember those days.  I have no idea where the Moonies went, but I am sure glad they are gone.  This too might pass.  Not without effort though.  

    • the word I often use is "unconscious" – in my kinder moments. I hope you’re doing better & out of the hospital.

  5. CNN tonight (Anderson Cooper) carried a few interesting stories – they led with the tape, as we have discussed. No one knows what it means but Rudy met with federal prosecutors recently. But the big news is the USSC ruling on the "independent state legislatures theory."

    That jawbreaker was the centerpiece of Trump's J6 insurrection. Pence was supposed to kick it back to the states to resolve the conflict of electors. Under the theory, which the USSC has ruled unconstitutional, the state legislatures (controlled by MAGA Republicans) would have overruled the certified popular vote, substituting their legislative decree instead of the electoral process. 

    The lawyer on Anderson Cooper's show was the lawyer who convinced Pence not to go along with the scheme. His opinion is that Trump planned to try the "independent state legislatures theory" again in '24 when he comes short again. But he can't – it's now a decided matter. I may sleep a little better tonight.

    • 6-3 decision, so a third of the court would have been just fine with allowing state legislatures to override popular vote.  I'd still be asleep if it had been unanimous. 

  6. As long as I'm being annoying, it looks like the USSC denied an appeal by Ohio State re the sexual abuse case that Jim Jordan is implicated in. Ohio State tried to say the statute of limitations had made the suit irrelevant. (Not the legal term – somebody can tell me.) But the USSC ruled the case can go forward which may bring up testimony about what Jim Jordan knew and ignored in a sweeping scandal of a male doctor abusing male students. 

    Jim loves the spotlight – will he have to start ducking the media as the case moves forward, especially if he's called on to testify? 

    • I guess I'm glad the case can go forward, but I have no idea as to its merits.  I'm very biased against Jordan & his act in the House of Representatives.  I can't get my head around what makes someone like him tick. And so I'm for anything that throws him off balance and removes him from the picture.

  7. A new day, a new excuse; "It was bravado, I was talking and just holding up papers… ", so close to admitting he knows he's full of shit.

    • The problem with Trump's latest excuse is that there were several people who witnessed Trump's crime. I'm sure they won't put themselves in jeopardy of getting tagged with a couple of felonies like misprision or lying to federal investigators. In a situation like that nobody knows who knows what and the only safe way to navigate is by telling the truth. I think Donnie's goose is cooked.


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