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I will be spending Quality Time with family for a couple of days and will not be bringing my laptop. So consider this post an open thread to discuss whatever happens over this weekend.

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  1. Enjoy your family time, Maha. You know what they say: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!

    As far as what's going on over this weekend everybody should keep in mind that Trump is an instrument of the devil so expect something eventful to happen. Satan doesn't take weekends off.

     And DeSantis is proving himself to be the true apprentice. 

    • "Satan doesn't take weekends off"

      Neither do Stump's enablers in the media, cnn, msnbc busy running "sound bites" from his cult gathering last night. They are doing their best to get him reelected, free media, center of attention, he's playing them just like he did in 2016, everbody's making bank!

  2. I have nothing constructive to add to the conversation, but to share a little humor. I was listening to Lawrence O'Donnell talking about Rudy Giuliani admitting to his lies about Ruby Freeman and her daughter. In explaining the legal situation that Giuliani is in he used the phrase, "as he clings to the wreakage of his life". I found that to be the perfect descriptor in assesing the current state of America's mayor. There have been many colorful characters in America's long history, and Giuliani ranks among the best of them. He has perfected the telling of lies to an art form.

  3. The current interest in UFOs, and the GOP-led Congress's delving in such which coincides with their complete disregard of the all too evident effects of climate change; what a contrast.  Some in the GOP are fond of implying Biden and the Democrats throw out distractions to divert attention from Hunter's overblown problems, and here they show they would rather focus on sketchy fantasy tabloid science fiction as opposed to real fact-based science having devastating consequences.  "Non-human biologics"?, no picture MTG?  My thought is that IF there are space aliens checking out Earth for possible exploration/habitation they have concluded that the heat is intolerable.

  4. No more "Toga."

    Too old.


    And "hookers & blow"doesn't mean what it once did.

    "Hookers & blow" now reminds me to keep a crocheted (hooked) blanket for when I take a "blow":  A rest.



    Enjoy your family time!!!!!


  5. The interesting narrative in the superseding indictment is the surveillance video that Trump wanted to delete. Trump went to his valet, the x-navy guy named as defendant in the first indictment. "Get rid of the evidence before we have to give it up to the feds."

    He went to the maintenance guy who seems not to have the "permissions" (passwords) to delete the record. The maintenance guy also moved boxes with Nadau to hide them from the lawyer. (And lied about it to prosecutors.)  Along the way, an inquiry about the loyalty of the maintenance guy established the makings of a conspiracy.

    SO the maintenance guy contacted the IT guy who might not have been part of day-to-day operations. THAT will be an interesting conversation to hear about from the stand. From what I can tell, the timing of the call to the IT guy was AFTER the FBI got all the documents and just before Cannon tried to freeze those docs until a special master ruled. So the IT guy knew Trump was in a pile of doo-doo when he was asked to delete potential evidence of a potential crime. 

    The clock was ticking – Trump was out of town and the FBI would have the smoking gun unless they did something fast. The maint guy flooded the room where the server was with water from the pool. This "accident" may have been mere hours after the IT guy said, "Count me out." The FBI may have testimony from the maint guy about how the electronics room got flooded. And the FBI will have the physical info – the layout, distance of the flooded room from the pool, etc. 

    By the way, you don't tend to do much basements, especially near the coast. Anything you do more than two feet underground is sometimes lower than the water table. You have to have a pump to pump out seepage. And if the power is off for an extended period of time like in a hurricane, you have flooding. So where was this room, relative to the pool? 

    The scheme was not successful. It looks like the data storage device, whatever and wherever it was, didn't get wiped. Which kinda makes sense – the IT guy would have known what had to be fried or drowned but the maint guy guessed wrong. If it works out, Jack will establish the "consciousness of guilt." Trump realized the video would show the scheme to hide facts from Trump's lawyer. In making that fraud happen, Trump convinced members of his staff to commit crimes. And he convinced those people to lie about what they did. When the video was going to prove it, Trump ordered even MORE crimes. 

    FBI: Put the IT guy in witness protection for a few months. Maybe in the castle at Disney World.

  6. Does this mean no twit filter!

    NBC reached out to 44 former cabinet members under Stump. Only four would go on record saying he should be re-elected. Now that sounds like a ringing endorsement! Bill Bar said: “I have made clear that I strongly oppose Trump for the nomination and will not endorse Trump,” former Attorney General Bill Barr told NBC News. Asked how he would vote if the general election pits Trump against President Joe Biden, a Democrat, Barr said: “I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.” I love how all these GOP’ers have been willing participants in the Facist debasing of America that is and has been the republican brand for decades until all the sudden they aint? What was it Barr, you and Rudi were willing to try and frame Biden, Lie under oath about the Mueller Report. You were ok with killing investigations for Stumps underlings, cover up’s for dictators and Stump at every turn, on and on. Nicole Wallace is another one, she has one of the highest rated shows on msnbc. It’s a good show, better than most. Problem is she goes on about all sorts of things that she supported as a member of GW’s administration and while working to get Sarah Palin elected VP! She publicly advocated for Roberts, one of six votes that killed Roe, now she wants us to believe she’s pro-choice. To me anyone who ever voted for a republican in the last 30 years is questionable, much less these former politico’s and political pundits who all worked for the GOP their whole lives until recently, I don’t trust any of them!


  7. It looks like Trump made a motion last week (or this weekend) to let him (Trump) take the classified evidence of the MAL documents case with him around the country instead of the current restriction that the evidence can ONLY be viewed at an identified secure location, And under adult supervision – no pics, no copies, no notes. 

    This is interesting. If it was any judge but Loose Cannon, I'm pretty sure the answer would be "Hell, NO!" I understand there's been pressure and threats from MAHAts against Cannon. (Which is stupid – they should be sending her flowers.) If she goes even partway in on this for Trump, she opens the door for her removal by the 11th Circuit. If she doesn't, Trump may set the flying monkeys after her. Because Trump is stupid – Cannon is a huge break for Trump. He thinks he can establish dominance early and keep her on a leash. Trump is creating the conflict that will get her removed. 

    I think Trump can't stand that someone took something away from him that he wanted badly. If Trump gets them back, I think he'd never voluntarily surrender them again. But there's something else. Trump is micro-managing all these criminal cases. Civil cases too, from the insane nature of some of the submissions. (The case against HRC and her friends got shot down late last year and this year the judge awarded HRC damages for all the legal costs of presenting or preparing a defense – a cool million Trump has to pay. Trump is trying to resurrect that pile of garbage. Trump's 400 million suit against CNN got tossed this week. This stuff is insane.)

    I think Jack has this figured out. Trump is not handling the pressure well. Jack and Fani Willis are about to double the pressure. Trump is trying to do rallies but there's no filter – Trump will become more unhinged and obsessive about getting his enemies in every meeting, I predict. .

  8. From the NYT article the judge ruled quite harshly against Trumps it up, that his filings against Fanny Willis were frivolous.  From the comments the ruling could have been harsher, 

    I have been a lawyer since 1979. If any other person filed as many frivolous motions and suits he would be declared a "vexatious litigant" and would not be permitted even to initiate suits without prior court approval. And his lawyers would be sanctioned monetarily, barred from practice in the court and reported to the bar association for discipline.


    John Tollefson

    I think it is high time for harsher.  Trump it up does not understand polite.


  9. Looks like the head of election security who was fired for saying that there " “is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.” has testified to the special counsel.

    This is part of what J6 prosecution needs to prove – Trump knew he lost and proceeded anyway to con his supporters into thinking the election was stolen from Trump. Rudy conceded last week on the civil suit by the election workers Trump and Guiliani defamed. I understand Trump received TWO different written reports from private companies he hired after the election, both of whom concluded there was no widespread fraud. 

  10. The ex "X"; now you see it now you don't, I understand David Copperfield has accused Musk of stealing his act.

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