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My PC is experiencing technical difficulties and is currently unusable. I have a Geek Squad guy coming tomorrow to fix it — fingers crossed — but until then I can’t post much. I am doing this post on a Kindle, and it’s just too  cumbersome. Please feel free to comment on whatever.

8 thoughts on “Out of Order

  1. Link to Fani Willis’ letter to Gym Jordan, telling him to get lost. It’s worth reading. “Chairman Jordan, I tell people often “deal with reality or reality will deal with you.” It is time that you deal with some basic realities. ” – and she’s just getting started.

    Especially liked how she minor-snubbed Jordan’s lack of legal experience (he trained as a lawyer but never took or passed a bar exam):
    “For a more thorough understanding of Georgia’s RICO statute, its application and similar laws in other states, I encourage you to read “RICO State-by-State.” As a non-member of the bar, you can purchase a copy for two hundred forty-nine dollars [$249].”

    Maha, I hope there’s nothing seriously wrong with your computer, the last thing you need is to buy a new one.

  2. The Special Grand Jury Report is out. Haven't gotten into it yet but they recommended charges against Miss Lindsey. I'm sure they meant it but Willis decided to pass (for now) but it's a shot across the bow to Congress. Respect the authority of the states in election matters or the states can hold federal officials accountable.

    Gym Jordan – are you paying attention?

    • Gym only hears what he wants to hear. Unfortunately 25 plus years of FAUX news has given the GQP a sense of infallibility. We all live in two different worlds and the majority of republicans reside in a space where only republican AG’s actually have power. Hopefully people close to Stump start going to jail soon, maybe that will shake them from their reality adverse fortresses?

  3. It would be nice if one could rule out Elon Musk's interference when your computer goes on the fritz.   Now you never know.  

  4. Things to be thankful for:

    1) Meadows' attempt to move his case to Federal court – with the aim of ultimately getting it dismissed – failed. He'll probably appeal, and the amount of time this takes will factor into the timelines for the Georgia trials (to avoid double jeopardy). Not a lawyer, but it seems there will be at least two trials. The first one will be for those wanting a speedy trial (Chesebro and Powell and ?), followed by the trial for everyone else. The downside is that Trump's trial will be in the latter group (delay delay delay), and may not reach conclusion by Nov 2024. And memories will fade with time.

    2) Fani Willis’ masterful smackdown of Gym Jordan, Congressional troll.

    3) Lawsuit filed in Colorado over Article 14 Section 3. CREW is the group spearheading this.

  5. Michael Popok gives some legal fine points on the Colorado lawsuit (and others). Explains how critical the word “engage” is in the disqualification clause, and why state courts and their secretaries of state are the proper target. And the path forward.


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