The Nation Will Shut Down on Trump’s Orders

I am not hanging on every bit of news coming out of the House, because it all seems to be bad. And I’m not sure the details really matter. It all boils down to a mob of bad, spoiled children stomping on everyone else’s sandcastles.

As I understand it, yesterday a group of what are generously known as “moderate” Republicans had a long meeting on Wednesday and worked out some kind of spending agreement that the whole House was supposed to vote on today. Whether it was a good agreement or a bad agreement, I don’t know. But guess what happened?

But any good feelings out of that meeting crumbled Thursday morning, when five Republicans — Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Dan Bishop (N.C.), Andy Biggs (Ariz.), Eli Crane (Ariz.) and Matthew M. Rosendale (Mont.) — voted against advancing the measure to a final vote. Rules Committee Chairman Tom Cole (R-Okla.) switched his vote from “yes” to “no,” which allows Republicans to bring up the motion again later if they have the votes.

This article doesn’t say why MTG et al. pulled the plug, but MSNBC is reporting that Trump has been talking to them and wants them to leverage the looming shutdown to “defund” the prosecutions against him. Trump posted on his failing social media platform, “This is also the last chance to defund these political prosecutions against me and other Patriots. They failed on the debt limit, but they must not fail now. Use the power of the purse and defend the Country!”

To which Matt Gaetz responded, “Trump opposes the continuing resolution. Hold the line.”

There has been much commentary pointing out that the nutjob caucus makes no sense. They can’t seem to settle on why they keep blowing up the apprpriations bills or what they really want. Yesterday Josh Marshall pointed to reports that the Republicans were debating whether to move the CR debate away from spending levels and toward border security. “It illustrates perfectly what most of us already know, which is that policy issues are just an excuse to shut the government down because it’s something Republicans like to do,” he said. And that’s true; I think the children see themselves as being bold and brave and blowing up the Deep State, or something. But they’ve also been talking to Trump all this time.

This a defense funding bill, people. The old Republican Party is dead.

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  1. I was bored and reading about Matt Gaetz, someone I normally try to keep out of my mind. He's a third generation politician, and I doubt if he's ever had a real job. His daddy kept rescuing him from trouble, mostly girls or drinking. Another egomaniacal man-baby.

    I just hope the House Dems and the Senate hold, although I'm sure they'll play it for maximum political advantage. Social Security won't be touched, but government workers will, and I think food stamps is affected. Will be interesting to see how long this will go on. Trump is behind it, or at least the worst Republicans (MTG and Gaetz) are the most willing accomplices of them all.

  2. Part of the shutdown is little more than a tantrum. The House Republicans aren't getting any of what they want. When they manage to pass some silly sh^t, the Senate simply ignores it. They want to do something that suggests they have power – shutting down the government on the assumption everybody hates the government seems like a populist move to them. 

    McCarthy knows that the GOP gets the blame for a shutdown because it's always the GOP that pulls that stunt. A lot of the bomb-throwers are not worried about the next election because they (mostly) come from safe districts. Those Republicans who only won by a few hundred votes know that voter dissatisfaction with the GOP will cost those House members their seats and the majority. Eighteen GOP House seats were decided by 5% or less. (Ballotpedia – search results by margin)

    Here's the kicker – Jack Smith will likely NOT be affected by a shutdown. There's an article in Newsweek from three days ago that explains it. Federal courts themselves will continue to operate for at least a couple of weeks. It looks to me like motions and decisions on those motions will continue with Judge Chutkin. After a few weeks, a hearing in court that requires a full staff of recorders, bailiff(s), and other federal employees might be delayed. But grinding the federal prosecutions to a halt won't happen. There's no reason to expect trial dates to slide because of a shutdown. 

    So, a considerable number of Republican members of the House will want to be part of ending the shutdown and will want to take credit for having participated in making government work. That's House members who anticipate they will be in close races decided by independent voters. Regarding the popularity of using the shutdown to end Trump trials, a July poll shows 62% think Trump's trial (documents then) should happen BEFORE the November election. The idea that Trump should completely evade the process of evidence and a defense before a jury is not resonating. As the issues behind the shutdown become news, the most important aspect of saving Trump to bomb-throwers like MTG, Gaetz, and Gym Jordan will become an affront to the citizens who believe in the jury system. (And most of us HAVE participated in a jury trial, and taken it seriously.) I think Trump is dumb enough to be the head cheerleader for the shutdown on social media. 

    So what are the components of an end to the shutdown? First, a CR or omnibus budget acceptable to the House Democrats and the Senate Democrats. Second, a contingent of Republicans willing to vote for that CR/omnibus AND a Speaker willing to put it on the floor. There are a variety of different proposals for a bipartisan end to the shutdown that hasn't heppened yet. Oct. 1 we will be in it. The longer it continues – especially when saving Trump's ass is central to it – the more it will hurt Republicans in a year.  

  3. They can’t seem to settle on why they keep blowing up the apprpriations bills or what they really want.

    What they want is naked power. To dominate at any cost. And Trump has shown them the way. Trump has become their standart bearer and mentor. They have learned that there is no significant price to be paid for being selfish and disruptive. As long as Trump is still standing and putting on a fascade of invincibility they will continue with their antics. Like the old expression.. If it works, you work it!

    • They want the plantation system back –  it is all neo-confederate lost cause sh^t. It sure is nice to drink mint juleps on the porch while all the poors down there in the fields sacrifice for your luxury. Not naked power – power in your face, big, bold and princely.

  4. And so, the insurrection continues.  If he gets his way tRump and his gang would eventually make Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, etc. look like amateurs.

  5. OT: I'm dense. (Hold of on the chorus of agreement.) The move by Meadows, Clark, and three of the fake electors to federal court isn't about getting a more favorable venue. Which is what the press says and I accepted. They are going to be convicted in one court or the other but only a federal conviction would make them eligible for a Trump pardon if Trump wins. Duh!

    • Wrong. Removal doesn't make it a federal case. It is tried under Georgia law. Which means Trump (or any president) has no power to pardon anyone.

      And Georgia has a screwed-up approach to pardons. If you are "pardoned" under Georgia law, your conviction still stands.

  6. Kevin "Jellyfish" McCarthy should tell the House RepubliKKKLAN  "Anarchy Caucus" to stick their shutdown where only a proctologist's small flashlight shines.

    Get the Dems together with the saner members of the House GQP, and agree to pass whatever Schumer and McConnell agree on.

    What's "Jellyfish" Kev afraid of?

    Losing his Speakership?

    Who the hell else wants it?

    No one wants to try to herd psychotic, rabid, feral cats.

    And mot certainly not Matt "Sweet Sixteen" Gaetz!

    That boy's been dodging responsibility since he was 3!

    Ditto for the rest of the Anarchy Caucus!

    Just do it, Kev!

    Show some cojones, and prove to us you're not a eunuch!

  7. Heard this logic yesterday (at a zoom talk about AI):

    – The easiest way Putin can win in Ukraine, and salvage his position, is to get the USA out of the picture

    – Putin therefore will be going all out to help Trump win in 2024

    – MTG especially is doing everything she can to help Trump. This is why she wouldn't vote for the latest budget proposal because it included aid to Ukraine. She wants to be his VP.

    – Expect to see disinformation on a scale nobody's yet reckoned with, appearing in 2024.

    • Sadly the disinformation already is here.  MAGA is all in with Trump/Putin 2024, despite the Russia Russia Russia fraud and the fact that the Meuller Report fully exonerated tfg. Nixon Republicans fully believe both and more. 

  8. This a very costly action because after it is over, Congress will vote to pay the furloughed employees even though they didn't work.  I am a retired Federal employee and went through three furloughs.  Each time we did not know for sure if we would get paid; and, it would make life very uncertain until we went back to work.  The final results is that even if Federal Government employees didn't work, Congress will vote to pay the employees because all the low level employees could not afford to be off even one hour if they want to pay their rent.  The cost of living in the DC area is very, very high.  This furlough will impact my retirement funds.  Fortunately, I don't live in the DC area now.

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