8 thoughts on “Henry Kissinger, 1923-2023

  1. My heart breaks. I guess Satan had a change of heart, I assumed he was so vile that even Satan didn't want him. Bomb them back to the peace table?

  2. Not too many of the "greatest" generation alive anymore.  Somewhere in his many books Henry may explain why we had so much misunderstanding about the nature of the conflict in Vietnam.  It is hard to think he did not know that the domino theory did not fit.  

    That generation knew about breaking horses and valued this as a skill.  We slowly learned that the Vietnamese people were not horses, and their nation was not to be either divided or broken.  At least we slowly learned. 

    Understanding other cultures was not a forte of the greatest generation.  Henry did better than most of them.  I fear to think how bad things might have gotten without his influence.  If the populists of the day would have gotten their way, we and Henry would have much to regret.  Carpet bombing is a bad enough memory. 

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