Sunday Funnies, Florida Edition

Moms for Liberty has had a rocky few weeks. First off, they were nearly wiped out in the November elections. Then a couple of weeks ago, this happened:

A Republican pastor who coordinates the faith-based outreach for the Philadelphia chapter of Moms for Liberty was convicted a decade ago of sexually abusing a teenage boy.

Phillip Fisher Jr., who leads the Center of Universal Divinity in Olney, helps connect the right-wing group with local faith leaders to boost membership, and other leaders say they’re shocked to learn he pleaded guilty in 2012 to a felony count of aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy when he was 25, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer.

There’s even a Lyndon LaRouche connection. But it gets better. You’ve probably heard about what went on in Florida

Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler’s admission to having a sexual relationship with the woman accusing her husband of rape has sparked backlash online Saturday, with many labeling the Florida political leader a hypocrite.

A hypocite? You don’t say!

Christian Ziegler and his attorney have denied any wrongdoing on his part, but security footage obtained from the victim’s apartment has shown that he was at the building on the date of the alleged assault. Admissions to law enforcement from his wife have also complicated the matter.

As revealed in recently released court documents, Bridget Ziegler was interviewed by investigators in early November, confirming that she, her husband, and the victim had been friends and had engaged in a consensual sexual encounter roughly a year prior to the assault that the victim now alleges.

When this was first reported I decided to not comment on it until there was some corroboration. Well, there it is.

At the Miami Herald, Fabiola Santiago asks, If Moms for Liberty co-founder had sex with a woman, why is she targeting Florida’s gays? Well, one does wonder, doesn’t one?

The Zieglers were considered a quickly rising power couple — close collaborators of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and also supporters of ex-President Donald Trump. But while he talked tough and boisterously, she seemed to be the real the mover and shaker. The group she co-founded in the name of “parental rights” — credited with banning school books featuring gay characters and Blacks confronting discrimination in a predominantly white society — has spread nationwide at a vertiginous rate: 300 chapters in 48 states in two years. …

… DeSantis not only endorsed Bridget Ziegler’s school board candidacy, but he gave her a seat on the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board of Supervisors. This is the agency formed after the dispute with Disney World over its corporate criticism of the “Don’t Say Gay” law banning sexual-identity discussion in schools and following the termination of Disney’s Reedy Creek special taxing district operational agreement with the state.

It couldn’t get any better if I’d made it up. And be sure to visit Bridget Zeigler’s school board campaign website before it gets taken down. She won re-election to the Sarasota School Board in 2022. Now the Sarasota Herald-Tribune is calling for her to go away.

Imagine you are the child of a gay or lesbian couple, and that you are not permitted to acknowledge your family in school. It is cruel and serves no purpose other than cruelty.

Ziegler’s treatment of trans people is equally cruel.

Ziegler spearheaded the forced resignation of Brennan Asplen despite the former superintendent’s “highly effective” rating and excellent leadership of the schools through the pandemic. This wasted precious financial resources and time better spent on real issues. It did not benefit the school system.

As the School Board chair, Ziegler allowed commenters at board meetings to mock and target Tom Edwards, who is an effective leader, because he is gay.

It was unconscionable.

Unconscionable is kind of the point, I think. It gets you on Fox News.

While we’re in Florida: Tt seems the last refuge of failing Republican presidential candidates is to rip Obamacare. Now it’s Ron DeSantis.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he would replace Obamacare with a “better plan” — part of an interview in which he criticized former President Donald Trump for failing to deliver on numerous policy promises during his term in the White House, including frequent pledges to replace the health care law.

“Obamacare hasn’t worked,” DeSantis said in the interview with moderator Kristen Welker, which aired Sunday morning. “We are going to replace and supersede with a better plan.”

He declined to provide details about how his plan would “supersede” Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, adding that his campaign would most likely roll out a proposal in the spring.

Of course, he doesn’t have a proposal yet. He’s just reacting to Trump’s recent stupid remark about replacing Obamacare. The GOP had shut up about it in recent years. So we’ll see if DeSantis comes up with anything other than the Standard GOP Health Care Plan That Won’t Work.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies, Florida Edition

  1. The thing that caught my attention about her complaint to the cops about Mr. Zeigler was that Mrs. Zeigler was not there. They'd been doing threesomes for some time and the third wheel on that tricycle only wanted to play if she had whatever Mrs. Zeigler contributed. There's the whiff of a lesbian aspect to what had been more than OK with all three guardians of morality.

    Did it offend Mr. Zeigler that he was not the center of attention to the females? Might it have been flattering to Mrs. Zeigler that she WAS? Am I being a dirty old man? Not exactly. In my first marriage a few decades ago, my wife and I explored non-traditional encounters and I discovered she was far more interesting to men and women than I was to men or women.  I made the best of a good situation but she had more fun than I did.

    So if he was outvoted and frequently on the sidelines in bed , I can believe he committed rape trying to establish dominance with the other woman, presumably because he could not with his wife. And he knew it. This is called "thinking with your ,,,,: Never mind. If that stratey has ever worked out well, I never heard the story.

  2. Well its about time we started seeing more stories of "Florida woman" to equal those of "Florida man" that we've come to enjoy for some years now.

    I'm all for replacing Obamacare – with universal healthcare.

    • Hmmm, unlike the all the toadies in the Big Money wing of the GOP, Trump isn't beholden to the Health Insurance Lobby; don't be surprised if he comes out with a Universal Health Care "plan".  Of course, it wouldn't be a real policy proposal (Trump doesn't do details), and no real Bill would get through Congress, but it could get him elected…

      • tRump's plan for Universal Health Care; everybody gets a letter from his "doctor" proclaiming they are in perfect health.

  3. I liked this part: 'He (Rhonda Santis) declined to provide details about how his plan would “supersede” Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, adding that his campaign would most likely roll out a proposal in the spring.'  Like he's going to still have a campaign in the spring.

  4. I don't see the whole affair of the Zieglers having a spare wheel woman in their bed is going to discredit them with the fundies. 

    Just in general they are amazingly forgiving, at least of their own. There can even be more rejoicing over the lamb that was lost and has now found his way back to grace, typically by admitting he was engaged in sin, but blaming everyone else for his sin

    This case in particular may not require the Zieglers to even admit any sort of guilt, that their arrangement with this other woman was even a bit off. 

    You see, if you read the lurid details, it was this woman's refusal to appear at the appointed time for sex with the Zieglers, because Mrs. Ziegler couldn't be there, that prompted Mr. Ziegler to call and demand her appearance.  During their conversation, she told Ziegler that she wasn't going to show because Mrs. Ziegler wasn't going to be there, and she really only enjoyed their sessions because of her attraction to Mrs. Ziegler.  Ziegler thereupon rushed over, broke int the woman's apartment and raped her.

    For a godly man to have a second wife, or a concubine or two in addition to a wife, is permitted by Scripture.  That practice is all over the Old Testament.  Unlike the abandonment of the requirement for circumcision and the observance of a kosher diet, the polygyny of the Old Testament was never explicitly superseded by some new commandment requiring monogamy.  As long as this other woman submitted to the man, as a sort of concubine, there was nothing really sinful in their arrangement.

    That all changed with the revelation by the other woman that she had a homoerotic interest in Mrs. Ziegler, and was just pretending to submit to Mr. Ziegler's manhood in order to satisfy her homosexual lust.  Of course he had to show her the grave error of her ways by forcing his godly manhood on her, despite the risk that put him for prosecution by the secular authorities for rape.  

    It's the rape that proves, in these peoples' eyes, that the Zieglers were 100% innocent.  They reacted immediately on finding out that they had been deceived by a homosexual with an unmistakable chastisement of the guilty party, a punishment that goes a long way to proving the Mr. Ziegler at least has 100% normal male reactions, therefore he cannot possibly be either gay himself, or in any way gay-tolerant.  In their eyes, rape can be excused, and isn't really rape if the woman was asking for it, as this woman clearly was, but gay sex is an abomination under all circumstances.  Mr.  Ziegler just had to prove he wasn't guilty of that sin, so he basically had to rape the other woman.

  5. "Moms for Liberty co-founder Bridget Ziegler’s"

    Funny I read that as Bigot Ziegler, honest!

  6. OT: Due the the Atlantics release of the latest issue focusing on the risk of authoritarian dictatorship if the upcoming elections don't go well, my mind is on my concerns about the younger generations and their lack of enthusiasm for Biden. Between what I'm seeing in punditry about polling among younger folks from Millenials through gen Z, and a few conversations with a couple of younger folks in my extended family, I fear that they just don't understand how quickly the country will become an authoritarian dictatorship if TFG gets elected.  Too many of them dislike him, but are totally frustrated that the system has not made it impossible for him to return to power, and they also seem to me to be too ready to fall into "a pox on both their houses", due in large part to the media failure to rise to the occasion. The GOP has for decades been dedicated to knee-capping the federal government from doing ANYTHING useful to the general population. People of any age who don't have the time or inclination to understand the complexities of a democratic republic's process just see two parties fighting with each other and doping nothing for the general populace. Worse, the younger generations don't have any real life experience of times in the past when our system managed to accomplish some things (admittedly a slow process, but that's the cost of freedom and democracy in a large diverse republic). All they see is that the federal government doesn't seem to do anything other than look the other way while the super-wealthy and huge corporations corrupt the whole process; and for most of the time, they've seen that Dems get as much funding from big money donors as Reps, so they take that to mean that all of them are "in the pocket" of the bad guys. They don't understand that for most of the past 50 years:  a) the wealthy and huge corporations chose to donate to both sides, to hedge their bets; and b) if you're going to run for office, if the other side gets big money, you are going to lose if you don't come close to their level of funding, and where else are you going to get the money?  The younger generations don't trust the "establishment" to respond to their needs and they see Biden as "establishment".

    I think the younger generations trust Michael Moore.  I wish he would make a short documentary that would explain to young people that we are on the precipice! And that if it's TFG vs Biden only a massive number of votes for Biden will preserve anything worth the younger generations inheriting. I have no idea how to convince Michael Moor to do that.    

  7. What three or more consenting adults do in the privacy of their home is nobody's business but their own.  What is generally upsetting here is the hypocricy and the coersion.

    The only thing that personally upsets me about three or more consenting adults getting it on with each other is not being invited.


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