Wingnuts Gonna Be Wingnuts

The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily halted Kate Cox’s abortion.

The Texas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a pregnant woman from obtaining an emergency abortion in a ruling issued late Friday.

The court froze a lower court’s ruling that would have allowed Kate Cox, who sued the state seeking a court-ordered abortion, to obtain the procedure. “Without regard to the merits, the Court administratively stays the district court’s December 7, 2023 order,” the order states.

The court noted the case would remain pending before them but did not include any timeline on when a full ruling might be issued. Cox is 20 weeks pregnant. Her unborn baby was diagnosed with a fatal genetic condition and she says complications in her pregnancy are putting her health at risk.

If the Texas Supreme Court doesn’t decide in Cox’s favor by the middle of next week, she needs to get her ass out of Texas and get an abortion somewhere else. At 20 weeks, she’s got about three weeks to go before the viability threshold. Of course, then she may not be able to return to Texas, as Ken Paxton will probably prosecute her.

Politico points out that Ken Paxton may be sorry he butted in.

Biden’s reelection campaign plans to argue the case is a prime example of the existential threat posed to women’s reproductive rights if Republicans return to power in 2024.

“Ken Paxton is doing a great job of expressing for thousands of women in Texas the horror of having the state in charge of your pregnancy,” said Cecile Richards, the former CEO of Planned Parenthood and current co-chair of Democratic Super PAC American Bridge 21st Century. “These are people’s lives that are at stake, and it’s only going to get worse.”

The campaign on Friday repeatedly highlighted coverage of Paxton’s statement. It also sought to use the legal standoff to target GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, portraying the case as a direct result of the former president’s actions — from appointing three justices to the Supreme Court to backing policies aimed at limiting reproductive rights.

“This story is shocking, it’s horrifying, and it’s heartbreaking — it’s also becoming all too commonplace in America because of Donald Trump,” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas), a Biden campaign co-chair, said in a statement. “The American people should know that Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans won’t stop here.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

You can count on the forced birth fanatics to not know when to back off.

In other news: If you missed Chris Hayes on the Biden economy last night, please watch and share, share, share.

14 thoughts on “Wingnuts Gonna Be Wingnuts

  1. Kate Cox is the Terri Schiavo of our time, as @Bernie wrote elsewhere. Not only is abortion mostly illegal in TX, but any number of yahoos (bounty hunters) can go after Cox, her husband, and anybody who helps her get one. Defending themselves against all of the bounty hunters would bankrupt anybody, let alone all the trouble she would be in with the state. I hope 1) she can get the care she needs outta state, and 2) she and her husband are ready to completely uproot their lives and move elsewhere. 

    Politically it's a massive gift for the Democrats, and it should animate a significant chunk of the Dem base, despite all the other 5 alarm fires going on.

    I watched the Chris Hayes video. There's no doubt that the economic numbers are good if not spectacular, and right wing media is doing all it can to deny this. That's the base reality that's beyond dispute. But I think this is an incomplete explanation for the gap in perception Chris talks about. Two points:

    1) It's unclear if polling is really accurate / trustworthy anymore.

    2) What is clear is that there's a seismic shift going on with boys / men. Women are pulling ahead of men economically. More and more boys / men are falling behind, in many ways. The incel phenomenon is one result. Women are having a harder time finding suitable mates.

    A number of people have written about this, I like Scott Galloway, here's a sample, in Boys To Men. Does this explain the perception gap? No, but a lot of people – women and men – are miserable – despite the great numbers.

    I don't think it's productive to focus on right wing media's chronic naysaying, because 1) that's a near constant feature, like the weather and isn't something that can be easily changed, and 2) there are other things going on, probably more relevant that need to be examined.

    I made a conclusion about my recent favorite right wing idiot – Mike Johnson. One of the Ten commandments is "Thou shalt not bear false witness" – in other words: lying.  To me, there's nothing more infuriating than seeing this guy, with heavily bookmarked bible in hand, standing at a podium delivering a speech. Those who aren't from evangelical backgrounds will likely miss the critical visual clue of Mike carrying his bible with him everywhere, and he has stated his entire worldview derives from it.

    Lefties need to learn how to slay people like Mike Johnson by using their own religion against them. There is no clearer and easier sword to draw, than confronting him with this Commandment. It's tragic that nobody in the leadership, not Liz Cheney nor any Democrat that I've seen knows how to do this. And so we continue to lose ground against these hypocrites.


    "she may not be able to return to Texas, as Ken Paxton will probably prosecute her."

    I feel horrible for what this woman is being put through. But I have to believe that her suffering and this whole ordeal will lead to less republicans winning elections in the future, that's always a good thing.

    "You can count on the forced birth fanatics to not know when to back off"

    Exactly, and the fact the Supreme court decided to stay the procedure means politically it doesn't really matter whether they allow the abortion next week or not, the GOP has shown what they are willing to put this women through. It's disgusting and it will cost them some votes in the end which will be a win for the rest of us.



  3. She needs to get in her car with cash and a gun and drive to illinois by herself. She has to insure her own survival without help to protect others.

    And never return to texas.

    • That's what the Texass Supreme Court wants her to do so they can wash their hands of it and so they can continue to baselessly claim that the medical exemption for abortions exists and is a real thing instead of being a sham to dupe and willingly duped media.

  4. I'd like it if corporate/professional women would organize a boycott of TX. That is: a refusal to accept a transfer to TX if offered. I'm thinking there are a lot of women have made the decision individually, but a movement would motivate corporations to not invest or expand in Neandertahl states. 

    • I suspect not a few companies have decided this (but can't prove it), they mostly don't publicize their plans. Disney – canceling its planned expansion in FL – is the one big exception.

      There's a massive sorting going on in this country – people sorting themselves / moving into red or blue states. I fled to CA when I was younger, a lot for this reason. Our own blog-mistress is one of them.  Many people have written about this.

  5. When I was in the Army a bunch of us went to Witchita Falls TX after we graduated from basic. We thought we would hang out at some bars and get bent. I knew within half an hour that Texas was not going to be any fun! It was nothing but trouble. I went back a few times since when I was working, same fucking thing! Never again!

  6. When I was in the Army a bunch of us went to Witchita Falls TX after we graduated from basic. We thought we would hang out at some bars and get bent. I knew within half an hour that Texas was not going to be any fun! Nothing but trouble. I went back a few times since when I was working, same fucking thing! Never again!

  7. Off topic,but maybe some of you might need a laugh for today.. Found this on the internet.

    "A statue of Jesus in India mysteriously began dripping water from its toes. Worshippers started collecting it and drinking it believing it was holy. The source of the water was later found to be a clogged toilet near the statue."

  8. Off Topic: Trump elected not to testify today in the civil DC trial. That was it for the defense. It goes to closing arguments and the judge may return with a decision in January which is certain to be appealed. The findings of fact which the judge makes are hard to overturn on appeal. Trump will drag out enforcement as long as possible but  hopefully, the verdict will puncture the myth of "The Apprentice."

    Rudy is going on trial for the lies he told about the two election workers in GA. They are asking for damages from the jury between 14 and 40 million. Rudy is broke – he quit paying his lawyers a long time ago but the process will force Rudy into disclosure of assets and liabilities. IMO, Rudy's only hope is if Trump wins and lines up some free-money gig for Mayor Bug Eyes. 

    Trump is trying to stop jury selection in the DC J6 trial while his attempt to have the entire case dismissed is on appeal. The basis of Trump's attempt to have the case thrown out is that Trump has absolute immunity for anything and everything he did as president. It's certain to be dismissed at the appeals court level, but Trump will go to the USSC. The objective is simply to delay until after the election. I don't know if the courts will facilitate Trump's bid.

    •  I hope Giuliani gets financially destroyed. Completely wiped out. So when he dies he'll end up being buried in Potter's field. He's a tired old bag of shit, and I again hope the in closing aruments at his trial the prosecutor closes with the words of Ruby Freeman….Do you know what it is like to have the most powerful person in the world single you out as a professional voter fraud and suggest that bad things should happen to you? Let the jury think on the grave injustice and harm that Trump and Giuliani perpetrated on those poor women.

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