Trump Whiffs on Abortion

Trump whiffed on abortion. His “big plan” designed to “make both sides happy” and put the issue to rest is … wait for it… let the states decide. It’s a states’ rights issue, he says.

This, of course, was the old consensus on the Right, which ended as soon as the Dobbs decision did exactly that … let the states decide. Then the forced birth people marched on to their new goal, a national ban. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America has already issued a statement expressing disappointment. Trump had been expected to endorse a federal 15-week ban, which the Fetus People would have loved until the next day, when they would have begun pushing for a 6-week ban. Etc.

Trump released his plan by video, which I refuse to watch, so I’ll have to quote people with stronger stomachs. Josh Marshall:

If you haven’t seen it yet, Donald Trump put out a video this morning in which he says a lot of gobbledegook, takes credit for overturning Roe v. Wade, and then says the abortion bans should be left up to individual states. We can draw the obvious intent: Republicans are terrified about the politics of abortion rights. He wants to take credit for overturning Roe and then say, essentially, my role is done now so leave me out of it. We will now see a lot of press tut-tutting toward anyone who points out the obvious point that Trump didn’t discuss the kind of blue-state abortion ban he has privately said he’ll support and sign if he’s reelected President. He avoids discussing plans to ban abortion drugs, which are now the primary way women get abortions in the country, or prevent them from being mailed to women in states with abortion bans.

Not exactly a profile in courage. David Kurtz:

But let’s not leave the misimpression that Trump spoke in coherent sentences or a logical structure. He threw out a few conceptual frameworks, like “life” and “babies” and “winning.” But he stopped short of endorsing a nationwide ban. To try to make up for it, he smeared Democrats with the false claim that they favor executing babies after birth. He literally said that.

Not that I was expecting anything significant. Issues that are more complicated than putting on his socks are out of Trump’s cognitive league. But this is lame even by Trump standards.

Update: Everybody hates Trump’s “plan.” And I haven’t even heard from Democrats. Mike Pence doesn’t like it. Miz Lindsey Graham doesn’t like it. And as I already said, the Fetus People don’t like it. The only ones who seem to like it are House Republicans, who may nope that making abortion a state issue (again) takes the heat off them in the November elections.

Also, too,  here’s a new ad from the Biden campaign.

In other news, Jose Pagliery at Daily Beast tells us Trump’s $175 Million Bond Is Even Shadier Than It Looks.

The little-known insurance company that rescued Donald Trump by providing a last-minute $175 million bank fraud bond isn’t just unlicensed in New York; it hasn’t even been vetted by a voluntary state entity that would verify it meets minimum “eligibility standards” to prove financial stability.

Perhaps even more troubling, the legal document from Knight Specialty Insurance Company doesn’t actually promise it will pay the money if the former president loses his $464 million bank fraud case on appeal. Instead, it says Trump will pay, negating the whole point of an insurance company guarantee, according to three legal and bond experts who reviewed the contract for The Daily Beast.

In brief, it isn’t clear whether Knight has the capital to make good on the bond, which may be why it’s fudging on whether it will pay the money if Trump loses the appeal.

In subsequent court filings, the AG’s office immediately questioned whether Knight Specialty was even good for the money. The law enforcement agency said it “takes exception to the sufficiency of the surety,” noting that Knight Specialty is trying to operate “without a certificate of qualification.”

Later in the article:

Buried in the typical legalese of the contract is the phrase: “Knight Specialty Insurance Company… does hereby… undertake that if the judgment… is dismissed… Donald J. Trump… shall pay… the sum directed.”

In other words: If Trump loses the case, Trump will pay. But that’s no different than Trump’s obligation before the bond was issued.

“Getting into the weeds, the company undertakes that Trump will pay,” said one bond industry source who declined to be publicly identified for this story.

NY Attorney General James isn’t stupid. We may not have heard the end of this.

From the WTF? Department. Trump’s RNC Chair Includes Ukraine in List of US Adversaries

6 thoughts on “Trump Whiffs on Abortion

  1. First, democrats need to hammer Trump and the republicans on abortion the way republicans hammer them on "immigration."  Mercilessly.  Republicans never leave a mic without getting in a talking point against Biden on the border. Democrats need to do the same.  They have the advantage though, because they can hit them even harder on abortion using their own words and actions, and truth.

    Regarding the bond, its beyond irony that Trump, a lifelong fraudster, would put forward a fraudulent bond for his appeal.  The appeals court and the NY AG, if they aren't, should be apoplectic over being scammed by Trump after cutting him some slack.  If I write a check to pay a bill by a certain date and if the check bounces and its after the due date for the payment, then I am subject to whatever remedies available to my creditor.  If the bond is fraudulent that means he didn't meet the requirement of posting a bond by a certain date, and the AG should take steps immediately to take his properties to satisfy the judgement.


    • I could not agree more with what you wrote.

      We need more people who can think and write like you,

  2. There was more on Truth Social after Miss Linsey criticized Ttump on the federal 15-week ban that he likes. Trump was clearly pissed. But in attacking Graham, Trump laid more cards on the table. First, the GOP is out to win the election. If that means going light on a subject where they are in the minority, everyone should shut up and follow the leader. (Trump) Second, Trump invoked the Tenth Amendment, which is obviously the core of his defense. Abortion was never a right of women except for a recent 50-year stretch but that was a mistake the USSC (not Trump) corrected. So it's not his fault he appointed three justices who he selected by the litmus test, "Will you reverse Roe?"

    The Tenth Amendment did it. (BTW, I don't recall the USSC citing the Tenth in their reasoning when they reversed Roe. correct me if I'm wrong.) So Trump is going to refuse to answer questions on the future of women's rights or states that pursue women who had to flee across state lines for their health. It's not Trump's responsibility. VERY soon, he will go after reporters who bring it up any more after he's explained that Abortion is no longer a federal issue.

    Biden isn't going to let up on women's rights in the election so this is Trump with his fingers in his ears shouting, "LA LA LA LA" until the question goes away. For many women who consider control over their reproductive health crucial, Trump is on the wrong side. 

    • One would think Ms Lindsey would have figured out how this game is to be played by now, do NOT in any manner contradict and/or criticize the Almighty.  Maybe he enjoys the periodic humiliation.

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