Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

I’ll be spending some time with all my babies this weekend, but feel free to comment about whatever.

I realized yesterday that we’ve lost gulag again. His last comment was about three weeks’ ago. I hope you’ll be back, gulag! And everybody stay well and safe.

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Yeah I wondered about Gulag a couple weeks ago but was afraid to ask? I hope he is ok, I miss the Gulag comments.

    Happy mothers day all you mom's. My mom is 88 she's running a bit low on steam but still kicking and still living on her own, with a little help from me and my wife!

  2. Happy Mom's Day to all moms and those related to a mom, in spite of the above strangeness – a measly three word post by Doug (just kidding Doug, I read every word and they are ALWAYS worth reading!).

    I propose making Gulag an honorary Mother for today.

  3. As a tribute to my mother, who is not around to say it, Ms. Lindsey is a disgrace to every sex.  Today his binary thinking was evident with his dismal showing on at least one talk show.  He babbled about the good moral judgement of the United States in the use of atomic weapons in WWII which seems totally unparallel to the present war in the Middle East.  Then he finished with a binary conclusion that to be considerate of the plight of the Palestinian Citizens means you have chosen a side.  Cannot one oppose the blatant hate acted out by Hamas and the IDF without finding a favorite?  We can add Lindsey to the mix of who show no evidence of merit of a good conduct medal in this spat.  Would it be that hard to make way for at least a minimum level of understanding and harmony? 



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