15 thoughts on “Glory, Glory Hallelujah

  1. Doesn't it feel great?

    Important Dates:

    – June 27 – Dark Brandon debates the sun-downing guy in the orange jumpsuit

    – July 11 – Trump is sentenced

    – July 15-18 – Republican National Convention, Milwaukee

    It's going to be an exciting, historic summer. Today was just the opener. At long last.

    • Really agree with your observations. The felony conviction won't be the knockout punch that the DC conviction will be. When they get that trial back on track. But Trump is reeling and he's not gonna be saved by the bell. I expect Trump will become more unhinged, pitching more wild claims.

      The debate is in Atlanta, done by CNN. I hope they will bait Trump with some of his crackpot declarations, let Trump amplify them so Joe can refute them. Like where's the proof Biden is behind ANY of the prosecutions. 

      Trump thinks he can turn the conviction and sentencing into some romantic charm – like an outlaw hero. That has to be stripped away – he's a cheat, a liar, a rapist, and a con man stupid enough to believe his own con.

    • Dang – I'm leaving for Europe on June 27 – and won't be back until late on July 17, so I'm likely to miss all the fun!

  2. Hallelujah indeed! I'm shocked. I thought for sure that at least one magat would hang the jury. I'm thinking six months home confinement at least. Get you stinking fat ass down to mara-lardo and shut the fuck up!

    • I'm thinking 18 months in Attica. At a minimum he has to do some time in jail, if not, he's going to taunt and diminish respect for the rule of law, Just like he did with his impeachments.."Gee, it doesn't feel like an impeachment, ha, ha" No shame, no repentence, no regret.

      Run, run, run, as fast as you can…but you can't catch me, said the gingerbread man. That's what Trump has been doing to our legal system, and until they put him in a cage his behavior will contiue.

  3. According to GQP'ers the system is corrupt. I say ok then lets empty the prisons, all those convictions are rigged!

  4. What a wonderful validation.  It is difficult to get twelve people to agree on anything in this country anymore, but with the facts at hand innocent was out of the question.  The reality benders are still out, and the slip stream television media in our area is still backing the Trump delusions.  It is getting harder and harder for them to maintain any credibility at all, though, and most know only those who sell out need apply.  It sure shows.  It is a gateway job to nowhere, and even they seem to know how fake it all is. 

    Trump is now a convicted felon on charges related to violations of election laws in the election eight years ago.  This news story they are failing to cover.  Yes, his election was validated as at least in part as illegitimate.  This truth they are trying to avoid at all costs.  So too any bias Russian influence and collaboration may have caused in that outcome.  

    It was not surprising that Trump, in his after-verdict rant, placed blame on the immigrants and admitted no errors or crimes.  Still working on that Reich, it seems.  Always fixing the blame somewhere else.  

  5. Take the victory for now, thank God for the rule of law and equality under the law, but for the long term it's a trap. MAGAt is just a mean spirited, mentally ill, alcoholic doomsday cult that has lost the ability to see reality. They work off of the powerlessness of the electorate and gain personal and collective agency through the shock value of their dear leader as if he were a stone age man's medicine fetish. MAGA is a cargo cult that promises something that normal folks can not see but that the MAGA-money folks are just using as a (rotten) carrot for a neo-confederate takeover. If it does not work in November, there will be Novembers until the end of time. We have passed the tipping point of the cognitive decline of the sunset-hour US of A and we will be forced to rebuild after their temper-tantrum burns out like a climate change-induced forest fire.

  6. "but for the long term it's a trap"

    A trap by whom? Stump, that fat ass couldn't figure out how to pay off a sex worker to keep quiet without catching 34 campaign finance felony convictions? He's far to dull to set a trap. A trap by Alvin Bragg, why would he want to trap his own party? The fact is it is not a trap, it is the natural progression of how things should be. Stump has flouted the law his entire miserable life and now he has been brought to justice. The magats are angry, who fucking cares they are always angry it's a feature not a bug. Stump is going to lose the election, he lost the last one and I don't see how unleashing a mob on the capital to try to steal the last election or now being a convicted felon gains him one single vote. All of the hard core magats what voted for Trump last time will most likely vote for him again but I don't see him picking up any support at all, if anything he's going to lose some "moderates" who were dumb enough to vote for him last time. It's not a trap it is our Justice system working as it should. Stump is Toast!

    I keep hearing diaper don and his GQP'er ass kissers going on about how Judge Mechan is conflicted. I haven't heard it yet but you would thing someone in the media would ask him is Judge Cannon is conflicted? Mechan might have voted for Biden but he wasn't appointed by him like loose Cannon was. You would think that question would get asked?

    • It's a trap because if you live and work in a rural areas of a red state you must encounter the cult members and are forced to interact and they steer it into their crybaby discontents and insanities. A normal conversation about anything always leads to a test to see if you are a true believer. I have a business contact that constantly tests me about the new, weird MAGAt cult wackadoodle stuff and then mocks and insults me because I am (literally!!)  not a flat-earther. Then, it devolves into "can't you take a joke" if they need your services then always gossip behind your back about how you are a libtard. Big, giant pain in the ass.

  7. @uncledad – I've been hearing from Trump since Day 1 "Merchan is conflicted". Someone asked Trump what he meant, and he wouldn't answer. Either it's just empty smokescreen, thrown out to confuse people, or: Trump states this about everybody, that they either go along with whatever fiction Trump is promoting, or they exercise their own ability to think for themselves. This is the “conflict”.

    Merchan wasn't conflicted at all – he never bought into Trump's reality distortion field. Trump is surrounded by people who are either loyalists or who are "conflicted", but almost never by people who refuse to buy his fictions.


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