The Debate Post and Thread

I’ll comment here during the debate as the spirit moves. Please, please, please add your impressions of the debate to the comments.

Well, we’re beginning. President Biden’s voice sounds a bit raspy.

Trump’s lies are not being corrected, and I’ve already decided I can’t watch this. But please comment if you can stand to watch it.

This is not going well. I’m seeing comments on Facebook saying that Biden just lost the election. Well, good night. I’ll read about it in the morning. Do feel free to comment.

11 thoughts on “The Debate Post and Thread

  1. IMO this debate is a disaster.  Simply an opportunity for TFG to spew lies. Impossible to correct the firehose of lies.  Sheeesh. 

  2. Joe is struggling with his speech. Trump is as smooth as a snake-oil salesman. Joe shows some command of the details but details don't matter in a 90-min event. Trump shows complete confidence with a fire-hose of lies that Biden does not have time to refute.

  3. Could only watch for a minutes or 2. I've heard all this stuff for 4 years and I don't know why anyone would want to hear it again. 

  4. I have never seen anyone who lies as much as Trump, and I have seen some really crazy people.  

  5. WTF didn't debate prep point out the nickname, "President Bone-spurs?"

    WTF didn't debate prep point out the video of foreign leaders laughing at Trump behind his back?

  6. HOW does Trump know what Putin will do with the WSJ reporter they have?

    Is Trump in communications with the Kremlin OR is he just lying his ass off?

  7. I'm bummed. Biden had the chance to say he passed on the chance to interfere in the judicial system to save his son. He didn't. And he didn't interfere in ANY way on Trump's prosecutions for injuries and crimes he committed before and after the last election. 

    I do hope no one in Biden's debate prep team commits suicide tonight. 

  8. Yes to all.  But…

    Interesting cut on MSNBC in the past 20 minutes to a small focus group in Arizona.  Four non democrats. They all were disappointed with Biden's performance, but they also all four said TFG is a liar. They're not going to vote for TFG. But they have doubts about Biden. Small consolation, but at least it's encouraging that TFG probably didn't help himself.

  9. Trump painted quite the ugly picture of the state of our union.  If others see much realism to his view, I feel sorry for them.  I suspect they suffer quite a bit of depression.  I am old enough to remember Republicans who talked of a large number of points of light.  They painted a picture that was a bit optimistic and surreal, but at least seemed accurate in most ways.  

    I am fairly sure Trump has never gone hungry a day in his life or without much of anything he really needed.  I am sure he would be in a better place in his golden years if he tried to make an honest go of it. but he liked scams and frauds and a playboy lifestyle.  Now he wants jack booted thugs to make a mess of things it seems, but this outcome is totally unacceptable.  Biden is getting feeble but has a great team.  We have really only one choice.  At least Biden will be grateful to those who support him.  So will the children who have to survive in the country we leave them we hope.  

    • Hear, hear.  Well said.  My mate told me to shut up as I was correcting some of donnie's lies.  Any transcripts out yet?


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