An Immunity Decision on Monday, Maybe

I’m still here. In the past couple of days I’ve gone from feeling that maybe it’s not that bad to thinking, yeah, it is. We’re screwed. Still (I tell myself) a lot can happen between now and November.

Per Joyce Vance, tomorrow should be the last day the Supreme Court is in session. This means if we’re going to get a decision on Trump’s immunity in this session, it ought to be tomrorow. And then the justices go on vacation.

SCOTUS dropped a bunch of crap on us last week, but the biggest load was the Chevron decision.

The Supreme Court fundamentally altered the way that our federal government functions on Friday, transferring an almost unimaginable amount of power from the executive branch to the federal judiciary. By a 6–3 vote, the conservative supermajority overruled Chevron v. NRDC, wiping out four decades of precedent that required unelected judges to defer to the expert judgment of federal agencies. The ruling is extraordinary in every way—a massive aggrandizement of judicial power based solely on the majority’s own irritation with existing limits on its authority. After Friday, virtually every decision an agency makes will be subject to a free-floating veto by federal judges with zero expertise or accountability to the people. All at once, SCOTUS has undermined Congress’ ability to enact effective legislation capable of addressing evolving problems and sabotaged the executive branch’s ability to apply those laws to the facts on the ground. It is one of the most far-reaching and disruptive rulings in the history of the court.

This is going to severely hobble the federal government from functioning at all. Something has to be done about the Court.

3 thoughts on “An Immunity Decision on Monday, Maybe

  1. Funny how a law developed under Roosevelt and signed by Truman came back to bite the executive branch here.


    If we want Agency experts to have rule making Authority, and in examples like the EPA, FTC, FDA, etc, I think we do, Congress will have to update the authorizing statute for the agency in question, or amended the Administrative Procedures Act. 

  2. I do think that Republicans who trust corporations to self-regulate should be required to fly on the Boeing 737 Max. 

    I still think Trump will lose in November if we get a few breaks. 

    Yeah, tomorrow may be interesting.

  3. Glad to see you back.  Yes. the court is a problem and a big high priority problem not an imaginary one.  One that needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Is this a case where the Holy American Fascists are playing the anti-expert or the uber-expert card.  It reminds me of the countries that a Muslim and can't tell when Ramada is over when it is cloudy, because they need a committee of Imams to agree on the phase of the moon.  Science will not do.  I guess the SCOTUS wants to be the Committee of the Grandest Imams. of the New Holy American Fascist Empire in a pseudo-Christian sort of a way.  It is a problem

    Steve Bannon goes to jail tomorrow.  Let the correction begin and work.



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