Stuff to Read

A couple of articles to read together — see “An Opportunity Gamed Away” by Chico Harlan and “The Dream World of the Southern Republicans” by Howell Raines. The first article in particular illustrates how deeply entrenched racial segregation and discrimination in the deep South is still impacting the region.

Paul Solotaroff asks “What’s Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?” A fracking boomtown in Utah is experiencing a spike in stillbirths and birth defects. Is the fracking to blame? Correlation ain’t necessarily causation, but the political powers that be are blocking a serious inquiry. And the midwife who raised the alarm is getting death threats.

Papa Francisco is mincing no words, calling out the excesses of global capitalism. He’d better hire more bodyguards and stay in the Popemobile, if they still have it.