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  1. It seems to me that people of any background will work hard and live in a civil manner when they have the oppurtunity to better themselves. Generally. Then there is a point when a comfort level is reached and people will go to extremes to protect those comforts or try hard to impose their own ideology upon them….

  2. … bit of an over simplification, I think. These people are redundant, as redundant as southern blacks with the advent of the cotton picker in the sixties and the union worker with automation and off shoring. If jobs were plentiful in France, this problem would not exist. We Americans are in basically the same predicament

  3. I’m surprised at you, Ken. What was it that made southern black “redundant” and southern whites not? That is the source of the violence, not “redundancy.”

  4. All’s a bit more complicated: In the sixties, whilst some 6 million southern blacks were being displaced by cotton pickers, southern whites knew new prosperity as the first outsourcing of northern union jobs to the non-union south began. Later, these same southern whites saw the appropriated jobs go to Mexico in route to China. The number of jobs has been decreasing since 1960. Since 1970 America has lost two-thirds of its industry and what is left can be done with one-fourth the labor required in 1970. What we’re talking about is the distribution of jobs. Soon, you’ll need a least be white, protestant, and have a masters to clean toilets. All the others???

  5. Per the good pastor: … first they came for the … It’s all part of a blame the victim rationalization: “The poor are poor because they are lazy” … “They could get a job if they really wanted to work” … “They are a violent people” … “They are Muslim” …

    “They were the the first to have to go.
    It was sad when that great ship went down. ”

    The middle class is disappearing. With it democracy. Mine to Publius:

    “We here in America sit atop a most similar petard. So sits most of the developed world and perhaps the world in general. Strange you mention the blacks. Here, they were the first to be disposed after becoming redundant. Hard enough keeping such lots as the rural blacks displaced by automatic cotton pickers and factory workers displaced by automation and outsourcing down, but the real fun is just beginning. Should be every bit as exciting as the industrial revolution; maybe even the French.

    This is the real war on poverty. And, as with all wars, first you must ostracize and demonize the enemy. After you get them isolated: ‘layabout’ is a good start; then ‘un socialized’ if needed; and finally, if necessary, ‘violent’. To a point; prisons can be effective, but at some point the government has to be prepared for all out war. The southern blacks are a docile lot and so the northerns, most of the time. The real rub, I suspect, is going to be with the third, fourth, … fifth generation blue collar and some of the more redundant white collar such as engineers and MBAs. Especially when dog’s chosen few start denying them health care, social security and yea even livelihood in order to preserve the more perfect union.

    Actually France and the Scandahoovians are the only ones approaching the revolution with any rationality. The US and Germany, in particular, believe they can cut costs and compete in this race to the bottom where even the Chinese worker can’t make a living. Brilliant!

    First, we’ll kill all the ignorant bastards that worshipped the gawds of free markets and capitalism, then we’ll declare all so called laws of economics to be unconstitutional and an abomination under dog.”

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