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  1. The brains are working just in evil ways. Jose Padilla has been moved twice in order to avoid a court review that might have been favorable to him. Is there no legal basis to contest this shell game?

  2. I just cannot stop laughing over Malkins comments. I swear, that woman is about the most gullible person I have ever read of. But is it really surprising that the kool-aiders are pumping this for all they are worth? Their glorious leader is falling apart and has reportedly started boozing again, their dreams of global domination are in tatters, and the indictments are flying out faster than even Michelle can spin then. You can tell beind the scenes they are frantically rushing about screaming ‘change the subject! change the subject!’ and their little blogger minions latch onto the very first thread they can and start spinning like whirling dervishes trying to get some attention off reality. I just can’t stop grinning at their antics.

  3. Perhaps a little context here? Righties are obsessing over who put a big black “X” over a photo of Dick Cheney. Lefties are obsessing over manipulations of intelligence that led to war.

    Wow, those wicked, conniving photo Xers! You just can’t trust anybody in this country! The terrible damage they have done to our freedoms!


  4. The dig was at the MSM actually not the ‘lefties’ as you call them, but then you are so blinded by the rhetoric of your own mantra, that you don’t even see that your own precious freedom for which as a liberal and a democrat and a conservative, you should stand for, is being violated. Do you have to wait until CNN is bought by Murdoch, and then to see if the bias turns on you?

    Pathetic is the right word.

  5. Awww,

    I just wanted to comment on the CNN graphic and comment on adults wearing paper-mache costumes in public. And the mentality type which makes such people “believe” that they are “making change” by walking in a parade while looking like fools or by exhibiting adolescent aggression in a control room. Hey, we pass for what we are.

    But since the first comment addressed Padilla, this weeks’ faux-high-theory circle-jerk, I’ll just leave this link (Oh!, and sorry I don’t have a MIRROR for you, as another link.):


  6. Wow! Troops are dying and the righties are worried about an x.
    There are innocent people in Iraq who were just living their lives day to day as we do until we busted in and started a war for what now turns out to be based on “bad intell”(oops?).Those people are now suffering so we could use their country to host a war , we didn’t even have the compassion to tell them to flee the country we just left them sitting there in the crossfire to suffer and that is ok but DAMNIT put an x near cheney and I fear at this point tony blair may have to come and talk the righties out of attacking cnn.
    I hope plenty of righties happen by here today because I hope they will take the time to ask themselves what the hell is wrong with this picture? What in their rightie values counld possibly justify allowing people who meant us NO harm what so ever to be in the middle of a war they had NOTHING to do with without a care yet they get their panties all in a bunch over a stupid x?
    They care more about an x then the suffering of the iraqi people over the last 3 years..and before a rightie DARE say what saddam may have done , I remind you that will NEVER excuse what we have done to the people NEVER!The people of Iraq meant us no harm .. they had no WMD …because of our invasion they are dying,hurting, suffering..we bomb them, we use chemical weapons on them,we make their lives a living hell by inviting insurgents to come into Iraq ,where innocent people are trying to live,and “bring it on”, we bust into their homes and hold them at gunpoint,,so you’ll excuse me if I don’t give a fuck about an x or the vice presidents petty ego…I am more concerned with a party who claims to love life , yet seems to be a bit selective over who’s lives they love when they choose an “X” to worry about over the death and suffering the war they support has caused to the innocents in Iraq that have been forgotten while we all choke down turkey and shop.

  7. Thanks, justme. Unlike our trollish visitors, you read and understand English.

    I’m not sure maha’s suggestion of meds will do the trick. I think we’re up to “Run get daddy’s exorcism tongs.”

    The idiot comments are only proving our point: Effed. Up. Priorities.

  8. “Run get daddy’s exorcism tongs.”

    I’ve got her twit-filtered; you should see the stuff I bounced. Deranged.

  9. dear lord these people are insane … saw the story yesterday, knew immediately it was a technical glitch, didn;t think any more about it … now today find out that it has become a MAJOR STORY on the right … WTF doesn’t even begin to cover this

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  11. Drink the Kool-aid!, it’s the best remedy to kill the pain of empathy. It makes it so that we are not slaughtering innocents but doing god a service by eliminating evil terra-ists even if they come to us in the form of children drenched in their parents blood or disguised as a wedding party.Kool-aid also helps make the distinction between the charges against Jose Padilla and the actions of George W. Bush. All things are possible with Kool-aid…even an America that can condone torture. God bless the cancer that we’ve become to humanity.

    My pride and my love for America was based on it’s decency as a nation, and that decency no longer raidiates because of the slime buckets who lead our nation.

  12. “you are so blinded by the rhetoric of your mantra….”


    JoanR is correct, we’re worried about being lied into war, the righties are worried about how an X got flashed over Cheney’s face.


  13. An interesting commentary in today’s Globe and Mail from a U of T professor. The article is called “A U.S. withdrawal from Iraq? Be careful what you wish for, Canada”. I’m not sure if I agree with his analysis though. He thinks the neo cons invaded Iraq to “Force political and social modernization from the outside.” Sounds too “goody two shoes” to be plausible. Personally I’ve always felt and still do that the whole thing was about lust. Iraq was invaded because of lust for oil wealth and that there is strong evidence that they wanted to do that well before 911 and that 911 only provided the excuse. They didn’t (and still don’t) give a shit about Sadam or the Iraqi people. Paul Wolfiwitz has said that no one could agree on a reason for an invasion that they could present to the public so they settled on WMD (in retrospect a bad choice). In a 60 minutes interview Richard Clarke stated that just a few days after 911: “The president dragged me into a room with a couple of other people, shut the door, and said, ‘I want you to find whether Iraq did this.’ Now he never said, ‘Make it up.’ But the entire conversation left me in absolutely no doubt that George Bush wanted me to come back with a report that said Iraq did this”. The neocons thought Iraq would be push-over after been weakened by years of sanctions. The flight deck caper declaring victory added a surreal finish to the whole affair. It was about the time or shortly before when they were declaring victory that the insurgents stole the warehouse full of high explosives that is fuelling the car bombs to this day. Looking back on all of this you couldn’t make it up in your wildest dreams! The incompetence has been breathtaking. While I and most Canadians do not any take comfort in the terrible situation that the US currently finds itself I do admit some satisfaction in seeing these A__holes. who are responsible for what is probably the worst strategic blunder in the history US foreign policy fall flat on their collective asses. When Bush was asked by Bob Woodward about how history would judge him Bush said “it really doesn’t matter because were all going to be dead anyway”. If there is a God I hope He sees to it that this whole wicked bunch live long enough to be totally discredited in the hearts and minds of ALL of their countrymen. That is what I would like to see. MAHA hit the nail on the head when she said it’ll take years after these goofs are gone to fix the messes they’ve made. The article is here:

  14. Can anyone explain the part where asking someone to stop lying is an inflametory attack? I think I spelled that wrong. More pie.

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