Caption Contest!

Be careful what you say — anybody might be wiretapped. Seems to me this vintage World War I poster would lend itself to a wiretap-related caption. Whoever comes up with the best zinger wins a cafepress T-shirt or poster with the updated Miss Liberty graphic!

Of course, the Bushies are goin’ way beyond phone wiretaps. Mo Dowd writes today (courtesy of True Blue Liberal) that she doesn’t appreciate “Dick Cheney ogling my Googling.”

Because what I’m Googling, of course, is Dick Cheney. I have to constantly monitor how Vice Voyeur is pushing the federal government to constantly monitor millions of ordinary Americans’ phone calls, e-mail notes and Internet searches.

If you want to know why the Grim Peeper is willing to turn this country into a police state to take his version of democracy to other countries, just do a Google search under “antiterrorism,” “government snooping,” “overreaching” and “fruitcake.”

I tried “fruitcake” and got, well, fruitcake, but “government snooping” brings up some real interesting hits.

14 thoughts on “Caption Contest!

  1. Do the
    ‘folks'(bushspeak) at the DOJ not know how to find porn on the web and need to track all our searches so they can learn to find it ?

    Or is this just another electronic medium they want to snoop snoop snoop? And we thought Tricky dick was obsessed. Big Dick and Codpiece really want to know ‘everything’ and trot out 4 year old zawahiri tapes to make you comply.

  2. LIBERTY CALLS US: “Free people shout NO to foreign notions of ‘unitary presidential power’.”

  3. We got along just fine for 230 years without the Grim Peeper and the unitary executive. It is time to bury this initiative like social security ‘reform’was buried.

  4. “Your call may be monitored for quality assurance–or because Big Brother is listening to you.”

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