1 thought on “Follow the Money

  1. Well, I read the linked Daily Kos article, and was disappointed that what I read offered more accusation by innuendo than clarity.

    Yes, Rove might be doing some Duke stuff and other nefarious stuff in order to stuff money into his personal account [gotta lawyer up, you know], i.e., it was straightforward that he sold one property for way more than it is worth……

    But, other arguments are less than persuasively presented: For instance, the article begins by asking how Rove could afford to have a $1,500,000 house in DC, a $1,000,000 house in Florida and a $48,000 cottage in Texas while he has only a $161,000 government salary. A bit later, the same article states [but never ties into that first question] that Rove’s company contractually received about a fifth of Bush’s campaign money in Bush’s bid for re-election for Texas governor. Total Bush campaign cash was $14,000,000. A fifth of that is $2,800,000 by my ‘rithmatic. But Kos does not spell that out, nor give income figures for all the other contracts Rove’s company had from other politicos.

    Never would I imagine criticizing someone going after Rove, but I do think the case made should be based in fuller fact-finding.

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